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Could be used for torture
PhilipVier11 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It hardly gets any worse than Bio-Dome. Truly this is one of the worst films ever made, and I really hate it with all my heart. Everyone who worked on this abomination should be thrown in a concentration camp and be experimented on for the rest of their unnatural lives.

This film is supposed to be a comedy, but it's not. Not one single line of dialogue is funny, every performance is terrible, and the plot is virtually non-existent. The film revolves around two main characters, who are locked in the "Bio-Dome". They are played by Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, who both do a terrible job. Their acting is beyond dreadful, their characters are complete lunatics, and not one single thing they say, or do is even remotely funny. The same goes for the other idiots who appeared in this picture.

It's really a mystery to me why some people like this rubbish. It's like it was made by some sick person, who wanted to create the best torture method to be used in Guantanamo Bay. There was nothing in this film that I liked. I would rather fight Wladimir Klitschko in a bare-knuckle boxing match, than watch this piece of excrement ever again.
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Absolutely Terrible
mOVIemAN5612 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Bio-Dome is an all out failed attempt to make another classic Dumb and Dumber (1994) film. The story is stupid, the acting pitiful, and the comedy, not even present. The story is simple and tries to be a crusade for world ecological preservation but does nothing for the message.

The story is terrible. Bud (pauly Shore) and Doyle (Stephen Baldwin) are to morons who have just been ditched by there girl friends and are down on there luck. They take a drive out to a dump to find the girls not cleaning there. On the way back home Doyle has to go to the bathroom so they pull over at what looks like to be a new mall. Instead it is Bio-Dome, an ecological preservation center and now Bud and Doyle are locked inside with four scientists.

They cause chaos and homeostasis drops until somehow the idiots realize what they're doing and are able to become top scientists over night. I wanted to to throw up after seeing this. Pauly Shore is annoying beyond belief and Baldwin should really think twice about being an actor or working at a gas station. The film fails on all levels of comedy and acting and should be avoided by everyone.

Bio-Dome. Starring: Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin, William Atherton, Kylie Minogue, and Denise Dowse.

1/2 out of 5 Stars.
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"If you were yogurt....?"
prohibited-name-227527 February 2005
This is a 50/50 movie, you either love it or you hate it. Funny lines are few and far between, but do exist. The rest of the film is just mindless humor that wasn't funny even for mindless humor. Great for Pauly Shore fans and for those who enjoy slapstick comedy. Otherwise the other 99.9% of the population will probably tire quickly of the lame jokes and one dimensional, almost cartoon like characters. You have to wonder why anyone thought it was a good idea to go ahead and make it. The movie ensnares the viewer by opening with a promising start. The movie quickly deteriorates from there. Stephen Baldwin only adds to the overall idiocy. As if one bad actor wasn't enough.
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katdakay10 March 2008
One of the few movies I couldn't even watch in one sitting, I had to split it up into two. I always despised Pauly Shore, but now I really really can't stand him. There are a few moments where the jokes are relatively funny, but they are few and far between. The only neat thing about it was the overwhelming mid-90's pop culture melting pot, which appealed to my nostalgic side, but even that was squashed by the overpowering obnoxiousness of Pauly Shore. Stephen Baldwin is slightly less annoying than Shore, but not by much, and its sad, because I've seen him in other roles which he played incredibly well. I usually find at least some redeeming features in 'stoner' movies, or even like them-- (the Clerks series, Bill and Ted, etc.)-- but this movie is just really bad. The supposed protagonists are so idiotic and obnoxious that its painful to watch.
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I hate this movie... I feel so stupid because of it... I hate this movie... I really hate this movie... it makes the Paris Hilton movies look like Citizen Kane
Smells_Like_Cheese12 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Oh, my mind, my mind, 2+2=4, wait, does it? I think it equals 19? I'm not sure, I've lost so many brain cells while watching this movie. One of my friends had mentioned this movie to me, we were talking about how some stoner flicks are fun, he mentioned Biodome. I had never heard of it, but he said that he saw it once in junior high and it was hilarious, so I was kind of curious to see it. Pauly Shore, the guy is annoying but can sometimes be funny, so I figured I would have an open mind to it. Now here's the thing about this movie that I'm still trying to figure out, I did not laugh once, I didn't even laugh at the sheer stupidity of this film, is that even possible? I just ended up crying so hard after this movie, I couldn't believe how stupid this movie was. When I called my friend, he said that it was funny in junior high at least, I don't know, maybe I did give the film too much credit from the get go, but judging from the rating on IMDb, I don't think I'm alone on how stupid this movie is.

