Vertical Limit (2000) Poster

Robin Tunney: Annie Garrett



  • Annie Garrett : That was a hell of a thing you did up there. Anybody else would have given up.

    Peter : Not everybody.

    Annie Garrett : He'd be proud of you. Angry, but really proud.

    Peter : Get some sleep.

  • Annie Garrett : Peter, are you there? Peter?

    Peter : Annie? Annie, is that you? Annie. Annie, what is it?

    Annie Garrett : Where are you?

    Peter : Five hours away.

    Annie Garrett : I want you to go back. Don't risk it. There's no reason. I won't be here and neither will Tom.

    Peter : How long?

    Annie Garrett : An hour. Two at the most. Peter? Peter!

    Peter : I'm here Annie.

    Annie Garrett : I've been thinking. I've been thinking a lot about Dad. We shouldn't have gotten him a grave. We should have come up here together with his ashes. He said this is where he was the happiest. He was a climber. I think every real climber would want to stay on the mountain. What do you think?

    Peter : I think we'll come back some day. The two of us. For Dad.

    Annie Garrett : I would've liked that.

    Peter : I'm coming to get you Annie.

    Annie Garrett : No, don't! Promise me. I don't want you to die. I can't let you do that.

    Peter : I don't care!

    Annie Garrett : Don't put me through it, you understand? Please? Just, please don't. Please. Good night Peter. I love you.

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