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  • When U.S. President James Dale (Jack Nicholson) is informed that a fleet of Martian spaceships are approaching Earth, he consults with his advisers General Decker (Rod Steiger) and Professor Donald Kessler (Pierce Brosnan). Decker wants immediate military deployment, while Kessler suggests that they roll out the red carpet. The President decides to follow Kessler's suggestion and send General Casey (Paul Winfield) to greet them. Just as the Martian Ambassador assures everyone that they come in peace, a group of hippies release a peace dove. Suddenly, the Martians shoot down the dove, vaporize General Casey, and turn their weapons on the gathered crowd. Mars' attack on Earth has begun. Edit

  • Mars Attacks is based on the Mars Attacks series of trading cars first released in 1962. The screenplay for the movie was written by British screenwriter Jonathan Gems. Edit

  • The President is attacked by the martians in the presidential bunker. He gives an emotional speech about how Earth and Mars could work together. Seemingly moved by the speech, the Martian leader offers his hand in friendship. When President Dale accepts the leader's hand, it detaches and crawls to Dale's back and stabs him through his heart. He falls over dead, the blade that killed him extends into a martian flag.

    First Lady Marcia Dale (Glenn Close): As the secret service escort President Dale and Marcia to the bunker, a martian shoots a chandelier which lands on Marcia, killing her.

    Taffy Dale (Natalie Portman): Seeing as how there seems to be no semblance of Government left in the United States, Taffy, daughter of the President assumes the role of President and presents Richie and Grandma Norris with the Medal of Honor for figuring out how to kill the martians. She then asks Richie if he has a girlfriend, which he responds with a "No."

    General Decker: When the martians attack the Presidential Bunker, he walks right up to them and starts berating them and shooting at them (to no affect) so the Martian leader pulls out a special ray gun that shrinks Decker down to the size of a mouse, as Decker continues to shout at the martians, the leader squashes him with his boot.

    General Casey (Paul Winfield) is appointed by President Dale to be the person to greet the Martian Ambassador. When he does, everything seems to go smoothly and the Martians announce that they come in peace. A hippie releases a dove and the Martian Ambassador shoots it and then turns and shoots Casey. He is the first human to be killed in the film.

    Professor Donald Kessler is abducted by the martians and completely dismembered, but somehow his head is kept alive and fully functional. He finally dies at the end when the mothership he was on crashes. Shortly after he confessed his love to Nathalie.

    Nathalie Lake (Sarah Jessica Parker): Abducted by aliens and taken onto the mothership along with Donald Kessler. The martians put her head onto her chiuahuah's body and vice-versa. While aboard she forms a strong bond with Kessler until they are both killed when the mothership crashes.

    Richie Norris (Lukas Haas) discovers how to kill the aliens by playing Slim Whitman music. He drives around with the music blasting and then broadcasts it over the radio helping to end the martian invasion. He survives and is awarded a medal by Taffy Dale and is implied that they start dating.

    Grandma Norris (Sylvia Sidney) survives and is awarded the Medal of Honor for helping to stop the Martian invasion.

    Billy Glenn Norris (Jack Black) heroically charges a group of martians in the first attack, he picks up an M14 but accidentally drops the magazine out. Then he surrenders and the martian blasts him anyways.

    Sue Ann Norris (O-Lan Jones) decides to make a stand against the martians in a trailer park, she is presumably killed when the Giant Martian suit picks up the trailer and another trailer and smashes them together.

    Richie's Dad (Joe Don Baker) also decides to make a stand in the trailer with Sue Ann and is killed along with her.

    Barbara Land (Annette Bening) escapes to the Tahoe caves and hides until the martian threat is over. Survives.

    Art Land (Jack Nicholson): Seemingly oblivious to the pending invasion, he proceeds to open his new Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. While promoting the casino to his investors, the Martians destroy the casino with Art inside. He is crushed by a gigantic globe he had in the showroom as the building collapses.

    Byron Williams (Jim Brown) confronts a large group of martians lead by the Martian Ambassador in order to allow the other members of his group to escape. He gets into a boxing match with the Ambassador and kills him. Then all the other martians start attacking Byron and it is believed they killed him until the very end of the film we see him walking into his home to see his family.

    Louise Williams (Pam Grier) holes up in her house with her two sons. She survives.

    Cedric and Neville Williams (Ray J and Brandon Hammond) both grab a couple alien ray guns and help save the President. Then they go back home to protect their mother. They both survive the invasion.

    Rude Gambler (Danny DeVito) decides to separate from the group and go back to his hotel. He walks right into a martian who was rummaging in the neon sign graveyard. He tries to surrender to the martian, but the Martian decides to vaporize him instead.

    Press Secretary Jerry Ross (Martin Short): Obviously distracted by the Martian Girl's "assets" he invites her into a secret room in the white house where he hopes to fornicate with her. He attempts to get her gum out of her mouth with his finger, so martian girl bites it off. Jerry runs to a phone to call for help but the martian girl picks up a metal statuette and cracks Jerry over the back of the head. He falls down and his eyes are left open, strongly implying he was killed.

    Jason Stone (Michael J. Fox): During the Martian's first attack in the Nevada desert, he tries to save Nathalie after her news van was attacked. He finally reaches her just in time for him to get vaporized by a martian.

    Tom Jones (Tom Jones) hides in the Tahoe caves and survives the invasion.

    Mitch (Brian Haley) stays with the president in the bunker, he dives infront of the martian ray gun that was aiming for the president and is vaporized.

    Sharona (Christina Applegate): Apparently not too broken-up about her boyfriend Billy Glenn's death, she is seen having sex with a guy in a trailer, when she looks out the window, she sees two martians watching them. She and her partner are then presumably killed.

    Cindy the waitress (Janice Rivera) goes to the Tahoe caves with Tom Jones and Barbara. She survives.

    Martian Girl (Lisa Marie) attempts to assassinate President Dale but is shot by the secret service before she's able. Edit

  • While workers gather up the bodies of dead Martians, Richie Norris and Grandma Florence are awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by Taffy Dale, as they stand on the steps outside what remains of the U.S. Capitol Building. Richie gives a short speech in which he encourages the populace to rebuild but suggests that they sleep in tepees rather than houses. After he finishes, Taffy takes him aside to ask whether he has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Byron Williams is shown returning to his wife and kids in their apartment building, the entire side of which has collapsed. In the final scene, Tom Jones sings "It's Not Unusual" outside the Tahoe cave where he now lives with Barbara Lake and Cindy the waitress. Edit



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