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(I) (1999)

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio: Donna De Angelo



  • Donna De Angelo : ...and when you are of age you are free to fuck up your own life, but until that time I'm afraid it's *my* job!

  • Donna : Where are we?

    Joe : It's a little inlet, on the back side of Coashov Island

    Donna : Is that like up Shit Creek without a paddle?

    Joe : Yeah, pretty much.

  • [stranded on an island, Joe is making smoke signals to attract planes] 

    Donna De Angelo : So then we hope that someone sees this and wonders what the story is?

    Noelle De Angelo : Somebody who doesn't want to kill us.

    [Donna scoffs at her] 

    Joe Gastineau : It's a possibility...

    Donna De Angelo : Geez, you two are a perfect match. Doom and gloom.

    Noelle De Angelo : There's no use pretending.

    Donna De Angelo : Yes, there is! We are on a camping trip. We're on a survival school camping trip! I mean, this is what they call quality time, isn't it? This is what they mean. No distractions, no media stuff, we just get to know each other, we gnaw the bark off a few trees. I mean, people pay money to come on trips like this! You know, if you assume that bad shit's gonna happen, bad shit happens! I just don't see the point.

  • Joe : So, how did your stuff end up at his place?

    Donna : Unforeseen circumstances.

  • Donna : Fisherman?

    Joe : Yeah, I was.

    Donna : Like it?

    Joe : While it lasted, yes.

    Donna : You didn't go on anymore?

    Joe : Nope.

    Donna : Why not?

    Joe : Unforeseen circumstances.

  • Donna De Angelo : How come you're not married?

    [they laugh at her bluntness] 

    Donna De Angelo : Sorry, if you don't want to say...

    Joe Gastineau : Probably the same reason you're not married.

    Donna De Angelo : Because such a high percentage of men are jerks?

    Joe Gastineau : No.

    Donna De Angelo : Because women are scarce and winters are long?

    Joe Gastineau : That's true, but...

    Donna De Angelo : Because you're looking for someone fun to be with? Who understands your bullshit but is still crazy about you anyway?

    Joe Gastineau : That's a bit much to ask for.

    Donna De Angelo : No, it's not.

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