Babes in Toyland (1997) Poster

Charles Nelson Reilly: Mr. Dumpty


  • Barnaby Crookedman : Dumpty, do you ever ponder the fragility of an egg?

    [Points him with his can] 

    Mr. Dumpty : Now, cut that out!

    Barnaby Crookedman : Imagine what may happen, if you were to find yourself... oh, let's say, atop a high wall.

    [Barnaby and Dumpty on top on top of a town bridge. Barnaby taps Dumpty] 

    Barnaby Crookedman : You could have a great fall, and all the king's horses,

    [swats Dumpty with his cane] 

    Barnaby Crookedman : and all the king's men,

    [taps him again] 

    Barnaby Crookedman : could never put Humpty Dumpty...

    [swats at Dumpty, but misses] 

    Barnaby Crookedman : TOGETHER AGAIN!

    [catches Dumpty by the lanyard of the factory keys, over one side of the bridge] 

    Mr. Dumpty : Please, Barnaby...

    [Barnaby snatches the key, cause the lanyard to break lanyard and send Dumpty falling and screaming before he crashed and broke beneath the bridge on the stone street floor] 

    Barnaby Crookedman : [chortles]  Scat, he's all broken up. That makes two of us!

    [snickering wickedly] 

  • Mr. Dumpty : Sure! Whoo, it's TOYLAND!

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