The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue (Video 1998) Poster

Whitney Claire Kaufman: Cynthia


  • Cynthia : Oh my! Are you okay Jeremy?

    [Then Jeremy climbs out of the water] 

    Jeremy : Gasp! I'm okay no problem. I'll fly Timmy... to Thorn Valley. No problem. The white zone is for the loading and unloading. Of passengers only.

    [Mrs. Brisby picks up Timmy and places him on the stump] 

    Mrs. Jonathan Brisby : There. Now son, you listen to your teachers Justin and Mr. Ages. Okay?

    10 Year Old Timmy : Okay. But...

    Mrs. Jonathan Brisby : And what do you do if you're ever really in trouble?

    Teresa : Run! What else?

    [Teresa and Cynthia both laugh. And Mrs. Brisby glares at them] 

    10 Year Old Timmy : I'm supposed to find the Great Owl just like you did but...

    Mrs. Jonathan Brisby : That's my boy.

    [Then Mrs. Brisby kisses Timmy on the forehead] 

    10 Year Old Timmy : Mom, I don't wanna go.

    [Timmy hugs his mom] 

    Mrs. Jonathan Brisby : Timmy, we all know what your father meant to the Rats of Thorn Valley.

    Young Martin : Yeah, yeah, yeah. He helped them get away from NIMH. Pop was a real hero.

    Mrs. Jonathan Brisby : That's right and...

    10 Year Old Timmy : I know, you want me to be like him but.

    Young Martin : But nothing. Okay hero, let's saddle up. Come on Jeremy time to make tracks.

    Jeremy : That's exactly why I'm here. So let's hit the road. Well, when I say road I mean ha, that highway in the sky actually.

    [Timmy holds out his slingshot] 

    Young Martin : Nah keep it. Someday you'll figure it out. Timmy!

    [Timmy Hugs Martin] 

    10 Year Old Timmy : I'll miss you Martin, you're the best big brother ever.

    [Then Timmy climbs up on Jeremys back] 

    Mrs. Jonathan Brisby : Are you sure you know the way Jeremy?

    Jeremy : Piece of cake Mrs. B. Thorn Valley is um. You know ha hee. Why it's um.

    Young Martin : South by south by south.

    Jeremy : Right, right. South by, what you said exactly. As the crow flies.

    10 Year Old Timmy : Bye mom!

    Mrs. Jonathan Brisby : Bye Timmy, be good. Don't forget to write.

    [Then Jeremy gets ready to fly] 

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