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USA Today
The picture is solidly crafted, performed to the hilt and full of humor.
Washington Post
An enormously entertaining visit to planet paranoia, but its escapist pleasures titillate only in direct proportion to the degree of persecution complex that you bring into the theater with you.
Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott have wisely set their course by Will Smith, who is sensational in a dramatic role that leans on him to carry a movie without the help of aliens or Big Willie-style jokes for every occasion.
It offers a solid two hours of pure, escapist entertainment.
Chicago Reader
The social criticism is as unforced as the humor (and the references to "The Conversation") in this 1998 conspiracy thriller, whose spirited action is balanced by an almost contemplative attitude toward surveillance phobias and the movie cliches they've spawned.
Village Voice
Enemy of the State isn't really a smart film, but it makes a concerted stab at pretending to be one.
The scary fun of the movie is embodied in a brilliantly filmed and edited chase sequence in which Smith tries to escape the ubiquitous cyber-eyes that see every inch of his flight.
TV Guide Magazine
Tony Scott's thriller is flashy, but it's not dead stupid and it's never dull.
Film Threat
The strong parts are the rip-offs of "The Conversation." The worst part is the lack of understandable character motivations.
A frustrating film that feels cobbled together.

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