Doyle and Bud are best friends who pull a stunt to get out of Earth Day activities with their Earth conscious girlfriends, Monique and Jen. When the girls find out about it, they decide to get even by pretending to have met two men at the event and gave Bud and Doyle a red herring location. The two leave to go after them but soon realize they were fooled. On the way home, they pull off the road at the Bio-Dome, which they mistake for a mall, and are turned away by a security guard at the entrance. They get around this by using firecrackers as a distraction and by the time they are ready to leave, they find they have been sealed inside.The scientists, and chief investor Mr. Dick Leaky, discuss what to do about the situation. Mr. Leaky wants the two out immediately. The scientist in chief, Dr. Noah Faulkner, decides since the experiment depends on the time of one year, they must stay and the system will have to adapt to 7, not 5, people. This soon proves to be a mistake as Bud and Doyle aren't the most environmentally friendly guests.

I just will never get how anyone could ever find this movie funny, Stephen Baldwin and Pauly Shore have no chemistry what so ever and their stupidity is more annoying rather than funny. Every scene where they're screwing up something for these scientists made me want to punch them and the fact that the girl scientists(that are Victoria Secret rejects) find them hot is just… I can't even come up with a word, forgive my low IQ on this one, this is what Bio-Dome has done to me. I really tried to give this movie a chance, I accepted this absurd plot and tried to go with everything, but it's just impossible when the two main characters have no chemistry. At a time when Beavis and Butt-Head were really popular, I think people were trying to cash in on the stoner audience, but while Beavis and Butt-Head were clever and was a stupid funny situation with them, Pauly and Stephen just don't work well together. Just to think of the money spent on this film that could have gone to starving children, the sick, the poor, the homeless, the abused, education… well, if I continue on what else the money budget could have been spent on, I'm wasting time when I could be reading a novel trying to get my brain cells back. As you can tell, I'm not going to be kind with this rating, believe me, this movie wasted my time and if I ever see the director, I am going to take the DVD case and beat him to death with this movie.

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Turn off your brain and enjoy with nachos
spittingpubes13 March 2006
Everyone by now is aware of the world in a bubble projects which sprung up in the nineties where they tried to recreate jungles and lakes under a glass roof in the desert right? Well thats the setting for this MTV generation comedy. No film which boasts Pauly Shore and Kylie Minogue as two of the main characters was ever going to be tasteful or deeply philosophical but hey, you don't always have to find meaning in a movie. Sometimes it's okay just to lay back with some junky snax, slurp a bladder busting gallon of soda and enjoy one of the Baldwins being an idiot for an hour and a half. Brilliant film that doesn't linger on the message (something about the environment) and still pleases on the hundred and twentieth view.
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Down with The Dome!
Mash-the-stampede2 December 2008
Not quite as bad as people make this film out to be. There are some genuinely funny moments in this film. Sure there's lot's of silly moments and "potty-humour" jokes which may only appeal to 16 year old boys but still these lame jokes are done in such a "light-hearted-let's-not-take-ourselves-too-seriously" way which still manages to amuse and make me chuckle! There are also several cameos from actors who are now doing really well but were pretty much un-heard of back then such as a pre-fame version of "Tenacious D"!!! I'm actually quite surprised at the low user rating of 3.8 when movies like "You don't mess with the Zohan" which is possibly the worst film ever made manage to get over 5.0!!!! Bio-dome is a great "swith-off your brain" type of film which shouldn't be taken seriously at all. So crank out the beers or the bong or both and just zone into the dome!
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moffy75 March 2007
This film is bitchin! Pauly Shore with his ability to destroy any script steals the show from every other cast member, including stars with amazing film pedigree like Kylie Minogue (Street Fighter). Saying that, maybe I am forgetting one vital ingredient to this epic adventure...Stephen Baldwin! To be honest he delivers a tour de force! You can see he has learnt well from older brothers Alec, Daniel, and William. They have of course been involved with such films as Outside Providence, Double Tap and Double Bang.

