The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue (Video 1998) Poster

Eric Idle: Evil Martin


  • Evil Martin : [Evil Martin tortures the cats head Floyd with an electric brain shocking device]  This is marvelous. By the time the full moon rolls around, I'll have an army of animals ready. Now you brainless fur balls! You can be my personal servants! Plus the hat, cat!

    Floyd : [Evil Martin then releases Floyd]  Yes my agent, yes my agent.

    Evil Martin : That's Dr. Valentine to you!

    [Evil Martin pushes the button and continues to torture Floyds head with electricity] 

    Evil Martin : Personally isn't it well actually.

    Floyd : Yes bub! Yes Dr. Valentine. Sire.

    Evil Martin : Oh, one by one. The last species falls neatly into place! Ha ha ha!

    Muriel : Back off Floyd you bozo! You know I look lousy in a hat! Floyd no not that! Oh my please don't sonny! Aggh! Floyd! Whoa!

    [Then Floyd puts on the brain shocker device on Muriels head and it tortures her head with electric shocks] 

  • 17 Year Old Tim : I'm sorry everybody. It's my fault. I wasn't a team player.

    [the Rat Guards of NIMH takes Timmy, Jenny, Justin prisoner and marches them into Dr. Valentines lab] 

    Muriel : Here you go boss.

    [Muriel throws Timmy and Jenny on the floor and they fall forward and they get out and sees Dr. Valentine with the lightening flashing behind him] 

    Jenny McBride : Gasp! Dr. Valentine!

    Muriel : More recruits!

    Floyd : Yes sir. And we didn't even eat any I wanted to make a lovely stew of course.

    [Muriel elbows Floyd] 

    Muriel : Put a sock in it Floyd!

    Evil Martin : Dr. Valentine Fetch.

    Dr. Valentine : Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

    [Then the rubber ball bounces and Dr. Valentine acts like a dog and crawls on the floor after the ball and plays with it. Then Evil Martin is shown sitting in the electric chair] 

    Evil Martin : Little two of you. How In?

    17 Year Old Tim : Huh?

    [Then Evil Martin gets up and walks over to Timmy] 

    Evil Martin : You bruised me. I must be half changed a bit. But for the better, don't you think? Hero!

    17 Year Old Tim : Martin.

    Evil Martin : Not quite brother. It's me, the new and improved Martin.

    17 Year Old Tim : Martin what's wrong? What's happened to you?

    Evil Martin : Happened? Why life happened that's what! And I made the most of it! Don't you think.

    [Then the song Just Say Yes starts and Martin hypothesize them with his eye] 

  • Evil Martin : Just say yes.

    [Evil Martin grabs Timmy's vest] 

    17 Year Old Tim : No!

    Evil Martin : Wrong answer.

    [Martin drops Timmy but Floyd catches him] 

    Jenny McBride : Tim!

    Floyd : I'd say, I've caught a mouse. Hi.

    17 Year Old Tim : No!

    [Tim tries to run but Floyd grabs him again] 

    Floyd : Nah ah. May I dissolve the thing your desires?

    Evil Martin : No! Wait, But for now maybe something a little more accommodating for a long lost brother. I know! A ring sized suits so you can watch me throw my master plan. Tonight the moon is full and I attack Thorn Valley.

    17 Year Old Tim : No!

    17 Year Old Tim : Your soon to be zapped friends. Will be my willing soldiers. Quite a shock. No pun intended.

    Jenny McBride : You're insane! Aggh!

    [the Rat Guard grabs Jenny's hair and pulls her back] 

    Evil Martin : Well thank you. Now she has real spunk. Not like you hero.

    Jenny McBride : Let me go!

    Evil Martin : She has real potential. Take her to my personal chamber.

    Jenny McBride : Put me down you feline freak!

    [Muriel grabs Jenny with her mouth and takes her away] 

    Evil Martin : Ooh she'll make a perfect queen for my new realm ha ha ha. Her attitude just needs a slight alteration. Place the others into their old friends. After all we have so much in common. No future. You'll be happy to know that this cage was one of our finest particular favorites. See you soon brother! Then again maybe not. Ha ha ha ha!

    17 Year Old Tim : Martin! Don't do this! This is all my fault, why didn't I listen.

    [Then the doors close] 

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