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See It Now: Pauly Shore Like Never Before in Horror Short Sin City Psycho

Don’t fuck with The Weasel! For a fresh spin on the adage “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” check out Sin City Psycho, a short horror film written and directed by comedian Pauly Shore, a staple of the 1980s who appeared in films like Encino Man and Bio-Dome. Shore stars as Donavan, a madman […]

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Mitzi Shore, Comedy Store Owner, Mother of Pauly Shore, Dies at 87

Mitzi Shore, Comedy Store Owner, Mother of Pauly Shore, Dies at 87
Mitzi Shore, proprietor of The Comedy Store in Los Angeles and mother of Pauly Shore, has passed away at 87. Shore, who helped make the careers of some of the biggest comedians of all time, died after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. The Comedy Store confirmed the news in a statement. Here's what they had to say.

"It is with great sadness and very heavy hearts that we report the passing of Mitzi Shore, the legendary Godmother of the world famous Comedy Store. Mitzi was an extraordinary businesswoman and decades ahead of her time who cultivated and celebrated the artistry of stand-up comedy. She was also a loving mother, not only to her own four children, but to the myriad of comedians who adored her. She leaves behind an indelible mark and legacy and has helped change the face of comedy."

Pauly Shore, her son and star of movies such
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Former Faith No More Singer Chuck Mosley Passes Away at 57

Former Faith No More Singer Chuck Mosley Passes Away at 57
Sad news for longtime Faith No More fans. Former singer Chuck Mosley, who had reunited with the band in recent years, has passed away. No firm cause of death is being discussed. Though family members did have an interesting thing to say about his untimely demise. They blame his recent passing on addiction. It isn't known if the singer and songwriter succumbed to a drug overdose or alcohol related issues at this time.

Chuck Mosley had spent the past several years living as a sober person. And though he had been fired from Faith No More in the late 80s, the singer did get back together with the iconic band over the past couple of years, after Fnm launched their first new album in over two decades with Sol Invictus, back in 2015.

Mosley passed away late Friday night. His family released the following statement.

"After a long period of sobriety,
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Michael Kelly Wants to Play Stephen Miller on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ but Pauly Shore’s Impression Is Hard to Beat — Watch

  • Indiewire
Michael Kelly Wants to Play Stephen Miller on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ but Pauly Shore’s Impression Is Hard to Beat — Watch
With three senior White House officials gone in the last few weeks — that’d be Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, and Anthony Scaramucci, for those of you keeping score at home — the Trump administration took the rare step of letting Stephen Miller in front of the cameras earlier this week.

The senior advisor, who grew up in Santa Monica and used his press briefing as an opportunity to lambast “cosmopolitan elitism” and explain why the Statue of Liberty actually has little to do with America’s tradition of immigration, caught the attention of Michael Kelly, the “House of Cards” star who now wants to play Miller on “Saturday Night Live.”

Read MoreAnthony Scaramucci’s Brief Tenure in the White House May Be Made Into a Movie Called ‘Attack of the Swamp Monsters’

“Hey @SNLUpdate if you happen to need someone I’m around. Just sayin,” the actor tweeted earlier this year
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Jack Black’s Best Character is Augie in “Airborne” and It’s Not Even Close

There’s only one character in Jack Black’s career that can hold a candle to Augie in Airborne and that’s the hippy singer he played in the movie Biodome (which was actually the band Tenacious D that brought him his initial fame). For those of you who don’t know the 1993 classic Airborne it’s the tale of young Mitchell, a California surfer kid who has to move to Cincinnati. When his parents go to Australia for six months to work on a zoology project, Mitchell (Shane McDermott) is sent to live with his Aunt Irene (Edie McClurg) and Uncle Louie (Patrick

Jack Black’s Best Character is Augie in “Airborne” and It’s Not Even Close
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Watch: Jack Black’s Early Career Video Game Commercial

Filming on the “Jumanji” reboot may have just wrapped in Atlanta, Georgia, but it wasn’t the first time Jack Black was lost in the jungle. This commercial for the Atari 2600’s 8-bit video game “The Adventures of Pitfall Harry” shows the young, then 13-year-old actor enthusiastic about battling “giant scorpions and man-eating crocodiles” in the depths of the wilderness. Black got his first break in 1996 with “Bio-Dome,” and a career that began years prior in commercials has amounted to various film, voiceover, and television roles for the Golden Globe nominee. See where it all began below! Both his safari hat and his performance are notable contributions to the 30-second spot. And to kickstart your own career, check out our commercial audition listings!
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Does This List Really Reveal The Best Films Of The Century?

This week, Neil Calloway takes a look at a list claiming to reveal the best films of the 21st Century…

Earlier this week, casual film fans were sent running first to IMDb and then to Netflix or Amazon at the news that David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive was named in a poll of 177 film critics as the best movie of the 21st Century so far.

