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11 Apr. 1968
There never was a greater need for the Champions to unite. One of them is on trial - charged with manslaughter. The case looks black and nobody can be optimistic about the verdict. It all started at the Mill's annual dance ...
25 Apr. 1968
A Knife in Your Back
Mietran of Paris has had a contract with Champions of Bradford for nearly twenty years. When the contract has to be renewed, there is a surprise for the Champions. They have a fight on their hands. The situation is not made easier by Joe and Stephen disagreeing about the weapons they should use. A second surprise comes for the Champions when they discover who their opponent is. And all the time, the big combine, Multitex, watches the battle, only too eager to swallow either contestant - or both. Multitex, in fact is playing the oldest game in the trade.
2 May 1968
Don't Let Your Right Hand
The death of one of the directors leaves a vacancy on the board of Multitex. It is a matter of no great concern to the Champions, until one of the directors at Multitex has an idea that startles even his colleagues. It utterly amazes the Champions. Joe sees it as a threat to Champions Mills and is determined to fight it. Not everyone at Champion House agrees with Joe and he finds himself on his own in a ruthless battle of boardroom politics, with no weapon but his cunning, which, as his family have reason to know, is not inconsiderable.
30 May 1968
Pilot Error
The struggle for power between Joe and Stephen every so often comes out into the open. Joe can never forget that it was his scheme to save death duties that was responsible for his grandson being Managing Director. Stephen on the other hand is only too well aware that Joe would like control of the mill. Besides the deep family affection that binds them together, Joe has a great respect for Stephen's ability while Stephen never forgets that Joe is two generations ahead of him in experience. In this episode Joe gets a chance to sit in Stepehen's chair - perhaps ...

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