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How Star Trek: Discovery takes its cue from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Juliette Harrisson Dec 4, 2017

Here's how The Undiscovered Country feeds into Star Trek; Discovery. Spoilers for both ahead...

Contains spoilers for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and for Star Trek: Discovery.

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It's well known that Jj Abrams, along with many other Trekkies, Trekkers, and people who sometimes watch Star Trek, is especially fond of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, and used that film as inspiration for his own take on Star Trek in the recent movies. The Wrath Of Khan is many people’s favourite Trek film, one of the best of the Star Trek movies, the source of the idea that the even-numbered ones are the good ones. Its themes, of death and rebirth, youth and ageing, fathers and sons, and
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Exclusive Interview: Mark Jackson on The Orville, working with Seth MacFarlane and Jon Favreau, and more

Martin Carr chats with Mark Jackson about The Orville, working with Seth MacFarlane and Jon Favreau, and more…

Just a short walk from Waterloo station I sat down to talk with Mark Jackson. Known to UK television audiences from The Royal and theatre goers in productions as varied as War Horse and Noises Off!, we discussed his love of science fiction and a need for optimism in the genre. Starring alongside Seth McFarlane in the Fox network sic-fi The Orville, he proved to be funny, self- effacing, passionately engaged and easy company.

Martin Carr: For those who don’t know, what is The Orville and who is your character Isaac?

Mark Jackson: The Orville is a space comedy/drama. It’s not so much a spoof. Although that was the sort of thing people might have been expecting, it doesn’t go that far. It’s set 400 years in
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Exclusive: 'Star Trek: Discovery's' Jason Isaacs Reveals How Tight His Captain's Suit Really Is

Exclusive: 'Star Trek: Discovery's' Jason Isaacs Reveals How Tight His Captain's Suit Really Is
Jason Isaacs is ready to take the captain’s chair on Star Trek: Discovery.

In the anticipated CBS All Access original series, Isaacs plays Gabriel Lorca, captain of the USS Discovery, and the actor is excited for Trekkies to experience the franchise's latest installment after a long wait.

“I'm anxious for other people to see it. We were making it for [so] long in this giant green box, and it's now time to give it away,” Isaacs told Et’s Lauren Zima at the Star Trek: Discovery world premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday, adding that the Trekkies he’s met so far “have been amazing.”

“I understand from Jonathan Frakes, who directed some of our episodes, who was Riker [in past Star Trek movies and series], that there was a gigantic universe of every shade of fan out there, so I can’t wait to see what they come up with,” he said. “Some of the stuff is not for children, that’s for sure
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William Shatner: Why ‘Star Trek’s’ Mission Is At 50 Years … And Counting

Star Trek has been a huge part of intergalactic pop culture for nearly 51 years now. Why? There are as many reasons as there are fans, because Trekkies tend to take the shows and movies very personally. But we pay special attention when the theory is coming from the original Capt. James T. Kirk, William Shatner. (Click [...]
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Star Trek's Terry Farrell Engaged to Leonard Nimoy's Son Adam Nimoy

Star Trek's Terry Farrell Engaged to Leonard Nimoy's Son Adam Nimoy
Okay, Trekkies, get ready to geek out at this beautiful news... Don't tell Worf, but Terry Farrell, who played fan-favorite character Jadzia Dax on the '90s series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is engaged to Adam Nimoy, the son of late Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock. Film critic and Trekkie Scott Mantz first reported the news on Twitter Friday. Terry confirmed it Saturday. "Serious? Not fake news? Baby will be 1/16 Vulcan," wrote Twitter user @sepulrah, to which the 53-year-old actress responded, "Lol nope Not Fake news!" "It's for real," she added. Terry, who is also known for her past role on Becker, and Adam, a...
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William Shatner Urges Star Trek Cruise To Nix Swim With Dolphins Experiences

Before Trekkies and other vacationers set sail for new frontiers on the Norwegian Jade’s one-of-a-kind Star Trek: The Cruise, William Shatner — who plays Captain Kirk in the iconic series — has a request for the company: Boldly go where many have gone before and cut the cruel “swim with dolphins” experiences from its itinerary.

