Waterworld (1995) Poster


Jeanne Tripplehorn: Helen



  • Mariner : What are the markings on her back?

    Helen : Some say it's the way to dry land.

    Mariner : Dry land is a myth.

    Helen : No, you said it yourself, that you've seen it.

    Mariner : You're a fool to believe in something you've never seen.

    Helen : But the things on your boat...!

    Mariner : The things on my boat, what?

    Helen : There are things on your boat that no one has ever seen. These shells, the music box and the reflecting glass. Well, if not from dry land, then where? Where?

    Mariner : You wanna see dry land? You really wanna see it? I'll take you there.

  • Helen : Did you see anything out there?

    Mariner : See what?

    Helen : An end, to all this water?

    Mariner : That old woman they buried today? She found the only end there is.

  • Helen : You've been there, haven't you? Dryland? You know where it is.

    Mariner : Yeah, I know where it is.

    Helen : And, uh, and we're going?

    Mariner : You and I are. The kid we gotta pitch over the side.

    Helen : What?

    Mariner : My boat's tore up. I'm taking on water.

    [points to water filtration] 

    Mariner : I'd be lucky to get half a hydro ration out of that.

    Helen : You know, I said I won't drink.

    Mariner : For twelve days?

    Helen : [Nods] 

    Mariner : No. It's better that one of you dies now, then both of you die slow.

    Helen : Wait, wait. We saved your life. We got you out.

    Mariner : No. You got me out so you could get out. We're even.

  • Helen : [trying to stop Mariner from throwing Enola off the boat]  She can cook. She can fish.

    Mariner : So can I.

    Helen : [removing necklace]  Here. Take my necklace. Take my necklace.

    Mariner : I got better ones below.

    Helen : No, look! After what you went through back there on the atoll, I can understand why you would want to. But she's a child.

  • Helen : I thought you all stopped for each other. Maybe he has some FOOD!

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