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The Best Cartoon Series Disney ever made!!!!
tmntpika198828 September 2000
This cartoon show is a wonderful made show. It features the mis-adventures of AA Milne's lovable hunny of a bear. Everyone is there: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, Owl, Roo, and, of course, Christopher Robin. All the episodes are great. ABC should not have stopped airing new episodes of this cartoon. It left the air during the 1992-1993 season, but it returned in 1997 as part of ABC's "Disney's One Saturday Morning" lineup.
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ajnrules26 March 2001
I'm 16 years old, and I enjoy this show as much as I do now as I did over 10 years ago. As a toddler, my family recorded episodes of this show. I loved watching it then. After that, for about 9 years, I kind of forgot about it, but when my youngest sister reached toddler age, my parents took out the old tapes of this, and boom! I was hooked again.

Another reason I enjoy this show so much is because it helped me go through some of the more turbulent times in my life. You can say the witty dialogue and such helped calm me down.

Not only is it entertaining, but it also teaches kids important lessons on life with classic yet flawed characters. For example, Piglet is very intelligent and possesses a kind heart, yet he is paranoid and cowardly. His friend Pooh is a bit braver and almost as nice, yet he's a little...empty in the head. And the list goes on.

This is a great show that helps young kids, and even older ones get through life.
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Lho332337027 July 2001
My neighbor Crystal loves Winnie The Pooh so I figured she liked this cartoon. Tigger is always bouncy. Rabbit is always trying to take the bounce out of Tigger. Roo and Tigger are always bouncy. Pooh is a good detective. Christopher Robin even sleeps with Pooh and Tigger at night. Christopher Robin and Pooh Are Best Friends.
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The "New" Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
stinkyuu28 May 2007
One of my childhood favorites this is definitely one of the best cartoons out there for young kids. To bad they show it on so early though. This is one of those cartoons I don't mind watching with my little brother, sometimes, I admit, I like to watch the show, I'm not obsessed though. But it's sooo CUTE! Everything on this show is well-made the episodes are very unique and original, they don't start shouting at you to say jump *cough*dora*cough, and all the characters are lovable, even rabbit. This show is definitely worth your kids time, and most of them have very good morals to teach young ones. I wish there were More kid shows like this. (Obviously this isn't the "new" adventures sine there like almost 20 years old!).
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"Gotta get up, gotta get going..."
sethn17229 August 2006
"...I'm gonna see a friend of mine..."

Oh. Sorry. I love those songs! Now, Disney's 1988 cartoon series "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" was based on the 1977 film with a similar name. Here, Pooh and Friends finally have a series of their own. This is probably the friendliest of all the Disney TV cartoons, and all the episodes are just right for all ages!!!!!

This ran on ABC and Disney Channel for several years (and Disney Channel, though it's now STUPID, still shows this at 4:30 A.M.!!!!!) and it reran over and over and... Anyhow, I was lucky enough to see this play very early in the morning on Disney, as I just mentioned. Just so you know because this, Buzz Lightyear, and Timon and Pumbaa (played at near noon) are the only GOOD things that you will ever see on Disney as of now.

"Winnie the Pooh" is a favorite for all ages. I highly agree!!!!!

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Definitely my favorite show as a kid... and one of my favorites to this day!
nilanna99917 July 2011
I am 20 years old and if this show came to DVD, I'd buy it in an instant! This show is perfect for all ages. It has adorable songs, short episodes for the child with a short attention span (like me), and some very witty writing. As a matter of fact, more effort was put into this wonderful and underrated classic than in most kids' shows today, I think. And that effort shows. It NEVER resorts to crude humor or stupid, intelligence insulting dialog. It does, however, get pretty weird a few times, but even those episodes remain to be adorable and a lot of fun. I recommend that you switch off Cartoon Network and show your kids this. It's more enjoyable, more cleverly written, and I daresay you'll have a good time watching it. And I bet the animals at the Hundred Acre Woods will have a thing to teach you about sitting back and enjoying the little things in life, like friendship and a good snack.

And Disney, if you're reading this, please release this wonderful show on DVD. I can guarantee that a lot of people will buy it, me included!!!
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Such an amazing show...
bookishfreak059 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of my favorite cartoons....I was so sad when it stopped showing. I remember rushing home from school to watch an episode. I grew up on this cartoon and other Winnie the pooh movies. My favorite characters were always Tigger because he was so bouncy and happy and goofy and fun to watch, Piglet because he was so timid yet so kind of heart. Pooh bear because his complete innocence was so adorable to watch, and I always wished that we as people could be so innocent and child-like.

My very favorite episode is the one in which Rabbit learns how to really love and take care of someone by taking in an orphaned baby bird. He has to learn to let go of the people that he loves which was a hard lesson for him to learn because he just learned to let down his guard and love someone. Even as a younger kid, I got misty eyed at the end of that episode.

What follows is my very favorite quote from the entire series. It's from the episode I mentioned just now...piglet and pooh are sitting, watching the sunset...

Piglet: And for the longest time I thought Rabbit didn't like her. Pooh: Sometimes people care too much. I think it's called love. Piglet: Oh you think we should tell Rabbit? Pooh: No, I believe he already knows.

