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12 Oct. 2004
Not So Pretty Now
Da Vinci investigates the death of three people in three separate incidents. The first is a homeless woman commonly known as the pigeon lady, her dead body found on a church's steps where she could usually be found feeding the pigeons. Da Vinci is concerned that the church's newly implemented nighttime closed door policy may have exacerbated the death. Beyond determining the cause of death, Maria finds among the pigeon lady's possessions an interesting news article which may provide a clue as to why she was at that specific church. The second is a sixteen year old ...
19 Oct. 2004
Wash the Blood Out of the Ring
In his new role as Chief of Police, Bill Jacobs requests a meeting with Da Vinci to discuss his concept of a red light district. Da Vinci is surprised by the request. With continuing investigations, Kosmo and Leary speak to Roy Cardinale's friend, John Dunne. After seeing John speak to the detectives, Constable Dino Rosario has his own chat with John. After checking out some information provided by John, Kosmo and Leary believe that something in his story concerning Roy's whereabouts the evening of his death isn't sitting right. McNab informs the Mayor that his car ...
26 Oct. 2004
That Sounds Like What We Call a Mutiny
Da Vinci investigates the death of a Chinese freighter crew member; Kosmo and Leary look into the police beating of a young drug dealer.
2 Nov. 2004
Mr. Ellis Himself Woulda Been Proud
Constable Walker is feeling guilty about her role in Roy Cardinale's death, which she expresses to some fellow constables. Believing he did nothing wrong, Constable Rosario, her partner and the one who actually beat Roy, vows that he will make sure that she doesn't break the code amongst partners. Unbeknownst to the constables, Chief Jacobs and Kurtz are not going to press for a charge of homicide against whomever caused the beating. All those working this investigation are perturbed by this information. As a result, Da Vinci decides to get involved. Sensing that she ...
9 Nov. 2004
That's Why They Call It a Conspiracy
Da Vinci, Kosmo and Leary are called to a moored boat where a dead body was found. On board the boat is a one tonne cache of marijuana. The boat belongs to an old friend of Leary's, the deceased, his best friend from public school, Will Summers. Leary knows that Will had been smuggling dope for years. After he gets the news about Will, Will's father makes a special request to Leary. Chick provides the investigators with some ideas of where the marijuana was headed. Brian, with Marla at his side, tries to insinuate himself into the investigation. They have a chat with ...
16 Nov. 2004
You Promised Me a Celebrity
Da Vinci attracts attention from Ottawa while remaining in conflict with the Mayor and Chief of Police over his investigations of the accident and beating death. Leary and Kosmo discover that a murdered drug runner was under police surveillance. Shannon's reaction to a personal loss puts his job in jeopardy.
23 Nov. 2004
First the Seducing Then the Screwing
As Da Vinci attends the Police Chief appointment black tie dinner with Maria (the dinner which is populated with many of his professional foes such as Jacobs, Sgt. Klotchko, Mayor Hathaway, and Richard Norton), others in his professional circle are on the job. Lou attends to the death of a woman named Allison Freeman, who was found in her car. The contents of the trunk of her car have some personal connection to Da Vinci. Lou eventually discovers why she might have that material, and Da Vinci tries to find out the precise nature of her interest in him. With Chick's ...
30 Nov. 2004
The Ol' Coco Bop
An angry Kosmo goes searching for Sue, who she has learned is somewhere in the police interrogation system. Finn is determined to get a confession from her for the murders of all three of Brian's snitches. Although Kurtz wants to retain Kosmo in Homicide despite what looks to be negligence on her part regarding Sue, Kurtz denies Kosmo access to Sue. With the Will Summers investigation, Leary finds out that it is the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that had the electronic surveillance on Will's boat. On an associated matter, Marla winds up Will's girlfriend, Lila, ...
7 Dec. 2004
Better Go Herd Your Ducks
Da Vinci is front and center when the media learns of the mayor's involvement in the hit-and-run accident. Leary uncovers a possible Russian connection in the murder of his childhood friend. A longshoreman's wife insists her husband was killed by his co-workers.
11 Jan. 2005
Ride a Crippled Horse
On a dark and stormy night, a not too happy Da Vinci is wandering through a storm sewer, down which a dead body is floating. Because of the dark and circuitous route of the drain system, the city worker, the constables and Da Vinci are having trouble trying to locate the body. At City Hall, Council is dealing with two issues that have recently hit the media: the red light district proposal which has Da Vinci's name officially attached to it, and the Mayor's possible involvement in the hit and run death. Da Vinci tries to find out the scuttlebutt of who a possible ...
18 Jan. 2005
A Delicate Bloodbath
Shannon continues his cooperative relationship with Anna de la Costa - the Mayor's housekeeper - who is being pursued by immigration officials. Da Vinci learns from Pierce that Council is contemplating pushing the Mayor out of office, leaving conservative Deputy Mayor Joyce Simkins as the leading candidate to replace him. However, Pierce thinks that his left leaning party would have a chance of winning the next election with Da Vinci as the mayoral candidate, an idea Da Vinci thinks ludicrous. But Da Vinci, with Kelly's assistance, plays both sides when he speaks ...
23 Jan. 2005
Before They Twist the Knife
A murder results from the police patrolling of the safe injection site. Despite being demoted to robbery, Kosmo is relieved that the Crown is finally investigating Curtis and Finn. A potential witness to Will's murder comes forward. The mayor makes a decision about his future.
23 Jan. 2005
Must Be a Night for Fires
Two suspicious fires are investigated. The first is a car fire which killed the car's occupant. And the second is on the exterior of Kosmo's house, the fire which took place while she was at home. Evidence indicates the two were set by the same person. Sue is rushed to hospital on a possible OD. As with all of Curtis' cases, the murder charges against Sue are going to be stayed of which she is unaware, leading to her taking an extraordinary measure while in the hospital. In preparation for the announcement of his candidacy for mayor, Da Vinci brings his team together ...

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