It’s been on my “I need to re-watch that” list for a while, and from what I remember it’s a fine film, but I don’t think it’s the best of this century. I don’t think the critics who put it at the top of the list believe it is either.

Only 16 of the 177 – less than 10% named it as their number one film (and at my count 150 critics didn’t include it at all), but it appeared in the top five in many lists.
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Missing From Movies: William Atherton’s Dick

Some actors were just born to be typecast.

“This man has no dick.” And neither do the movies anymore.

If you’re going to write a part specifically for William Atherton, it’s probably going to be inspired by his three most famous roles. That was clearly the case when he was cast for an episode of the TV series Lost, in which he plays a slimy high school principal character who was conceived with him in mind. It was a throwback to the assholes he embodied in Ghostbusters, Real Genius, and the first two Die Hard movies. Another one of his dicks.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people writing dick parts specifically for Atherton to play on the big screen. It’s been 20 years since his last (slightly) memorable movie continuation of the type, in Bio-Dome, and many of his fans probably aren’t even aware that he’s still alive and working regularly. Mostly
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Pauly Shore was on Workaholics and He’s Still Awesome

I feel like Pauly Shore was one of those guys you either really loved or really hated. There was no such thing as an in between with this guy. Sure he was annoying. And sure the guy was completely ridiculous. But you can’t deny that the way he spoke and laughed made you smile. It was contagious and it was ludicrous. But it was still funny. And while his movies were outrageously dumb, I still found him hilarious in Biodome, meshing with farmers in Son in Law to be amazing, and messing with people in the army in In the

Pauly Shore was on Workaholics and He’s Still Awesome
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11 stars of classic '90s teen movies: Where are they now?

11 stars of classic '90s teen movies: Where are they now?
Charlie Lyne's documentary Beyond Clueless harks back to the classic teen movies that shaped the '90s.

Featuring narration from The Craft's Fairuza Balk (and with clips of Robin Tunney, Devon Sawa and co), it made us feel a sudden pang of nostalgia and sent us on our own trip down memory lane to find out where they - and the rest of the '90s teen movie crew - are now.

So, here are 11 stars from some of our favourite '90s teen movies, and what they've gone on to do since:

1. Devon Sawa - Idle Hands (1999)

Dreamy Devon Sawa starred as lazy stoner Anton Tobias - who turns mass murderer after his hand becomes possessed - in the horror comedy Idle Hands.

He went on to play teenage prophet of doom Alex Browning in Final Destination (2000), and appeared as similarly unstable Stan in Eminem's controversial music
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R.I.P. Taylor Negron & Anita Ekberg

The world lost two famous supporting screen talents this weekend. Firstly, comedian and famed character actor Taylor Negron died at the age of 57 after a long battle with cancer. You may not recognise the name, but his deadpan delivery and complete lack of fear about tackling all sorts of topics will long be remembered.

Negron is best known for numerous bit roles in various films and TV shows including "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," "The Last Boy Scout," "Easy Money," "River's Edge," "Punchline," "Angels in the Outfield," "Spy Hard," "Bio-Dome," Chairman of the Board," "The Thin Pink Line," "Stuart Little," "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas ," "The In Crowd," "Loser," "The Hughleys," "So Little Time," "Funky Monkey," "The Aristocrats," "Three Days to Vegas," "Vamps" and more.

Sadly he isn't the only one to have passed on though as screen actress Anita Ekberg also died over the weekend at the age
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Taylor Negron Dead -- Comedy Actor Dies at 57 After Battle With Cancer

  • TMZ
Veteran comedy actor Taylor Negron died Saturday ... this according to his cousin -- and he had been reportedly battling cancer for years.Negron's cousin Chuck Negron -- lead singer of Three Dog Night -- confirmed the sad news with an emotional video ... saying the actor was surrounded by family when he passed away.Taylor had roles in a slew of TV shows ... as well as famous movies like -- "Stuart Little," "Bio-Dome," Nothing But Trouble,
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Pauly Shore Documentary Acquired By Showtime

Pauly Shore Documentary Acquired By Showtime
Exclusive: Showtime has picked up Pauly Shore’s revealing road documentary Pauly Shore Stands Alone and slated it to air December 4. The feature-length film directed by and starring Shore tracks the popular ’90s actor and comedian as he embarks on a stand-up tour across the Midwest while grappling with aging, fading fame and his relationship with his mother, Comedy Store founder Mitzi Shore, who has Parkinson’s. Unlike his 2003 directing debut Pauly Shore Is Dead, the new documentary peels back the curtain on the raw, more serious side of Shore’s life on the road. (Watch the trailer above.)