If any of you have kids, you should seriously look on ebay or something for these cartoons. They are good cartoons that deal with a lot that kids have to deal with. I don't have kids, but if I ever do someday, they are going to get plenty of Winnie the Pooh!! (Not just the show, but the movies and books....*grin*)
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Great Show For Children!
General_G9 September 2005
I have all of The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh episodes on VHS tape. They are very good for children of all ages. Its also a nice show to watch with your kids if your an adult with kids because even as an adult who had even grown up with Winnie the Pooh it still entertains you. I love the stories. There like any other sitcom. You can try to figure out whats going to happen to Piglet or something. There not like those new garbage Nickalodean cartoons like Spongebob or Jimmy Neutron, they are entertaining. I also like the background music they have for the show. I don't know what it is, I just like it. My favorite character is Rabbit. His relationship with Tigger reminds me of Ralph's relationship with Norton on The Honeymooners. Very goofy and you just want to see that scene where Rabbit gets mad at Tigger. This the best of Winnie and the whole gang. Buy the tapes for your kids.
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How I miss my childhood
TheLittleSongbird22 January 2010
This show was amazing! Like everyone has said already, this was also part of my childhood. Back in the '90s where good quality shows and animated films were being made. How I miss those times. I seriously hate how overlooked The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is, it is miles better than pretty much every show airing now on Saturday mornings. Where are shows like this, Darkwing Duck, Talespin and Peter Pan and the Pirates? Bring these shows back, and give them the praise they deserve. I also grew up with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, that was immensely charming and delightful, and one of the better Disney films of the '70s. As I've said, I loved this show, and after revisiting it on my old videos, I still do. The animation is fantastic, the theme tune is great, the voices especially Paul Winchell as Tigger are perfect and the stories are fun. Plus the humour is very well done(the Paw and Order episode is still absolutely hilarious), Tigger and Pooh getting the best of it, and there are some really touching moments like Piglet wanting to be taller, Piglet's loneliness in running away as a consequence after it doesn't work out made me cry when I was little. Not to mention some scary ones such as the whole under-the-bed episode. All in all, very overlooked and a firm childhood favourite. To be enjoyed for years to come, and kids will absolutely love it! 10/10 Bethany Cox
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An innocent and nostalgic piece of childhood in a TV series.
OllieSuave-00729 December 2016
This is a cartoon TV series from Disney, based on the 22nd full-length animated feature film. It continues the many adventures of the lovable bear Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, Owl and Christopher Robin - all characters based on novelist A.A. Milne's books.

The episodes take you into the carefree and animated world of the Hundred Acre Wood, where Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends live, each portrayed as having a unique and memorable personality including the depressed Eeyore, the annoyed and garden-loving Rabbit, the wise Owl, the gentle and concerned Piglet, the hilarious Gopher, the protective Kanga, the inquisitive Roo, and the hyperactive Tigger.

Each episode is full of adventures, light-hearted humor and beautifully depicted messages of friendship - all set behind an innocent, carefree, and peaceful woods. You get to see the characters solve the problems of the day in their whimsical and thoughtful ways.

The heartwarming stories are heartfelt and are great for the entire family, leaving unforgettable childhood memories.

Grade A
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jaemiewaters25 June 2012
it is a wonderful series of shows if you are looking for a good TV show than this is the movie for you than i hope you enjoy this movie everyone you need to watch this you will be blown away after you watch this it rocks i never saw a show like this before in my whole life it is a must watch show for sure you and your kids will enjoy this wonderful kid show it is a show that you can not miss that is how good it is i never saw a show like this before in my whole life it is a must see show you have to see this wonderful show for all ages it is just not for little kids it is for everyone of all ages to enjoy if you are looking for a great kid show than this is for you than it rocks i think you will enjoy this wonderful sow i know if you like Disney than you will enjoy this hit TV show for all ages you need to watch this show you want be sorry it is a must watch sow you will laugh the whole way through that is how funny this show is i think you will enjoy this wonderful show i love this show and i hope you enjoy it to
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A Childhood Favourite!
ian-121116 December 2006
I used to watch this on video and on T.V when I was little. I loved the series and generally liked Winnie the Pooh. My mum is also a Winnie the Pooh fan and to come the fact the nation of the United Kingdom is too, because he is so mainly advertised over here. He must the national cartoon of Britain of something, like Asterix is in France and Mickey Mouse is in the United States. The series I like because of it's catchy music, great stories and fine animation. I used to rush home and watch a episode! My parents taped on episode off the T.V back in around 1994! It just saddens me that all the great cartoons from my childhood and one or two decades before have been cancelled for all these new and lame cartoons. Anywhy, I loved the series when I was 5 and I still look back on it with good memories. If you see this anywhere around floating in a backstreet channel on cable or something, watch it! Because I think it certainly deserves to be brought back to terrestrial television! 8/10
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The best animated series with the best intro in the history of cinema!
afonsobritofalves5 April 2019
Fantastic!!!!! One of the best animation series ever and one of the best productions of the 80's, the soundtrack was incredible, the animation fabulous, the characters incredible, everything was good. Each episode looks better than the other, each season looks better than the other, every episode is perfect, each with a major morale. Highly recommend.
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A Masterpiece that should be Looked to for Modern Children's Television
jkylebennett4 January 2020
This series is by far and away a genuine masterpiece. Everything from presentation, to style, to imagination should be looked upon for reference by modern children's show makers. The level of creativity that this show put forth is nothing short of masterful. It told fantastic stories without ever talking down to the audience. The best part is that it's so well made that even the parents can watch this and be genuinely entertained. If you want to see what actual quality looks like that goes above and beyond any call to make a children's show, look to this. It's nothing short of superb.
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