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Season 1

After Simon is fired from his soap opera, he pays a visit to his crotchety ex wife Kate, who runs a hotel in upstate New York.
21 Oct. 1997
I'm Bonnie, I'm Clyde
A down on his luck Simon visits his ex-wife Hadley and it soon becomes clear to her why their marriage only lasted 12 days.
28 Oct. 1997
The Kernel
Simon is hired back on the soap opera, but soon realizes he'll have to sleep with the sister of the head of the network to keep his job.
4 Nov. 1997
The Nemesis
Simon and Hadley's old friend Justin arrives in New York with plans to steal a role away from Simon.
Who's Afraid of Simon Ferguson?
Simon directs and stars in Daniel's school play; Rose gives Gwen advice about boys.
The Review
A newspaper reviewer visits the hotel and has a wonderful time... until Simon knocks him unconscious and gives him amnesia. Meanwhile, Gwen tries to score tickets to a Beck concert.
Simon, We Hardly Knew Ye
Simon hires Hadley as his publicist, but when she fails to get him the publicity he desires, he fakes his death. Meanwhile, Robert attempts to get closer to Hadley by bonding with Daniel, and Yorgo goes on an American vacation.
It's Gwen's Party and Hadley'll Cry If She Wants To
When Gwen throws a party, she butts heads with Daniel over fire safety issues, Yorgo over the food, and Simon winds up hijacking the shindig. Meanwhile Hadley goes on a date with Robert.
The Bee Story
After Daniel gets in a fight with a condescending peer, Simon tries to rig the spelling bee. Meanwhile, Yorgo tries to work up the nerve to ask out Linda, the mail carrier.
Acting Out
After Gwen is bitten by the acting bug, Hadley decides to re-establish her acting career while Simon re-evaluates his. Meanwhile Yorgo tries to convince his friends to murder his brother.
The Southern Story
Hadley's mother Dolly lures her to Chattanooga with a promise of bringing home a prized Armour, but the real plan is to reveal her impending nuptials. Meanwhile, Rose and Yorgo behave like a quarreling couple when they're left in charge of the kids.
Fight Night at the Metropolitan
When Hadley introduces "Sports Sunday" at the hotel, Yorgo gets upset and Simon gets into a fight with a group of bullies. Meanwhile Rose flips out when she learns her ex-fiancée, Erik Estrada, is rooming in the honeymoon suite; and Gwen gets tricked into a date with her dorky Spanish partner Jesse.

 Season 1 

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