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7 Apr. 1999
Old Habits - New Beginnings
Meet Jerri Blank, a 46-year-old "boozer, user and a loser" who is trying to put her life back together again by going back to high school. One day Jerri tries to throw a party to become more popular, but when she finds out no one is coming, Jerri uses her knowledge of drugs to lure the popular kids to her party. During the process two lives are ended and Jerri, kind of learns a lesson.
14 Apr. 1999
A Burden's Burden
While in class Coach Wolf tries to teach a lesson on how hard it can be being a single mother. So she decides to teach everyone by giving them a real living 10 pound baby, and the first in line to take care of it is lucky Jerri Blank. She has know idea on what to do or what even to do with it. Chuch and Geoffrey still sneak around with each other.
21 Apr. 1999
Dreams on the Rocks
Jerri lands the lead role in her high school play. This brings her stepmother back to her glory days which she misses so terribly, she turns to booze to forget.
28 Apr. 1999
Who Wants Cake?
When a school field trip to Good Time Island is coming up, Jerri couldn't be more exited. However Principal Blackman is out on a witch hunt to figure out who the school problem is. So Mr. Noblet asks Jerri to investigate her locker mate and snitch on her if it's she, and if Jerri chooses not to do this she will not be allowed to go on the field trip. Jerri is not sure what to do because she is not a snitch.
14 Jun. 1999
Bogie Nights
When a new student comes to Flatpoint High, the entire school is against him for being new. Jerri develops feelings for him and longs to ask him to the school dance, but to keep her rep in school she must act like she hates him. Then she discovers a shocking secret that will end her relationship with him forever.
12 Jul. 1999
Jerri Is Only Skin Deep
When homecoming is around the corner, Jerri is desperate to become Queen. So she secretly removes all the nominees except her own and another nerdy student. The only problem is when she hears that everyone else is going to be voting for the other nominee because of her inner beauty, Jerri begins to think of a plan that will for sure make her win.
21 Jun. 1999
Let Freedom Ring
An awful slur appears on a school-hallway wall, and Jerri "befriends" the number-one suspect when nobody else will. An investigator (Tim Meadows) comes to solve this crime in his own unusual way.
28 Jun. 1999
Feather in the Storm
When Jerri has a sudden interest in joining the debate team, she tries out to only find out you have to be incredibly thin to bring out a good argument. So Jerri results into bulimia to get a spot on the team.
To Be Young Gifted and Blank
After Jerri is kicked out of the orchestra by Geoffry, Mr. Noblet catches her playing a violin, and playing it well. Jerri's father hates the violin and everything involved with it so Jerri moves in with Mr. Noblet and he decides to give her more ruthless lessons to make her the prodigy that he always wanted to be. He also enters Jerri into a contest even though she would rather be off having fun with Orlando.
19 Jul. 1999
The Trip Back
Jerri is struggling for a passing grade to move on to Sophmore year. Mr. Noblet tells her if she can pass the final she will be able to pass the year, but instead of studying Jerri meets up with a crowd that makes her result into drugs again.

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