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Todd Louiso: Dick



  • Dick : I guess it looks as if you're reorganizing your records. What is this though? Chronological?

    Rob : No...

    Dick : Not alphabetical...

    Rob : Nope...

    Dick : What?

    Rob : Autobiographical.

    Dick : No fucking way.

    Rob : Yep. Let me tell ya how I got from Deep Purple to Howlin' Wolf in just 25 moods. And, if I want to find the song "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac, I have to remember that I bought it for someone in the Fall of 1983 pile - but, didn't give it to them for personal reasons.

    Dick : That sounds...

    Rob : Comforting.

    Dick : Yes.

    Rob : It is.

  • Rob Gordon : I will now sell five copies of "The Three EPs" by The Beta Band.

    Dick : Go for it.

    [Rob plays the record] 

    Beta Band Customer : Who is this?

    Rob Gordon : The Beta Band.

    Beta Band Customer : It's good.

    Rob Gordon : I know.

  • Louis : I don't have that record... I'll buy it for forty.

    Rob : Sold.

    Louis : Now why would you sell it to me and not to him?

    Barry : Because you're not a geek, Louis.

    Louis : You guys are snobs.

    Dick : No, we're not.

    Louis : Yeah, seriously, you're totally elitist. You feel like the unappreciated scholars, so you shit onto people who know lesser than you.

    Rob , Barry , Dick : No!

    Louis : Which is everybody...

    Rob , Barry , Dick : Yeah...

    Louis : That's so sad.

  • Barry : I wanna date a musician.

    Rob Gordon : I wanna live with a musician. She'd write songs at home and ask me what I thought of them, and maybe even include one of our little private jokes in the liner notes.

    Barry : Maybe a little picture of me in the liner notes.

    Dick : Just in the background somewhere.

  • Barry : Top 5 songs about death. A Laura's Dad tribute list, okay? Okay. Leader of the Pack. The guy fuckin' beefs it on his motorcycle and dies, right? Dead Man's Curve. Jan & Dean.

    Dick : Do you know that right after they recorded that song Jan himself crashed his car...

    Barry : It was Dean you fuckin' idiot...

    Rob : It was Jan. It was a long time after the song.

    Barry : Okay, whatever. Tell Laura I Love Her. That would bring the house down - Laura's Mom could sing it. You know what I'd want? One Step Beyond by Madness. And, uh, You Can't Always Get What You Want.

    Dick : No. Immediate disqualification because of its involvement with The Big Chill.

    Barry : Oh God. You're right!

    Dick : Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot.

    Barry : You bastard! That's so good - that should have been mine... The night Laura's daddy died. Sha na na na na na na na na! Brother what a night it really was. Mother what a night it really... angina's tough! Glory be!

  • Dick : Marie de Salle's playing. You remember I told you about her. I like her. She's kind of Sheryl Crow-ish crossed with a post-Partridge Family pre-L.A. Law Susan Dey kind of thing, but, you know, uh, black.

  • [while Marie de Salle is singing "Baby I Love Your Way"] 

    Rob Gordon : I used to hate this song.

    Barry , Dick : Yeah.

    Rob Gordon : Now I kinda like it.

    Barry , Dick : Yeah.

  • Barry : Hey, it's half past a monkey's ass, let's go.

    Dick : Oh, I can't meet you guys at the club tonight.

    Barry : Why?

    [Dick smiles] 

    Barry : Who are you going to see?

    Dick : [grins bashfully]  Nobody.

    Barry : Rob! Loooky-looky! Dick, are you gettin' some?

    [Dick pauses] 

    Barry : Oh-ho-ho! Un-fucking-believable! Dick's got a hot date! How did this happen, Dick? What rational explanation can there possibly be? What's her name?

    Dick : Anaugh.

    Barry : Anna? Anaconda?

    Dick : Anaugh Moss.

    Barry : [laughing]  Anna M-ha-ha-oss? Is she all green and fuzzy and mossy? And you met this bruiser where exactly? The home for the mentally challenged or the blind or the bus station?

    Dick : Um, here. She asked me about the new Green Day album, and I told her...

    Barry : Oh, man, finally! *Anna!* That's great, Dick! Really! Smoke that ass!

  • Barry : Holy shite. What the fuck is that?

    Dick : It's the new Belle and Sebastian...

    Rob : It's a record we've been listening to and enjoying, Barry.

    Barry : Well, that's unfortunate, because it sucks ass.

  • Dick : She should have done it on: The Number Four With A Smile.

    Barry : Wasn't her record called: Number Four With A Smile?

    Dick : That's what I said.

    Barry : No-no. You said: The Number Four With A Smile. There's no "the" in the front of the title of the album.

    Dick : It's a reference to a Chinese meal in Toronto. So, I think that there is "the". But, I could be wrong.

    Barry : You can be and you are wrong.

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