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MPAA Rated R for strong brutal violence, pervasive strong language, drug use and some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman are seen having sex briefly. No nudity at all, all we see is thrusting, and gasping. They're also very sweaty. The woman is later seen in her underwear.
  • A woman strips off her dress. You see her bare backside and the side of one of her breasts (nipple included).
  • Two scenes which imply Oral Sex, neither are graphic, and both scenes cut away before anything happens.
  • Women wear lots of outfits that show cleavage.
  • Kissing scene lasting 6 seconds in background in a bar
  • 2 men are stripped to their undergarments in one scene

Violence & Gore

  • Several dead bodies are shown with bloody bullet holes. They are surrounded by pools of blood.
  • A dead body has a very bloody chest bullet wound.
  • A pimp is beaten, blood on the nose and mouth. A few bloodless punches and pushes.
  • A woman is shot in the head 3 times. The perpetrator tilts her head to the side and blood is shown coming out of her mouth.
  • A man is shown getting beaten up in an alley. Most of it is offscreen.
  • A car blows up and kills a man inside.
  • A dead couple has very bloody bullet wounds.
  • Two cops shoot a man and we see blood spurts. Blood is shown pooling out onto the side of the road.
  • A man gets briefly injured in a car bombing. Some blood is on his face and his arm is completely burned.
  • This is an extremely violent film.
  • A man is violently stabbed in the neck with a pen several times (blood briefly squirts in close up) and then kicked multiple times and stabbed some more around the upperbody, he is offscreen after the first 7 stabs. We see the attacker with a bloody pen-holding hand for several seconds.
  • An extremely bloodied and beat up gangster has his head tightened in a vise. It is implied that he was tortured for two days. His eye bloodily pops out of his head for a split-second. Blood briefly spurts from his mouth, running down his cheeks. His throat is then slit with a switchblade (seen from a distance).
  • A man is shocked once with a cattle prod and has his hand smashed a few times with a hammer in close up, he screams multiple times. Blood trickles out of his hand. He has a very bludgeoned wound on his hand and blood is shown on the table.
  • Several shootings, not overly violent, although a few bloody bullet wounds are seen. Two women are included, one is briefly riddled in the chest with bullet wounds and the other is shot in the head a few times with blood dripping out her mouth. The most violent scenes are the brutal beatings
  • A man is hit on the head, and has a bag put over to suffocate in his blood.


  • Excessive profanity throughout each scene. 422 uses of "fuck", 1 use of "cunt", 36 uses of "shit", 7 uses of "cocksucker", 1 use of "bastard", 16 uses of "ass", 6 uses of "asshole", 13 uses of "hell", 3 uses of "damn", 8 uses of "goddamn", 8 uses of "bitch", 9 uses of "prick", 18 uses of "bullshit", 5 uses of "Jesus", 5 uses of "Christ", 2 uses of "nigger" and 1 use of "kike".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cocaine is snorted multiple times, including one case in the presence of a child.
  • Fairly frequent cigarette smoking, coming from Robert De Niro's character for the most part. Alcohol is occasionally drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The vice scene is one of the most graphic scenes in the film, as a man's head is forced into a vice and is tightened until his eye pops out, then he begs for death. What makes it even more disturbing is that it actually happened.
  • A rather disturbing scene is when a man finds his daughter tied up to a bed and locked in her room. We find out that her mother tied her up.
  • As with Goodfellas, Joe Pesci plays a very disturbing character who could become violent at any time he's onscreen.
  • This is easily Martin Scorsese's most violent film, and is one of the, if not the most violent gangster film ever made, being even more brutal than Scarface, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, etc.
  • Casino is an extremely violent and rather emotional film.
  • The pen scene is rather hard to watch, particularly when the kicking starts, since the attacker is known for hard blows.
  • The baseball bat scene is graphic and lengthy.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Near the end of the movie, there is a scene of men being executed by the bosses. Most involve gunshots and are bloody, but brief. Some are very brutal
  • Two gangsters are attacked and brutally beaten to death. Bones in one of the victim's bloodied face are heard cracking as he gets repeatedly hit with metal baseball bats whilst helpless on the ground. The same man is thrown into a hole and is buried alive. His brother is screaming and crying throughout the scene. He is then hit on the head with a baseball bat and we see blood gushing out of his forehead. Later we see his entire body covered in blood and bruises. They are both buried (one of which is still alive) and blood and bruises are all over their faces.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Sharon Stone's character is a drug addict. She starts off as an alcoholic and then she starts abusing cocaine and prescription pills, and a lot of these are shown throughout. She then overdoses on drugs and dies.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Ginger and Ace's marriage deteriorates as the film goes on, eventually devolving into abusive domestic arguments. This includes a scene where Ace arranges to have Ginger's friend beaten violently in front of her as she is restrained and screams. Another scene involves Ginger ramming her car into the house and screaming abuse at Ace as she descends into drug addiction. These scenes are emotionally distressing.
  • As with most of the violence, the final bat scene is VERY grisly and hard to watch. This scene involves 2 gangsters being beaten to death by other gangsters and being buried alive. Not recommended for the faint hearted.

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