Enemy of the State (1998) Poster

Jon Voight: Thomas Brian Reynolds



  • Thomas Reynolds : We never dealt with domestic. With us, it was always war. We won the war. Now we're fighting the peace. It's a lot more volatile. Now we've got ten million crackpots out there with sniper scopes, sarin gas and C-4. Ten-year-olds go on the Net, downloading encryption we can barely break, not to mention instructions on how to make a low-yield nuclear device. Privacy's been dead for years because we can't risk it. The only privacy that's left is the inside of your head. Maybe that's enough. You think we're the enemy of democracy, you and I? I think we're democracy's last hope.

  • Thomas Reynolds : [talking to Brill]  So tell me what was on that tape.

    Robert Clayton Dean : [Watching from afar]  Your ugly-ass face, that's what.

  • Thomas Reynolds : What will it take for us to walk out of here with that video tape?

    Pintero : The end of the world.

  • Thomas Reynolds : [to his men on wanting to catch Dean]  This son-of-a-bitch is not gonna be the last chapter of my life!

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