Enemy of the State (1998) Poster

Scott Caan: Jones


  • [the NSA team is watching satellite footage of a conversation between Dean and Brill on a rooftop] 

    Hicks : Can you get a feature scan and pattern matching on him?

    Van : No, he's smart, he never looks up.

    Jones : Why does he have to look up?

    Fiedler : The satellite is 155 miles above the Earth. It can only look straight down.

    Jones : That's a bit limited, isn't it?

    Van : [Sarcastically]  Well, maybe you should design a better one.

    Jones : Maybe I will idiot.

  • Selby : Jones, Krug, what, are you guys from Communications?

    Jones : No, we're Ops.

    Fiedler : You can tell by their haircuts.

  • [Krug is spray painting graffiti in Dean's house to make it look like a break in] 

    Jones : [Watching him]  Lower! Lower! - like kids would do it, dammit!

    Krug : [Angry]  You sound like a fucking old lady, shut up!

    [Selby and Williams watch through the surveillance cameras] 

    Jamie Williams : Ooh, sensitive...!

    Selby : Alright, Jones has some issues we need to resolve!

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