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Timothy Spall: Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager



  • Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager : Whatever twirls your beanie baby

  • [from interviews after Chris/Izzy has quit Steel Dragon] 

    Kirk : Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's much ado about nothing isn't it? There's still four of us left. We're the original four. We're not going anywhere.

    A.C. - Drummer, Steel Dragon : Look for the last time I don't give a fuck where he is and I don't really care if I ever see that little bastard again.

    Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager : He said to me, um, I need to take a piss. That's it. Uh, "Mats", he said, "I really need a piss."

    Chris : I just think one day I realized it wasn't for me anymore. You know? Just wearing the clothes and singing the songs. It just didn't feel right. I just wanted to find myself. Find my own music.

  • Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager : Whatever rolls your beanie baby.

  • Chris : What's it called when you do something to somebody and they hate it? And somebody else doing the same to you and you hate it too?

    Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager : I suppose some might call it called "poetic justice"

    Chris : All I know is I owe the band and Rob a big fat apology

    Chris : Yeah I know, we all owe someone an apology along the way, that's life, a long ago when I was at a university I was married

    Chris : You were married?

    Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager : It was before you four boys and that rock 'n' roll music corrupted me, I still think about her sometimes actually, she was a very sweet girl

    Chris : What happened? If you don't mind me asking

    Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager : one day we're in the park having lunch, I needed to take a piss so I got up to go to the bathroom and I'm standing there and all of sudden something over me, like a fear that my whole had already been laid out for me, like I'd be working for someone else, worrying about things that don't fucking matter so I walked out of the bathroom and kept going and didn't come back

    Chris : What do you mean? You just left her there?

    Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager : Yeah sitting in front of a half eaten pie, it was very harsh, she saw me at one of those concerts a few years later, she hadn't changed and she married my best friend, a doctor, they have three gorgeous little kids, yeah she's very happy

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