In a letter to Norwegian Cruise Line CEO and president Frank J. Del Rio, Shatner wrote: "I’m so happy that Star Trek fans have the opportunity to climb aboard Norwegian Jade’s Star Trek: The Cruise and experience their own interstellar voyage of sorts. However, so long as your company offers “swim with dolphins” experiences, what should be a futuristic voyage will be set back light years.

“Never before has public opinion leaned so strongly against marine mammal captivity, presumably across all galaxies. Dolphins are highly intelligent, socially complex animals who travel great distances in the wild,
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Comic-Con: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Goes All in With Gay Storyline -- and There's a 'Rent' Connection!

Comic-Con: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Goes All in With Gay Storyline -- and There's a 'Rent' Connection!
Star Trek: Discovery is making history on the small screen.

CBS All Access' anticipated scripted series broke some casting news during Saturday's panel at Comic-Con -- and there's an unbelievable Rent connection.

Anthony Rapp, who plays Lt. Stamets, an astromycologist, fungus expert and Starfleet Science Officer aboard the Starship Discovery, revealed that fellow Rent alum Wilson Cruz will be joining the series as his character's love interest.

"I can announce that Wilson Cruz will play my love interest and my partner in Star Trek: Discovery," announced Rapp, who plays the first openly gay character in a Star Trek TV series. "I'm very proud of that and that he's a scientist."

Exclusive: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Cast Reveals Details of Spock Family Surprise!

Shortly thereafter, Cruz -- whose character is Dr. Hugh Culber, medical officer of the Starship Discovery -- confirmed the news on Twitter, tweeting, "Well, apparently, the cat is finally out of the bag... I'm
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Star Trek: Voyager Complete Series DVD Review

Star Trek: Voyager hit airwaves at a time when television was a very different beast, but even considering a world that didn’t demand ratings in the same way as today’s standards would suggest, there were some serious question marks as this one progressed.

The show was obviously buoyed by the general Star Trek fan base, as well as the success of Star Trek: The Next Generation (which ended just as this one was kicking off), and the relative success of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (which started two seasons before this), but it lasted through the first couple of formative seasons largely because it was the highest rated show on upstart Upn, which had this as one of its initial offerings.

Much as everything Star Trek is bound to win people over, to some degree or another, Voyager was a pretty goofy effort for the first couple of years,
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Event Review – Destination Star Trek: Europe 2016

Tony Black reports from Destination Star Trek: Europe 2016…

Star Trek @ 50. Why hasn’t more of a fuss been made? That’s been on many Trekkie thoughts over the course of this year. Sure, Star Trek Beyond hit cinemas and Star Trek: Discovery is about to start filming, but celebrations of the landmark birthday for, arguably, the most iconic television series in history have been surprisingly scant. Hailing Destination: Star Trek Europe, which lowered its shields for the third time since 2012 for a massive, three-day celebration of all things Star Trek at the National Exhibition Centre outside Birmingham – and I was lucky enough to snaffle a press pass & beam my way onto the bridge.

Sadly, I wasn’t quite lucky enough to be there from the press-exclusive outset due to the pesky job I have to maintain, but I did have a few Section 31 agents on the ground who I
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Pine Impersonates Shatner in Hilarious Star Trek Beyond Bloopers

Pine Impersonates Shatner in Hilarious Star Trek Beyond Bloopers
For those who missed Star Trek Beyond in theaters, or just want to see it again in the comfort of your own home, this sci-fi sequel is currently available on Digital HD, before it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD formats November 1. Today we have a new gag reel from Star Trek Beyond, which showcases your typical bloopers fare like the cast flubbing their lines, along with a special treat for Trekkies young and old. The video offers a glimpse at Chris Pine showcasing his best William Shatner impersonation.