But back with the film...For you who have had the privilege, yes PRIVILEGE to have enjoyed this film, I'm sure you will agree that this classic must never be forgotten, and certainly this awe-struck fan will always have it at the forefront of his mind.

Go for the Baldwin, stay for the Shore...
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Bio-Dome has some good points indeed
bedragonned7 October 2005
The single best reason for watching Bio-Dome is the sexy as hell Joey Lauren Adams (From Mallrats, Chasing Amy, SFW) dressed in possibly the sexiest white-trash-girl-next-door outfits ever committed to screen. Other reasons include; having something to annoy Kylie Minogue with if ever you meet her... she cringes at mention of this tacky masterpiece. Jack Black turns up in the background for ten seconds, yet still mentions the film at every opportunity. I can't believe that the director of "The Usual Suspects" saw Stephen Baldwin in this and gave him the job... he must have watched him elsewhere. Pauly Shore has a unsettlingly deadpan face and a unique look at humour(and, it must be said, very supple joints). For lovers of films that go nowhere, do not inform but let you realise that anything can make it on to the silver screen.
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One of the best films ever made about a bio dome
BtchMcSmackey5 September 2002
If you are in the mood to buy a DVD, I suggest you go ahead and purchase "Bio-Dome" and you will not be disappointed. This movie is one of the best movies I own. This great picture provides action, comedy, and drama all in 95 minutes of happiness. The cast of this movie was very well chosen, Stephen Baldwin?s acting career skyrocketed into five star movies like Slap Shot 2. Pauly Shore gives us wonderful advice for everyone to learn for example, "We have chippees, we have chippess, we have lots of stuff to eat." This quote is so deep and meaningful it made me go buy chips and repeat the quote 45 times. Many lifelong lessons can be learned from viewing this movie several hundred times. I have learned that if a person wants to help save the environment all they have to do is throw a very large party for saving the rainforests. Also I learned that I have to be careful when I am driving and I have to drain my lizard I should make sure I am not going to be trapped in a Bio-Dome because I might have to stay there for a whole year! Although I might sneak into a Bio-Dome just to swim in the lagoon or sleep in a storage room just like the characters of Stephen Baldwin and Pauly Shore appropriately named "Bud" and "Doyle". Always remember the words of Bud and Doyle, "Viva los Bio-Dome!"
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Oh my!
searchingcirclesend27 June 2011
I used to love this movie as a kid, and now I have no idea why. Maybe it's because, at the age of 10, I enjoyed watching grown men act younger than me. Look back on your own childhood and you likely enjoyed a few movies with that quality for that very reason.

There is not one funny part in this movie. Seriously, not one. I've even re-watched it stoned (let's be honest, it was probably made to be viewed that way) just to see if the altered perception would make it any better, and it actually killed my buzz.

Pauly Shore and one of the Baldwins that's not Alec seem to be in a pissing contest to see who can come off as more talentless. In the end, it's too close to call, so they both win (or lose, however you wanna look at it).

The only reason I gave this movie 2 stars is because I tend to throw in an extra star if there is nostalgia associated with it. If you're in the mood for this kind of movie, you'd be better off watching Encino Man, even if you've seen it already.
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As bad as it gets
casxx6 December 2007
This has to be the worse attempt at comedy i have ever seen. It was shocking as is reflected in the viewer's rating ave of 3.8. I first saw this about 10 yrs ago, and it came up again on cable...and man, it's worse second time around!, i just couldn't stomach it all again and switched off after 20 or 30 mins... I can only assume those that have given high rapts to this poor excuse for a comedy film are either die-hard Baldwin and Shore fans or family related.

