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Trite, inconsequential, and aimed at bored women: why celebrate this show?
intern-8810 October 2008
So, This Morning is 20 years old this year. As ITV1 has been reminding us constantly in recent weeks.

But what is there to celebrate? This Morning has been a haven for layabout students and moronic housewives for two decades now. We should be mourning its very existence rather than heralding it. It is a celebration of mediocrity. I hate it because, like watching Loose Women (also ITV1), reading Richard Littlejohn's newspaper columns or logging on to Facebook, watching This Morning is annoyingly addictive.

This daytime programme came into existence in October 1988, initially headed by Richard 'Alan Partridge' Madeley and Judy Finnigan. It adopted a kind of magazine format that followers of Nationwide or That's Life in the early 1980s will be familiar with: a bit of serious politics to begin with, then some showbiz news, a feature about erectile dysfunction, a cat that could rollerskate, some agony aunt advice that always ended with the coda 'you must remember that it's not your fault', a cookery section (a feature in any programme that immediately informs you that you really should be doing something better instead), all topped off by a song by Michael Bolton or Rick Astley. And there's the default bit about the 'credit crunch' thrown in somewhere for good measure.

Imagine the Fox News channel digested into a two-hour resumé, and then you've got This Morning. It's not quite as right-wing, I admit, but it conveys a similarly conservative message, interspersed with scare stories and mundane pieces of trivia. It's like breakfast television. Except it's shown in the middle of the day. In other words, This Morning has always been the televisual equivalent of the Daily Mail: trite, inconsequential, hysterical, full of psychobabble, and designed for bored women. Watching a DVD of the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy the other night, I couldn't but help think that Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone were dead ringers for Richard and Judy.

The strange paradox is that the presenters of This Morning have been quite endearing. Madeley was self-consciously ridiculous; Finnigan a lovable nervous wreck; Phillip Schofield is simply lovable; Eamonn Holmes is the archetypal cheeky chappy Irishman who could even make you like Manchester United; agony aunt Denise Robertson is grandmaternal; doctor Chris Steele avuncular; the rotund, buxom Fern Britton has a classic maternal appeal.

And as unfashionable as it is to say it, John Leslie was a good presenter, before his career was ruined by slander.

But why did they and do they talk such rubbish? I think it's because ITV is, in its essence, rubbish by nature. The BBC is today mostly rubbish because it is didactic; ITV is rubbish because it is populist, and always panders to the lowest common denominator. This Morning is the perfect exemplar of this tendency. Independent television thrives on worrying viewers and spreading fear. Again, consider Fox News: although I sympathise with its right-wing propaganda, Fox News is hysterical in the shameless manner in which it propagates it. Still, I admire its honesty, contrasted with CNN or the BBC's surreptitiousness.

So I think ITV should follow Fox's honest example. There have been lots of stories about ITV axing its regional news output in order to cut costs, and accusations about it 'dumbing down' in order to chase ratings. But when has ITV ever been clever? Sure, it had a period in the 1970s when it briefly tried to be high-brow, notably with World In Action and when News At Ten was actually respected, but otherwise it has always been slave to the advertisers. It might as well give up its eternally hopeless and deceitful pretence at being on a par with the BBC. Why not just be out with it and say: 'We're ITV and we're crap. And we're good at making crap.' This Morning has a populist appeal. It appeals to popular phobias and feeds into popular neuroses. And it does so through that most devious of means: by having nice presenters and generally being agreeable.

by Patrick West -- Patrick West is spiked's TV columnist.
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Fodder for the Brain-Dead
highpriestess3214 January 2010
Although just occasionally the programme boasts a decent discussion and/or notable guest, for the main part this show drones on like a bout of manic depression.

If I want cookery tips I'll consult a cookbook. If I want fashion tips I'll buy a copy of Vogue and if I wanted advice, I would never call the "This Morning" agony team unless I'd been magically abducted by aliens and subsequently partially lobotomised overnight.

The trouble with magazine shows is that they attempt to squeeze far too many bulletins into the schedule, rendering this particular show rushed and exhausting. When a topic comes on that is actually half-way intelligent, it is given barely enough airtime to enable the viewer to gain much clarity before the enforced serious expressions of the presenters suddenly revert to the joyousness of competition time - ergo trivialising the nature of the previous bulletin.

Personally I find it insulting to my intelligence, not unlike most daytime TV that is pumped out for the masses and spoon-fed to those whose only interest in this life is to figure out how to pull off a pair of Primark denims whilst simultaneously baking an Alaskan pie.
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This Morning review.
jakediprose20 July 2018
I rated This Morning 7/10 as it is a talk show and news programme combined. Some topics can be quite bland and boring, but I personally like watching the cooking parts. Martin Lewis features on this show, discussing special deals which I particularly like.

My favourite presenters are Philip and Holly, but I also like Alison and Dr Ranj,

Good job itv!
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Phil & Holly Sketch Show ... And Not That Funny!
Moviereeeels125 September 2019
'This Morning' used to be a great magazine show with a varied schedule of interesting subjects, from great true stories to health advice, money matters and current topics. Only Eamonn & Ruth deliver a very informative, interesting and entertaining show, the rest falls short, very short, delivering a show that is quite boring, full of competitions, playground jokes and behaviour and makes it very easy to switch channels, the worst are the main hosts Phil & Holly, they seem to enjoy their little private jokes, and talk about the show as a family but leaving the viewer as an outsider and a stranger, living and presenting in their little TV bubble making sure everyone knows how great they are and the viewer should be honoured to watch and worship them .... No Thanks! rather watch the other Channel !!
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This and every morning
studioAT25 April 2017
It's become a staple of peoples mornings in the UK. Everyone from bored housewives, to students, to the unemployed - they all spend a happy time of it of a weekday with Holly and Phil.

And why not? It's a light, mildly entertaining show, that covers the ridiculous to the series in large brush strokes.

If you don't like a segment, don't worry, after a short ad break or the ever annoying Andi Peters doing a competition there will be another story shortly to follow.

It wins awards too, so people are clearly behind this ever green programme.
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Lame daytime TV show
DavidYZ28 April 2017
The large majority of what's shown on This Morning isn't worthy of being on national television. There's gossip and trivia.

Some of its presenters have been awful - such as Eamonn Holmes, who's bland and boring.

Occasionally they have interesting guests on.
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