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Season 1

28 Nov. 1997
The Search for Inspirado
Jack and Kyle have to think of a new song in a week to enter the open Mic contest.
5 Dec. 1997
Angel in Disguise
Jack falls in love with Flarna, a girl he met who he had a lot in common with. When Kyle gets jealous he makes a bold move to steal her from Jack.
Death of a Dream
Captain Ed, a music store owner, warns Jack and Kyle that the probability of success in the music business is as high as the probability of finding a Sasquatch. Depressed, the boys quit music, but then find a drummer in the forest.
31 Mar. 1999
The Greatest Song in the World
Jack and Kyle tell the story of when they met a demon in the desert.
The Fan
Jack and Kyle meet their biggest fan. Creeped out at first, the boys soon develop a creepy obsession of their own - with him.
Road Gig
Jack and Kyle stop by at an unsanitary Jesus hippie ranch to ask for a windshield washer fluid. The county health department surrounds the place and orders everyone out. The hippies dig in. Jack and Kyle decide to play their way out.

 Season 1 

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