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Season 1

4 Jan. 1995
Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington
Scandal erupts when Suzanne takes over her late husband's Congressional seat, causing such embarrassment for herself and her new coworkers that she contemplates resigning and returning home to Georgia.
9 Jan. 1995
Guess Who's Sleeping in Lincoln's Bed?
Suzanne is invited to stay at the White House, where she accidentally breaks the historic Lincoln Bed. Meanwhile, Malone becomes obsessed with her new hobby: sketching nude men.
11 Jan. 1995
That's What Friends Are For
When Sissy finds herself homeless, she moves in with Suzanne and the two collaborate on an article about Suzanne and her maid.
18 Jan. 1995
Men Are Good
When Malone is asked out on a date, her coworkers rally around to give the naive and newly-single mother some useful advice about men.
25 Jan. 1995
You Talk Too Much
When the ladies gather to monitor violence against women on TV for a Congressional hearing, a dieting Suzanne becomes increasingly annoyed by everyone's jabbering, and a tasteless joke leads Natty to report Sissy to the F.B.I.
1 Feb. 1995
Bad Girl
Repressed Malone decides she's reached a point in her life when she should unleash her sexuality. Meanwhile, Sissy sells exotic lingerie in the office, and Suzanne decides to show constituents top-secret documents.
20 Mar. 1995
The Afternoon Wife
Suzanne's co-workers swoon over her ex-husband and jealousy rears its ugly head when he asks out Malone.
18 Aug. 1995
A perky young intern named Veda takes over as secretary and immediately rubs her coworkers the wrong way, but none of them have the heart to fire her. Meanwhile, Natty and Sissy engage in an escalating war of practical jokes.
8 Sep. 1995
Women in Film
The ladies partake in a Congressional hearing about the dangers of depicting violence against women in movies and television. A vast array of female stars have cameo appearances.
8 Sep. 1995
North to Alaska
Suzanne, Natty and Sissy are sent to Alaska for work, where they meet a trio of hunky men who seem too good to be true.
8 Sep. 1995
Dear Diary
When an overzealous congresswoman launches an investigation on Suzanne, she asks her old friend Anthony to dispose of her diary, fearing that her weight could become public knowledge.
8 Sep. 1995
The Conjugal Cottage
When Natty becomes violently ill, she asks Sissy to spend the weekend with her boyfriend Ed in prison so he won't have to forfeit use of the conjugal cottage. Complications arise when the two find themselves attracted to one another.

 Season 1 

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