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Melinda Mullins: Hilary Booth


  • [Maple is instructing Betty, Hilary, and Eugenia in burlesque dancing] 

    Maple : Now here's the tricky part: the bump. Imagine somebody threw a hand grenade at you...

    Eugenia : Everyone's a critic.

    Maple : ...and you have to knock it away with your hips right back at the enemy. Pretend the audience is the enemy.

    Hilary : I see you've worked Buffalo.

  • Hilary : You! Betsy! Where's my script?

    Betty : Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Booth, I was buried in thought.

    Hilary : Yes, and I'm sure it was a shallow grave.

  • Jeff Singer : Hollywood needs some fresh blood.

    Hilary Booth : I have a knife. We'll give them two quarts right after you get dressed.

  • [an exhausted cast is trying to break a world record for longest continuous broadcast. Hilary is dozing off] 

    Jeff Singer : Hilary, you have to get up.

    Hilary Booth : Oh, no. I was having the loveliest dream.

    Jeff Singer : Oh, what were you dreaming?

    Hilary Booth : That I was asleep.

  • Betty Roberts : We have a 10am show, and it is now 10:03. Would you please take your places at the microphones?

    Hilary Booth : Maple, would you tell Betty that I just don't care any more?

    Maple : Jeff, would you kindly remind Hilary that Betty and I are no longer speaking to each other?

    Jeff Singer : I'm sorry, Maple, but Hilary and I are not talking to each other.

    Maple : Mackie, are you still speaking to Hilary?

    Mackie Bloom : Yeah, I'm talking Hilary; I'm not talking to you.

    Hilary Booth : Well, if you're talking to me, Mackie, would you please tell Betty that I don't care?

    Mackie Bloom : Betty isn't listening to me anymore.

    Hilary Booth : Well, are you talking to Jeff?

    Mackie Bloom : Yes.

    Hilary Booth : Well, then, would you please tell Jeff to tell Betty that I don't care?

    Mackie Bloom : Jeff, Hilary said to tell Betty that she doesn't care any more.

    Jeff Singer : I've taken my last set of orders from you, Mackie. And we are not talking to each other, remember?

    Mackie Bloom : I forgot. Maple, are we still talking?

    Maple : I think so, but remember, I'm not speaking to Hilary or Betty.

    Mackie Bloom : But you're talking to Jeff.

    Maple : Yes!

    Mackie Bloom : Then, would you please tell Jeff to tell Betty that Hilary told me to tell her that she just doesn't care any more?

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