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Episode List


Season 2

24 Sep. 1984
The Cat and the Spider
He-Man discovers a statue called, the Grimalken, from the temple of the Cat Folk. But a young feline, Katrina, warns him that it contains a imprisoned demon.
The Energy Beast
A temple is discovered inside Mount Eternia. Feeling useless, Orko decides to use the power of the temple to make him famous, but he ends up releasing the Energy Beast.
Day of the Machines
Man-At-Arms is becoming discouraged about his inventions. Skeletor sends a small demon into Man-At-Arm's main computer, which causes every machine in the palace to have a mind of its own.
The Gamesman
The charming Lord Todd invites Teela to visit Castle Starg while He-Man is trying to stop a rampaging mole like monster that destroys everything in it's path.
Fisto's Forest
Fisto recounts how he used to work for Skeletor and terrorize the forest he lives in, but had a change of heart because of the kindness of a young girl.
The Rarest Gift of All
Orko messes up Man-At-Arms and Teela's preparations for the King and Queen's wedding anniversary. When he decides to run away, Cringer goes along to keep an eye on him.
The Great Books Mystery
Batros steals all of Eternia's most precious books, leading to desperation from the King and admiration from Skeletor.
23 Sep. 1985
Origin of the Sorceress
The Sorceress realizes her old enemy Morgoth is attempting to return to Eternia. She decides to make a stand, and tells He-Man how her first battle against Morgoth caused her to take up the mantle of Sorceress of Grayskull.
3 Oct. 1984
Island of Fear
Buzz-Off reports a floating island may be connected to a series of disappearing food ships. When Adam and Man-At-Arms investigate, they discover a plot by Skeletor to flood the new Eternian dam.
To Save Skeletor
Whiplash gatecrashes a royal party to ask the heroic warriors for help. Skeletor has been overpowered by a creature from another dimension called S'Gora. Worse yet, S'Gora is now powerful enough to take on the Sorceress and conquer Castle Grayskull.
The Ice Age Cometh
A young guard named Philip is relocated to the Weather Station because of neglected duties. When he becomes aware of this, Skeletor sends his ally Icer to take control of the station.
Trouble in Trolla
Orko learns his uncle, Montork, has been replaced as head of the Trollan Academy of Magic. He-Man and Battle Cat join Orko on Trolla to find Montorks cocky replacement, Snoob, working with Whiplash and teaching him magic.
Betrayal of Stratos
Stratos is exiled from Avion after being accused of sabotaging the kingdom's defense shield. During his next attack, Skeletor manages to steal the Egg of Avion and hides it in the Demon Zone with his ally Whiplash.
Disappearing Dragons
Once again, Granamyr asks for He-Man's help. The dragons of Eternia are mysteriously disappearing and Webstor and Kobra Khan seem to be behind it. But they're sending the dragons to another world where they're used to battle each other.
11 Sep. 1984
The Shadow of Skeletor
The heroic warriors intercept Beast Man while on his way to Eternia's Dark Moon. With Man-E-Faces impersonating Beast Man, they find out Skeletor's warriors are manipulating a war between the inhabitants of the Dark and Bright Moons.
The Arena
Man-At-Arms has made contact with an immensely powerful yet peaceful alien being known as Om. When King Randor and his subjects welcome Om to Eternos, Skeletor attacks with the help of General Tataran and his Goblin Army. During the mighty battle, Om decides to pit one warrior from each side against each other and chooses He-Man to face Skeletor.
Attack from Below
The people of Subternia have been stealing the crops from Eternia's farmers. Now, He-Man must stop them before Eternia is left without food.
Into the Abyss
Teela tries to mix training with fun in order for Adam to become more interested in his studies. But one of her tests goes too far and she ends up falling into the Abyss around Grayskull.
Fraidy Cat
Kobra Khan, Mer-Man, Whiplash, and Clawful kidnap Queen Marlena, who was under Cringer's protection. Blaming himself, Cringer decides that it's his responsibility to save her.
The Rainbow Warrior
Skeletor kidnaps King Randor, Prince Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, and Orko in order to have the Royal Guards become leaderless. But Queen Marlena may prove to be a more worthy leader than everyone else believes.
24 Sep. 1985
A Trip to Morainia
The King Boreas, of Morainia, offers his new power crystals to King Randor. But Skeletor has his own plans for them.
13 Oct. 1984
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Prince Glitch of Celasia has joined up with Skeletor's gang to find himself some courage. But he soon wants to get away from Snake Mountain and joins the heroic warriors of Eternia. When Glitch's father comes to look for him, Skeletor convinces the King that Randor is holding Glitch hostage.
Three on a Dare
The Royal Palace's transmitter is damaged. Now there can be no radio contact, which means no help for Teela and her students when they end up being captured at Snake Mountain.
Just a Little Lie
Orko tries to prove to Prince Dal that the Eternia Kingdom is a magical place by telling him it is the home a special crystal that can make anyone invincible. Prince Dal hopes to use the crystal to help his father at war.
10 Jul. 1984
One for All
Space Pirates invade the village of Pax and take all the villagers hard earned crops. Luckily, Prince Adam and Teela are nearby on an archaeological assignment.
