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The Europeans version is completely uncensored. The orgy scene was partially censored in the American release to avoid an "NC-17" rating. Computer generated people were placed in front of the sexually explicit action to obscure it from view.
The Australian VHS and DVD version are completely uncensored. The orgy scene remains uncut in the two versions.
The US 2007 Special Edition DVD features the uncut version (but still omits the citations from the Bhagavad Gita.) Some early pressings of the disc (including early shipments of the Stanley Kubrick "Warner Director's Series" box set) erroneously stated that the cut version was also included, but only the uncut version is on the DVD.
All British prints are missing the recitation of a passage from the Bhagavad Gita (the holiest Hindu book) during an orgy scene. Warner Brothers cut this before release of the film due to protests from Hindu organizations. It was also removed from all worldwide home video releases of the film.
The original theatrical version included a goof in an early scene (a boom operator was reflected on a steel shower stall post in Victor Ziegler's bathroom): this has been digitally removed on the home video releases.
In the DVD/Video version, when Nicole Kidman gives her monologue about yearning for the Naval Officer, she mouths the words "We made love." But the words "You and I made love," are heard. This was done to clear up the confusion about whom she actually made love to.
In most non-English language versions translated copies of the letter Dr. Harford recieves when returning to the front gate of the house with the "forbidden party" and of the newspaper article about the ex-Miss N.Y., Mandy, were shot and replaced the original English text.
In the lengthy shot where Nicole Kidman dances naked in front of a mirror to Chris Isaak's "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing," the second half of the shot, once Tom Cruise walks over, has been zoomed considerably for the DVD. The first half is as it was shown in theaters, with rear nudity from Kidman, but seconds before Cruise enters the frame, the image starts to zoom up and in rapidly, so that when Cruise enters, only a section from his elbow up is visible. In the theatrical version, when Cruise enters, the frame goes well below his navel.
The Region 3 release (Hong Kong) is uncut, but does NOT contains the passages from the Bhagavad Gita recited during the orgy scene. The verses, "paritranaya sadhunam, vinasaya ca duskritam, dharma-samstapanarthaya, sambhavami yuge yuge", are heard on the soundtrack (track 9), but not any DVD or video releases.

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