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Episode List


Season 1

7 Oct. 1997
Enter the Dragons!
It's a day for debuts at Harchester United Football Club; for Dean it's the first team, for Lucy it's covering the big game, and for Conor it's a whole new country.
8 Oct. 1997
When the Big Ron Is Gone
Harchester are without a manager when Big Ron resigns. Conor, the latest recruit to Harchester United's youth team, finds his arrival has sparked family arguments at his lodgings. Dean is juggling both Lucy and Georgina.
14 Oct. 1997
Good As My Brother Is
Sean is determined to show Frank he is just as good as his brother, but a night out with Vincent and Warren threatens to jeopardise that.
15 Oct. 1997
Nightmare McCarthy
Sean gets through the West Ham match, while Conor's debut turns into a nightmare. Dean is in for a shock when he discovers Georgina's identity - and how old she is.
21 Oct. 1997
Golf and Relationships
Dean ends things with Georgina, and feels uncomfortable when Frank offers to help he and Lucy. Conor shows Sean and Vincent how good a player he is - on the golf course.
22 Oct. 1997
The Initiation Game
Lucy fears that Dean may be seeing someone else. Conor is set an initiation challenge by the lads, but instead of Zoe's underwear he ends up with Georgina's bra thanks to Dean. Warren is having woman troubles.
28 Oct. 1997
Hot Pursuit
Georgina pursues Dean. Lucy believes she has found a friend in Georgina, to Dean's anguish. Warren loses his cool with Doug, the man he assaulted, and is later locked in the boardroom when completing Conor's initiation.
29 Oct. 1997
Two Escapes in 24 Hours
Conor's dejection takes a new turn. Feeling the wrath of Zoe over his initiation, and Frank over his playing, Conor quietly leaves for home. Warren escapes a prison sentence but gets 70 hours community service. Lynette is suspicious of Dean's secretive behaviour.
4 Nov. 1997
A New Hope
Des is offered an exciting new role at Harchester United. While he takes the job of Harchester's club mascot, the Baker's learn of Conor's departure. Warren has the last laugh as the youth team take on the reserves.
5 Nov. 1997
Bring Him Back
Zoe, Sean and Des try to persuade Conor not to give up on his career. They fail to persuade Conor to return, but Michael forces Frank to travel to Northern Ireland and bring him back.
11 Nov. 1997
Irish Cafe
Frank goes to Ireland in a bid to persuade Conor to return. Will Frank succeed in bringing Conor back?
12 Nov. 1997
Touch of Holmes
Lucy has her first real taste of investigative journalism.
18 Nov. 1997
Uncover the Truth
Lucy causes conflict at the club.