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Season 10

31 Dec. 2006
Sick of Christmas
Gemma and Liam's evening together has a tragic consequence. Jason is told he'll be a sub for the first time, turning him into a nervous wreak.
7 Jan. 2007
The Crying Game
While Jimmy watches Harchester play, Gemma's condition deteriorates at home. Perhaps he should worry more about losing his daughter than losing the match... Meanwhile, Sully tries to hide his guilty secret from Amy. But will Kim play ball?
14 Jan. 2007
Be Careful What You Wish For
When Miguel announces his intention to return to a Spanish club in the transfer window, Gavin goes to desperate lengths to stop him...
21 Jan. 2007
Powerless to help Gemma, Liam throws his energy into helping his manager keep the team intact during the January transfer window. But does Jimmy want the help of the man he blames for putting his daughter in a coma? Meanwhile, Silver's blackmailing leaves Gavin fearing for his marriage. Can he get rid of her once and for all?
11 Mar. 2007
The Truth Hurts
With mounting gambling debts and a house he can't afford, Gavin is starting to feel the pressure. But will Sean and Miguel's cunning plan be enough to save the day? Meanwhile, Liam feels increasingly uncomfortable with Gemma's flirting, particularly when it is right under Jimmy's nose. Is she about to drive him away for good?
18 Mar. 2007
The House Always Wins
Sean, Miguel and Gavin learn a valuable lesson: spiralling gambling debts tend to land you in rather large spots of bother with shady fellows with silly names. Meanwhile, there's a big surprise for birthday boy Jason, though it's one he'd rather not be part of.
20 May 2007
You've Got Mail
Sully spins a web of lies to cover his Dragonslayer tracks, but his determination to clear his name could have a new set of far more dire consequences. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Katy have to face up to Jason after their night of passion.

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