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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sci-fi monster action/violence

Sex & Nudity

  • In the diner the girl says "your just a pair of breasts that's talk".
  • Some male buttocks are exposed while wearing wrestling garb.
  • little talk of sexual vs. asexual reproduction.
  • Scientists joke and call Godzilla "The virgin lizard"
  • A man and woman kiss.
  • Godzilla is stark naked throughout the entire movie

Violence & Gore

  • Godzilla is very scary looking - something between a T-rex and a dragon. He is enormous (estimated at about 20 stories tall) and very threatening, with big sharp teeth and claws, and a huge tail which he waves to lethal effect.
  • There's a lot of property damage as Godzilla runs through New York City:
  • A street crumbles as Godzilla comes right up through it.
  • People are stepped on by his giant paws, or crushed by crumbling buildings (not shown in close-ups).
  • Many weapons are fired at the giant lizard, but causes more property damage than anything else.
  • Godzilla blows fire and people are zapped (not shown in detail).
  • In one scene he gobbles a truck (the driver drops out of it). Helicopters are wrecked, underground subway tunnels are destroyed, a ship and a few small boats are sunk, and a submarine is blown up.
  • A tidal wave crashes through a pier.
  • Godzilla gives birth and the junior Godzillas end up chasing and killing several people (the deaths are off camera, but we do hear screaming and sounds of death and destruction).
  • Some of the lizards are blown up while inside a building.
  • A man is killed after his helicopter is eaten by Godzilla, while in it. (nothing graphic is shown)


  • Some mild language and insults. Some uses of Jesus Christ, oh my God, crap, hell, bastard, and one use of retard.
  • GD was used at least twice

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A giant monster rampages through the streets of New York several times. Most of the time it is being chased by either helicopters, or, in one scene in New York Harbour, it is being chased by submarines.
  • In one scene, Godzilla bends down to inspect a man. He roars in the man's face.
  • Godzilla roars in the air and ignites the petrol of some cars, blowing up the vehicles.
  • A man stands in the street while Godzilla appears to smash him. Godzilla then raises his foot up and reveals that the man went in between Godzilla's toes.
  • Godzilla's offspring may be considered frightening to children. And even after the newborns have run amok attacking and have been slaughtered, there is one left that hatches and roars (making a lead to a sequel).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Godzilla is wounded and killed by missiles that leave bloody wounds.

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