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Sex & Nudity

  • Infrequent minor sexual jokes. A few instances of minor innuendo, but nothing major.
  • Much less sexual humor than many shows out there.
  • Volume 2: In this series, characters are heard making verbal sexual references.
  • For example, in the episode 'The Problem With Popplers', the crew tries to come up with a name for the food product that they are trying to sell. One of them suggests the name "tasticles", which was put down by another crew who says that it resembles the name of another food product called "testsicles". While the scene is depicted in a non-sexual context, the humor is, nevertheless, built on the premise of sexual undertones.
  • In another example, Fry and his friends take a trip into the digital world and come across billboards that read "Porno", "Sex" and "Naked Ladies Viewed From Space", However, no visuals are depicted.
  • In some episodes, characters are seen kissing and embracing each other, and at times, jumping into bed. In these scenes, sex is only implied as characters do not go beyond kissing and hugging.
  • For example, in the episode 'Mother's Day', an elderly couple is seen kissing before the scene cuts to their clothing strewn across the floor and the two of them lying on the bed completely nude. However, no nudity is depicted as their bodies are strategically covered by their arms and legs.
  • In some episodes, characters (both male and female) appear to be fully nude but their bodies are obscured by objects or their hands.
  • For example, in the episode 'Cryonic Woman', when Fry unfreezes a man from his cryogenic sleep, he is sent into an examination room where he has to lie nude on a table. During the examination, the man covers his pubic region with his hands.
  • Instances when female characters are fully nude, their breasts and pubic region are obscured by strategically positioned objects.
  • For example, in the episode 'Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?', two female characters are seen lying on a sauna bed with their arms positioned across their chest to obscure the view of their breasts.
  • In 'Xmas Story', the professor ends off the episode by wishing everyone Merry Xmas and undressing his bathrobe, showing his buttocks briefly as he walks away towards the background.
  • In another instance, a space captain's buttock is seen as he engages in a conversation.
  • These scenes of nudity are discreet and fleeting side profile nudity, and are depicted in a non-sexual context.
  • Volume 6: Some sexual references.
  • Volume 7 features some sexual references.
  • For example in the serial, in the episode 'The Bots and the Bees', where the viewer sees a female vending machine banging against a male robot and eventually giving birth to a baby robot that resembles the male robot, as well as some verbal sexual references including a scene where some teenage robots watch a sex education video together.
  • In the episode 'Naturama', the viewer sees a scene of a male tortoise climbing on top of a tortoise-shaped rock by mistake, and a scene of the male tortoise climbing on top of a female tortoise before the camera cuts away quickly. The rest of the episode features verbal sexual references as the mating habits of the salmon, tortoise and seal are portrayed in a documentary-like fashion with a touch of irreverent humor.
  • The episode 'Zapp Dingbat' revolves around a female character's mother who dates her ex-boyfriend, with some verbal references to her mother having sex with her ex-boyfriend and a scene of the female character trying to seduce her ex-boyfriend while dressed in sexy lingerie.
  • The episode 'Fun On A Bun' features verbal sexual references to a man about having breakup sex alone, while the episode 'The Thief Of Baghead' features a scene of an actor dressed as a policeman on stage who mourns the death of his partner at work, claiming that he was the best partner "on the beat and in the sack", implying that he is gay.
  • Volume 8 contains episodes featuring some sexual references.
  • One of the stronger episodes includes 'Assie Come Home' which focuses on how Leela (a female mutant Cyclops character) and Fry try to help Bender (a robot) retrieve his "antenna" (or "robot dong") which has been sold off to another robot. Besides verbal sexual references featured in this episode, there is a scene where a man can be seen chained to a rack and whipped by a female robot, while another man can be seen suspended in mid-air and spanked by a robot standing nearby.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains mild animated violence throughout the course of the series.
  • Some characters are shown to be injured or killed, and some engage in hand-to-hand or armed combat.
  • Blood is visible in some instances, however, there is scarcely any emphasis on pain or injury.
  • The final episode contains a lot of bloodshed, however, the character ultimately remains unharmed.
  • Volume 6 contains some gore.
  • [Volume 8]
  • Volume 8 contains episodes featuring violent scenes.
  • The episode 'Assie Comes Home' features some violence in the form of robots being shot in the foreheads with ray guns, but with no bloodletting visible.
  • Some violence is also featured in other episodes such as 'T.: The Terrestrial' where the viewer sees shots of an alien's arm being shot at, causing it to disintegrate and exposing the cross-section of the injured arm, 'Saturday Morning Fun Pit' which features shots of an ax being thrown against a man chest, a brief close shot of a man being shot in the side of the stomach, and a shot of a woman stabbing a man several times in the stomach with some bloodletting visible.
  • The series also features some disturbing and gory scenes, such as in 'Calculon 2.0', where a man can be seen slitting a mechanical goat in the belly while performing a Satanic ritual (even though he denies that what he is doing is Satanic), and 'Meanwhile' where Leela's hand is bitten off by a giant clam at a dinner table with the severed hand and stump visible, and repeated shots of Fry landing in front of Leela after he jumps off of buildings, with some bloodletting and body parts visible.


  • The original episodes that aired on Fox are more family friendly, while the episodes produced for Comedy Central have more language and sex references.
  • Very mild and infrequent, but still occasionally heard. "Bitch" tends to be the worst offender of the lot, and is almost never used.
  • If stronger words like the f-word is used it is completely censored, however it isn't used a lot only very rare moments. In "Silence of the Clamps", the f-word was used 6 times to satirize how filthy mafia films are. Of course it is 100% censored both on cable and DVD.
  • Bender's main catchphrase is "Bite my shiny, metal ass!" Many variations are available such as "Bite my, glorious, golden ass!"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Bender uses alcoholic beverages as a fuel source; though he primarily consumes beer, he has been shown partaking in a variety of other types of booze. But if he is running low on his "fuel", he will begin to shut down in a way reminiscent to someone going through withdrawal symptoms. Bender also enjoys smoking cigars.
  • Other characters also partake in alcohol and tobacco in their own way, though on fewer occasions.
  • A running gag throughout the series is the addictive influence of the soft drink "Slurm".
  • Volume Seven features some drug references.
  • One of the stronger examples include the episode 'The Butterjunk Effect', where the entire plot revolves around two of the female characters, who become addicted to taking a plant-based supplement in order to enhance their athletic performance. (The viewer sees the women swallowing liquid from test tubes, as well as their physical appearance altering and becoming more masculine due to changes in their hormones from the drugs. However, the women are later seen going cold turkey in order to quit the drug as it is affecting their relationship with their partners.)
  • In another episode, 'Free Will Hunting', the viewer sees shots of a robot smoking a cigarette-like object with a bright spark at the end. Although it is claimed that the cigarette isn't a drug, the robot enjoys smoking it and it is implied that he performs sexual services in order to make money to purchase more of such cigarettes. (The viewer sees the robot getting into a limousine under the instigation of another male robot.)
  • The scenes above are brief and the drug use itself is not condoned (the characters who abuse drugs usually get into trouble because of it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • PG-13 for language, use of alcohol and sexual themes.
  • Some instances of violence or the science fiction elements that inundate the series could frighten the youngest of viewers.
  • One particular episode ("Jurassic Bark") deals with bereavement in a manner that may upset viewers.
  • Volume 8: Some medical gore may upset younger viewers. (see Violence & Gore for more details.)

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