After the film bombed in American cinemas, in Australia it was decided by it's distributors that it would be dumped straight to video-store shelves, even though it had huge Aussie-born singing star Kylie Minogue(Dr. Petra von Kant) co-staring. That just about says it all, because other then the closing credits there's nothing positive to say!
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A hard hitting documentary about how an actor destroys his career
Agent109 July 2002
Sure, the basic premise for this film was absolutely ludicrous, it was still good for a few laughs (and I mean a few). Based on the failed and flawed experiment of Biosphere 2 (which I have been to twice, and even got to look inside), this film proves to be the hard- hitting expose of an experiment which was flawed to begin with. Follow Pauley Shore and Stephen Baldwin as they unearth the cruel and meaningless system set inside the confines of the dark and steely Bio-Dome. What a documentary to watch! Sometimes funny, most of the time stupid, this proved to be one of the last stands for Pauley Shore.
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Check out the "Blue Velvet" spoof!!
80sChild17 May 2000
Admittedly, the scene where Bud & Doyle inhale laughing gas ala Dennis Hopper in "Blue Velvet" is the funniest spoof I've ever seen in a movie!! All in all, this was a fun, feel good movie, and yes, Pauly Shore does get VERY annoying at times, but hey, this is all just for fun. Shakespeare it ain't, but if you're in the mood for a fun, feel-good movie to watch on a lazy weekend, check Bio-Dome out! It also delivers wonderful environmental awareness believe it or not.
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peterpants664 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
There are worse things to do with your time then watch this movie, but unfortunately i don't know what those things are. Because committing yourself to ninety minutes of this crap is enough to go on a maniac killing spree. Now its no "Batman and Robin". But its so bad its terrible and that takes much, well maybe just Pauly Shore and a low rung Baldwin. I was really impressed looking on here that there are so many people involved with this movie, i mean its got the supporting cast equivalent to a "Cop Land". I just hope these "actors" if you want to consider them professionals got paid millions to do this so they could disappear but it doesn't seem likely cause i still see their dirty faces in other movies and t.v. shows. Now we all have low points, and people need to eat and pay bills i guess so projects like this start rolling. I actually saw this in the theaters when it came out. I was in middle school and on a double date with my friend. The whole place was empty so me and the girl were off somewhere trying to make out when ten "dudes" sit in the row behind us. God i hate this movie, kill the weez, he must not sip the juice! One frikken stah, awful, just terrible.
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Not meant to be taken seriously....not meant to be taken as a comedy either
metalface1018 March 2006
One of the most God awful movies I've ever seen . It's about frickin' time Pauly Shore was kept from making cinematic crap after this turd ball. When this movie came out to theaters and not even seeing any previews I sensed it was going to be a stinker, since I saw most of Pauly Shore's previous movies and had yet to utter even a single laugh or chuckle. Jury Duty was only mildly amusing, Son In Law sucked,In The Army Now sucked. I enjoy stupid humor but stupid with no humor is just plain annoying, and that's what you get with a Pauly Shore movie. Now if we can just get Adam Sandler to follow suit. Stay away from this movie unless you have a death wish.
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So um.... I kinda like this
mc138225 January 2019
Bio-Dome is one of those comedies where the bad humor is good. Not even in a so bad its good way but in a genuinely good way. I don't know how these filmmakers make bad humor work without it being detrimental to the film. In a weird distorted way it's nearly on the same level of making a comedy that has "good" jokes.

Sure, Bud and Doyle do a bunch of annoying and stupid things throughout the film but it's obvious that the film wants them to learn from their annoyances and be better people. Oh and btw I won't apologize for the amount of times I laughed out loud at their antics.

So will you enjoy this? I don't know, it's obviously an acquired taste and not every ones gonna dig it. Sure the film does have problems but to me the good out weighs the bad.

Underrated at least to me
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yeah, yeah, yeah...
lee_eisenberg16 September 2006
Hopefully, everyone knows how stupid "Bio-Dome" is. It's the manifestation of everything ridiculous about Pauly Shore's movies; ditto Stephen Baldwin's movies. If the movie has any redeeming quality - any at all - it's that it gave Rose McGowan one of her early roles (she later played Neve Campbell's friend in "Scream").

But otherwise, I can't see any reason to watch the movie. It is the ultimate waste of time. Anyone would think that it was created by ten monkeys working with ten typewriters for ten days. I will never forgive myself for spending money to watch this hunk o' junk. JUST AVOID IT PEOPLE! Unless you like really dumb movies.
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Bio Dome has the ability to make everyone laugh.
Loladasveetie30 January 2006
Actually, I have enjoyed Bio Dome since I was younger. It is incredibly dumb humor, but that's half the fun. Sometimes you just want to laugh at stupid things. The movie is brilliant in this capacity. Who doesn't love a farting scene? Want some funny pick-up lines? How about a chase? Maybe likable characters? This movie has it all. Plus, it will make you feel much smarter and will have made you laugh at least once. Anyone who says this movie is not worth watching does not know how to enjoy everything in life. Bio Dome is a funny display of those people in high school that you thought would never amount to anything might actually be as adults. And it's even better because you can laugh freely, without guilt. I highly recommend this movie to anyone in the mood to laugh just for laughing's-sake.
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Worst. Movie. Ever.
jcree00131 October 2003
This contrived piece of "film" is one that is deserving of a death sentence for the studio executive who green lit this project.