Jacob and the Widgets
He-Man saves an old hermit named Jacob from Mer-Man's sea monsters and the Widgets volunteer to take care of him until he gets better.
The Littlest Giant
Squinch wants to be as big as He-Man, so he goes to Skeletor for help. But, instead, Skeletor uses Squinch to set a trap for He-Man.
Trouble's Middle Name
He-Man and the gang are invited to the Sun Temple to witness the charging of the Sun Stone. But along the way, they meet Prankster, a joker from Orko's planet, Trolla, who keeps causing problems for the gang.
25 Sep. 1985
Journey to Stone City
Evil-Lyn finds the legendary Stone City the heroic warriors have been looking for and turns the recently awoken warrior leader Vokan against He-Man and Castle Grayskull.
A Bird in the Hand
Stanlan and Orko find a map inside one of Melaktha's statues. It leads to the Ancients' Book of Spells. Adam and the others must find the book before Skeletor finds out about the map.
26 Sep. 1985
Man-At-Arms recounts how Adam found Cringer when they were both still young, and how Cringer first became Battlecat during a battle against the dreaded Gedge.
27 Sep. 1985
The Time Wheel
While exploring the desert, He-Man and Orko come across an old temple. While playing with one of the machines, inside, Orko accidentally brings Tamusk, one of Eternia's most admired kings from the past into the present.
Search for the Past
Man-At-Arms finds a bracelet adorned by the crest of King Randor's long lost father, King Miro. He joins Randor on a secret mission to search for his the old King, but Queen Marlena sends Adam and Cringer after them in a Wind Raider.
Hunt for He Man
He-Man accidentally drinks poisoned water in the swamp and becomes weak. Skeletor believes this to be the perfect opportunity to capture him.
The Greatest Show on Eternia
The Circus comes to Eternia and Skeletor is planning to ruin it.
8 Oct. 1984
Not So Blind
Loos, a blind boy, has always wanted to meet He-Man. So He-Man takes Loos on an adventure to the crystal caves. But after a flash of light temporarily blinds He-Man, it's up to Loos to get them safely home.
4 Oct. 1984
Revenge Is Never Sweet
When Orko uses his magic to restore the Wizard Kothos to human form, he captures the heroic warriors and contacts Skeletor to exchange them for Evil-Lyn, who was the one that turned him into a sand-slug.
The Good Shall Survive
On the verge of extinction, the Tycons steal the food of Eternia to survive. Skeletor hopes to use this as an advantage.
30 Sep. 1985
The Secret of Grayskull
Orko feels unwanted and leaves. Skeletor captures him and forces him to explain how to get into Castle Grayskull.
1 Oct. 1985
No Job Too Small
While on a trip to Phantos, Man-At-Arms, Orko, and Teela are kidnapped by Evil-Lyn. Back at Snake Mountain, Beast Man uses a shrink ray on them.
2 Oct. 1985
The Bitter Rose
When Orko plucks the fabled Bitter Rose as a gift for Dree Elle, Rose Mountain starts to crumble and threatens to destroy the village of the Insect People. Now aware of it's power, Skeletor also wants to get his hands on the Rose.
3 Oct. 1985
The Gambler
Melbrag the Gambler tricks Smudge the Widget into giving him some precious Coridite, then uses it to weaken and capture He-Man for Skeletor as a prize.
4 Oct. 1985
Teela's Triumph
Skeletor sends Zoar to another world, not realizing she is really the Sorceress. The Spirit of Grayskull calls for help and implores Teela to take the Sorceress' place.
7 Oct. 1985
Orko's New Friend
Orko's old friend Squonge from the Trollan Academy of Magic comes to visit. This Trollan has a tendency to tell tall tales. When he is the first to notice the arrival of the dangerous Slavemaster on Eternia, nobody believes him.
9 Oct. 1985
The Problem with Power
Skeletor tricks He-Man into believing he accidentally killed a man. Distraught, Adam decides to give up being He-Man and throws the Powersword into Grayskull's abyss.
14 Oct. 1985
Double Trouble
Skeletor uses the Mirror of Moravad to make an evil clone of He-Man's ally Kol Darr.
16 Oct. 1985
The Eternia Flower
Count Marzo plans to put the youth of Eternia under his spell by introducing them to the addictive plant the Black Nightmare. His first victim is Boy of the Year Jonno.
12 Nov. 1985
Mistaken Identity
Young Farin pretends to be He-Man's secret identity to impress his girlfriend Karil. But all his boasting lead him to be captured by self made villain Modulok who wants to join Skeletor's gang.
23 Oct. 1985
Battle of the Dragons
He-Man and Man-At-Arms are invited to Darksmoke and Orko tags along. But the evil dragon Morningstar steals the magic flame of Granamyr and blames the Eternians to start a new war between Dragons and Humans.
31 Oct. 1985
Time Doesn't Fly
Evil wizard Hexon has stopped time so he can become the new Emperor of Simbar. But Princess Kathay, daughter of the current Emperor, sets out to find the Sands of Time and soon receives help from He-Man and friends.