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The Arrival: exploring a gloriously odd 90s sci-fi film

Ryan Lambie Nov 2, 2016

Before Arrival there was Charlie Sheen in The Arrival. Ryan takes a look at an unusual 90s sci-fi film...

When it came to sci-fi movies, 1996 was a crowded year: at the high end of the budget spectrum we had the invasion movies Independence Day and Mars Attacks; towards the middle we had John Carpenter's disappointing Snake Plissken sequel Escape From La, while Rutger Hauer starred in the cheap and cheerful Crossworlds and the brilliantly titled Omega Doom.

Throw in the startlingly botched Island Of Doctor Moreau, Star Trek: First Contact and Stuart Gordon's fun sci-fi oddity Space Truckers, and you have a busy 12 months in genre movies. Somewhat lost in the static was The Arrival, a nifty genre thriller which had the misfortune of coming out just a few weeks before the bigger, splashier Independence Day. A more modest and quirkier movie than Roland Emmerich's invasion flick,
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How Television Fandom Changes Lives

Today is Josh Charles’ 39th birthday. In a week, it will be exactly 12 years since Sports Night first aired on ABC. I can tell you these things because without Sports Night, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. That’s how I know that television fandom changes lives.

I’m sure every one of you who comes to this site has heard it from someone at some point in your life: you watch too much television. Television is bad for you. Watching television will never amount to anything. I’ve heard it, my friends have heard it, my colleagues have heard it. That’s just the common belief in the world. It’s always upset me, because I’ve always known that it’s not true. With the anniversary of my fandom coming up, I’d like to share with you my story about how TV fandom changed my life,
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