The acting is poor, considerably so because of the incipient moron Pauly Shore, the script sub-par, and would only appeal to an uncouth savage. Where a condom on your eyes when watching this movie, you might catch a disease.
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Bio-Hazardous Waste
unclepucka18 July 2002
On viewing it last night, this film immediately usurped the position of my long-standing most despised film of all time, the execrable CALIGULA. BIO-DOME is, beyond any shred of doubt, THE most excruciating comedy I have ever had the misfortune to suffer (yep... it's worse than TOMCATS!). In fact, anything Malcolm McDowell did with a newlywed couple and a fistful of mashed potatoes in CALIGULA was a thousand times funnier than the collective 'jokes' of BIO-DOME.

Movies like this always raise frightening questions. Why is Pauly Shore still paid to appear in movies when the world, by now, should have made him feel unsafe in going outdoors lest a crippling injury befall him? Why is Stephen Baldwin still beating his career to death with inane projects like THE FLINTSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS after a terrific stint in THE USUAL SUSPECTS? How can a movie be so bad that even a four-second appearance by Tenacious D isn't worth sitting through it?

In closing, I share the words of a good friend who watched the film with me. Partway through the laughless mire, he turned to me with genuine concern and asked, "Mate, are you all right? I've never seen you look like that before".
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Holy Mother of God
DashTheGreat12 November 2007
This is an example of writers smoking crack in the back room and being "enlightened" enough to write a movie. Bio Dome is not the absolute worst movie I have ever seen, and by no means deserves to be on the bottom 100 list, but it's pretty darn close. I have braved worse before, such as some of the other Paul Shore movies out there. If you can sit through Jury Duty, you'll have no problem watching this. Not that I would recommend putting yourself through such an unnecessary hell.

Bio Dome was absolutely torturous. It's not meant to be taken seriously, but I'm convinced that you would either have to be retarded, or have recently had a lobotomy to enjoy this movie. Movies that have plots that can be summed up in one sentence usually aren't that great to begin with. Here's the whole synopsis: Two stoners go into a bio dome and then come out some time later. Nothing else worthy of mentioning happens, believe me.

There have to be better forms of entertainment than this. Go outside and run yourself into exhaustion. I admit, embarrassed enough, that I did sit through this entire movie, and probably lost precious IQ points as a result. I am now mentally retarded. Don't take the route I did kids.

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Viva Los Bio Dome
rachael_b_0710 June 2006
A Few Reasons to Watch Bio Dome...

This movie is my favorite movie of all time!

If you like "stupid funny" movies, this movie is the one for you.

If you can't laugh watching this film, you seriously may be a little uptight.

Pauly Shore and Steven Baldwin teamed up to make an instant classic. I don't care who you are its funny.

Hey Kylie Minogue is in it!

So is Jack Black and Kyle as Tenacious D! How can you go wrong?

I Love Love Love it!

***If you have not seen this film you definitely put it on you must rent/buy list!****
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are you high?
Matthew_Capitano2 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
warning: this movie very dumm.

pauly shore bad actor. pauly shore not actor, anyway. steve baldwin only little better than pauly shore. me only watched movie because me so bored, me had nothing else to do. me pray you will never be that bored.

only good thing in movie is joey lauren adams. she hot. she have nice boobs, great legs, and sexy voice. me like joey lauren adams. me can take steve baldwin for few minutes. me hope pauly shore get picked up by giant bird and dropped in ocean.

this a very dumm movie. no watch.
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The biggest waste of celluloid ever!
jameswalter200019 August 2000
Let me tell you now, I did not decide to watch this movie myself, someone at school bought it in for our class to watch and I think it was the biggest waste of celluloid ever. It claims to be a comedy film, but it is the only comedy film I have ever seen that relies entirely on jokes about bodily functions. The only reason I decided to watch this film is is because I am a fan of the actor Henry Gibson (who has a supporting role in the film with a character name that just about sums up the level of comedy in this film William Leaky)
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