Yahoo! Movies debuted this gag reel, which includes a brief scene where Chris Pine's Captain Kirk delivers a line that sounds eerily similar to the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner. John Cho notices it right away, while Chris Pine teases that the next line will be "full Shat," although we don't get to see that next line being delivered. Other highlights
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'Star Trek' at 50: How the Sci-Fi TV Show Changed Everything

'Star Trek' at 50: How the Sci-Fi TV Show Changed Everything
In the beginning, only Mr. Spock was spared.

It was early 1965, and NBC had just passed on "The Cage," the pilot episode for a science fiction show the network had been considering picking up for their fall season. "Too cerebral," they said. But they let creator Gene Roddenberry try again. He kept the starship Enterprise, but recast its crew, save for the grinning, excitable science officer played by Leonard Nimoy.

The Spock audiences met on the night of Sept. 8, 1966, when "The Man Trap" became the first Star Trek episode broadcast,
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‘50 Years of Star Trek’ Documentary: Whoopi Goldberg, J.J. Abrams & More Celebrate The Starfleet

‘50 Years of Star Trek’ Documentary: Whoopi Goldberg, J.J. Abrams & More Celebrate The Starfleet
The “Star Trek” fiftieth anniversary celebrations continue with a new two-hour documentary, “50 Years of Star Trek,” set to premiere this month on History. The film will celebrate the iconic franchise that has inspired a cult following and feature interviews with previous cast members and creators.

Best yet, the doc includes Leonard Nimoy in one of his final full length interviews where he gives an inside look into the series, shares memories and stories from the five decades he spent aboard the USS Enterprise as the beloved Spock.

Read More: ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Visual Effects Master Peter Chiang Goes Back to the Future

Directed by Ian Roumain, other actors and creators from “Star Trek” TV series and films included are Whoopi Goldberg, Jonathan Frakes, Nichelle Nichols, J.J. Abrams, Bryan Fuller, and Simon Pegg. Notable Trekkies Michael McKean, Olivia Munn, Bruce Campbell and others share their memories about the franchise and explore
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TVLine Items: Bryan Greenberg Joins Mindy, B99's New Captain and More

TVLine Items: Bryan Greenberg Joins Mindy, B99's New Captain and More
Bryan Greenberg (How to Make It in America) will tend to The Mindy Project‘s offspring in Season 5.

RelatedMindy Project: Chris Messina Returning for Season 5 But Not as a Series Regular

The actor will recur as Ben, the new pediatric nurse forced to deal with Mindy and her child’s ever-changing illnesses, our sister site Deadline reports.

Additionally, Rebecca Rittenhouse (Red Band Society) will appear in multiple episodes as Anna, a put-together but slightly evil doctor in the office who becomes a foil for the titular heroine.

The Mindy Project Season 5 premieres Oct. 4 on Hulu.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets?
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First Look CBS TV’s Star Trek: Discovery – Watch The Comic-Con 2016 Star Trek 50th Anniversary Panel

Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS Television Studio /©2016 CBS Television Studio. All Rights Reserved.

Over the weekend at Comic-Con 2016, Star Trek legends William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and Brent Spiner joined Star Trek: Discovery Executive Producer Bryan Fuller to talk legacy and introduce the new series.

Get a sneak peek of the newest ship in the “Star Trek” universe.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres January 2017 on the CBS Television Network with the premiere and all subsequent episodes available exclusively on CBS All Access.

Netflix and CBS Studios International announced a landmark international licensing agreement for the new Star Trek television series. Netflix will be the exclusive premiere home of Star Trek in 188 countries (excluding the U.S. and Canada). Each episode of the new series will be available globally within 24 hours of its U.S. premiere.

Additionally, all 727 existing episodes of the iconic “Star Trek” television library – including “Star Trek: The Original Series,
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New Star Trek TV Series Entitled Discovery, Watch Stirring First Teaser

It’s official: Star Trek: Discovery is the name of CBS’ all-new series, and San Diego Comic-Con brought forth the first teaser (via JoBlo) that offers a glimpse at the titular space vessel mid-flight.