“A lot of these people don’t know that ‘Son-In-Law’ grew up among comics like Sam Kinison,” Shore told me from his latest stand-up stop in Orlando. “The tour was booked, and I was going through a peculiar time. I was happy on the road as opposed to being home,
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'Bio-Dome' Star Arrested -- Busted For Dwi ... Name Drops Bloomberg During Bust

  • TMZ
"Bio-Dome" star Dara Tomanovich was arrested for Dwi in New York ... and she may have tried to get out of it by name dropping ex NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.Dara -- who played one of the hot female scientists alongside Kylie Minogue -- reportedly crashed her Porsche in Manhattan earlier this month ... and when cops showed up, she was stumbling around while reeking of booze.Page Six reports Tomanovich said she was friends with Bloomberg
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Looking back at Bill & Ted

Feature Seb Patrick 5 Mar 2014 - 05:55

As Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure turns 25, Seb takes a look back at the duo's outings...

There’s an urban legend that posits that the execrable 1996 Pauly Shore vehicle Bio-Dome was originally written as a third Bill & Ted film, before being turned down by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter and so repurposed with new characters. The rumour has been heavily debunked by many, including Winter himself; but frankly, it says a lot about a person if they believe it ever might have been true in the first place. Specifically, what it says is that that person hasn’t watched, or paid attention to, either of the Bill & Ted films.

What the rumour does play to is a range of assumptions about Bill and Ted: that they’re stoners, or slackers, or surfer dudes. That they’re completely lame-brained idiots who fail to understand anything about the world around them,
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'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure': 25 Things You Didn't Know About the Doofus-Duo Comedy Classic

Just as Rufus (George Carlin) predicted, Bill and Ted have had a profound influence on our culture. Maybe not as the rockers who would inspire a utopian global society by the 27th century, but look at how many other dumb-duo movies there have been since the release 25 years ago this week (on February 17, 1989) of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" -- there's "Dumb and Dumber," "Beavis and Butt-head Do America," "Dude, Where's My Car," "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," "Dick," and all of Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob" offerings, for starters. Plus, "Bill & Ted" launched a franchise and made a leading man out of Keanu Reeves.

Still, as often as you've traveled back in time and revisited the "Excellent Adventure," there's probably still plenty you don't know about the movie, including where it was filmed (hint: Not in San Dimas, California), which historical figures almost found their way into the film,
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'Stargate Atlantis' Actor Joe Flanigan -- 90s Star Wife Decimates Marriage

  • TMZ
The intergalactic adventures of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard have been derailed ... at least as a married man -- TMZ has learned, "Stargate Atlantis" star Joe Flanigan's wife has filed for legal separation.Katherine Kousi -- who starred in a bunch of 90s classics like "Encino Man" and "Bio-Dome" -- filed the docs in L.A. citing irreconcilable differences. They got married 17 years ago and separated in November.They have three sons -- a 13-year-old,
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'Anchorman' live reading, on the scene: Ron Burgundy, philanthropist?

'Anchorman' live reading, on the scene: Ron Burgundy, philanthropist?
Even when he’s stripped of the polyester suit, bushy mustache, and ’70s news desk, it’s always hilarious to hear Will Ferrell shout, “Great Odin’s raven!” Ferrell and the rest of the Anchorman cast gathered at Santa Monica, California’s Broad Stage on Thursday night for a live reading of the 2004 comedy’s script, a benefit for the nonprofit writing and tutoring center 826La.

Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy was joined by the rest of his Channel 4 News Team — Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), Champ Kind (David Koechner), and Brick Tamland (Steve Carell) — along with lady love Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate). Jack Black,
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Pauly Shore -- Family Mansion for Sale ... 'I Banged a Lot of Babes In That Place'

  • TMZ
The Hollywood mansion where Pauly Shore grew up ... nailed chicks ... filmed his reality show ... and nailed more chicks ... is officially up for sale, buuuuddy. TMZ has learned ... Pauly's mom Mitzi -- who owns the legendary Comedy Store -- decided she's finally ready to move out of the Shore house after 4 glorious decades.  Asking price: $5.8 million."It's been a great run. 40 years," Pauly tells TMZ ... "It was my childhood home."The Weasel says he made
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Hailey Baldwin Hits Up South Beach

Kicking off the summer in the sand, Hailey Baldwin hit up South Beach with a friend on Monday (June 24).

The daughter of Stephen Baldwin sported a pretty blue bikini as she ran along the shore and splashed in the ocean.

Excited to start her own self-improvement project, on Monday Hailey tweeted, "Gonna be so ripped by the end of the summer. Werkin it out."

Earlier in June, the youngest daughter of the "Bio-Dome" star shared a fashion endeavor with her followers, tweeting, "By the way y'all the Good Vibes shirt I designed is now in Brandy Melville Garden State. Might be in others but it's for sure in that store!"
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