Based on concept art drawn up by the esteemed Ralph McQuarrie, executive producers Bryan Fuller and Heather Kadin revealed that Discovery will be jetting its crew off to the Prime universe, and the new Trekkie series is all about upholding the pioneering spirit that helped ensure Star Trek‘s status as a classic.

“What the new series has to do is continue to be progressive, [to] push boundaries and tell stories in the legacy Gene Roddenberry promised, giving us hope for the future,” according to Fuller, confirming that Star Trek: Discovery will make its bow via CBS All Access in early 2017.

Joined at the panel by Scott Bakula, the Star Trek stalwart noted that, “the
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New ‘Star Trek’ Series Title & Ship Revealed by Creator Bryan Fuller [Comic-Con 2016]

New ‘Star Trek’ Series Title & Ship Revealed by Creator Bryan Fuller [Comic-Con 2016]
In addition to all the madness brought on by Warner Bros. Pictures and Marvel Studios in Hall H today, Trekkies got the chance to enjoy a nice retrospective discussion panel in honor of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The panel assembled the likes of William Shatner, Geri Ryan, Scott Bakula, Brent Spiner and Michael […]

The post New ‘Star Trek’ Series Title & Ship Revealed by Creator Bryan Fuller [Comic-Con 2016] appeared first on /Film.
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Horror Highlights: Ghost Team on Google Play, Viral Clip, For The Love Of Spock Trailer

Debuting exclusively on Google Play today for free (for a limited time) is the paranormal thriller, Ghost Team. The movie will arrive in theaters nationwide on August 12th. Also: a new clip was released for Viral as well as a trailer, poster, and release details For the Love of Spock documentary.

Ghost Team Google Play Release Details: Press Release: “Get prepared for paranormal activity this summer with Ghost Team featuring an all-star ensemble cast that includes Jon Heder, David Krumholtz, Melonie Diaz, Paul W. Downs, Justin Long and Amy Sedaris. The horror comedy, directed, produced and co-written by Oliver Irving (How To Be), debuts today, July 21st, exclusively on Google Play for free for a limited time* before it hits theaters nationwide on August 12th. The film expands to additional on demand platforms on August 30th.

Determined to catch some ghosts on film, a paranormal-obsessed man (Jon Heder) mounts his
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For The Love Of Spock: Leonard Nimoy Documentary Gets a Wonderful Trailer

"I have been and always shall be your friend."

Here's a terrific new trailer for For The Love of Spock, a documentary about the life and legacy of legendary Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. His death last year rocked a lot of fans to their core, and his son Adam (the director of this doc) has put together a movie that looks like a great tribute to his father's accomplishments on and off the screen. This is going to be a must-watch movie for all Trekkies out there, and we'll all have a chance to see it when it hits theaters and On Demand platforms on September 9, 2016 — just one day after the actual 50th anniversary of the airing of the original series' first episode.
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Star Trek Beyond Early Reactions Call It Big, Bold, and Lots of Fun

Star Trek Beyond Early Reactions Call It Big, Bold, and Lots of Fun
In just eight short days, Star Trek Beyond will hit theaters nationwide. Last night, Paramount held a critics screening for this sci-fi sequel. While full reviews are still forthcoming, several critics offered their early reactions on social media. For those who might be on the fence about this new adventure, which brings in a new director (Justin Lin) and writers (Simon Pegg and Doug Jung), these critics had overwhelmingly positive reactions to the film.

Following the screening last night, a number of film critics took to Twitter to reveal their early thoughts about this new Star Trek adventure. While there are no spoilers for the movie itself in the tweets below, it is revealed that the movie honored the late Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek Beyond star Anton Yelchin, who was tragically killed in a freak accident last month. However, these early reactions don't address a controversial topic that was first announced earlier this month.
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