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Season 3

19 Jan. 1997
Bits of Love
The last man on Earth living in an underground bunker has a computerized system takes care of his every need including providing holographic friends and relatives. Eventually the system, a female named Emma, demands to be loved.
19 Jan. 1997
Second Thoughts
A mentally impaired janitor, Karl, is befriended by his employer Dr. Valerian, a brilliant scientist who is dying of cancer. The older man decides that his various talents should not be allowed to die with him and convinces the young man to "push the green button". This single act downloads the scientists experiences and "self" into the mind of Karl. At first, the personalities work together as symbiotes. The scientist is not finished with just his download, however, and continues to download other minds into Karl's brain. The strain of the extra personalities warring...
24 Jan. 1997
Rebecca Highfield is impregnated by Dr. Lucy Cole with the cells of her dead child, which have been cloned from his brain.
31 Jan. 1997
Last Supper
Danny Martin falls in love with Jade, a girl from college. When he brings her home for supper, his father recognizes her as the woman he saved from cruel experiments when he was a private in the army 20 years ago.
7 Feb. 1997
Stream of Consciousness
When a virus starts killing people hooked up neurally to a worldwide information network, the only person who can stop it is a man unable to link into it due to a childhood injury.
14 Feb. 1997
Dark Rain
With a majority of humanity unable to produce healthy children, the government agency wants to keep the healthy newborn of a couple to repopulate Earth.
21 Feb. 1997
The Camp
For 12 generations, humanity has been enslaved by aliens and imprisoned in camps overseen by androids. One woman dares to challenge the authority of the Commandant. Her desire to be free is pitted against the seemingly invincible aliens.
28 Feb. 1997
Heart's Desire
In the Oregon Territory in 1872, an alien gives a group of diverse people powers. They then go on a crime spree using them.
7 Mar. 1997
After being bitten by an alien spider, a crewman of a crashed spaceship has difficulty distinguishing between his hallucinations and reality.
14 Mar. 1997
The Awakening
A woman born with a condition that prevents her from accessing her feelings has a chip installed in her brain so that she can experience human emotion.
21 Mar. 1997
New Lease
A doctor is brought back to life using technology he and a colleague developed. He has one day to live and must decide between revenge on those who killed him or reunite with his neglected family.
28 Mar. 1997
Double Helix
Dr. Martin Nodel, a brilliant geneticist, tries a formula to advance evolution on himself with amazing and disturbing results.
4 Apr. 1997
Dead Man's Switch
An American soldier learns that he is one of five people around the world who are separately sealed underground for a year and are charged with preventing Earth's self-destruction as the world awaits a possible invasion by aliens.
9 May 1997
Music of the Spheres
A college student records what he believes to be an intelligent transmission from outer space, but when younger people are drawn to listening to it, they begin to undergo a terrifying transformation.
6 Jun. 1997
The Revelations of 'Becka Paulson
Unstable housewife Becka Paulson accidentally shoots herself in the head, survives and suddenly becomes more intelligent. And strangely, a photo is talking to her.
20 Jun. 1997
Bodies of Evidence
The commander of the space station UNAS Meridian is accused of murdering the crew. However, he claims that the crew were lured to their deaths by something much more sinister.
11 Jul. 1997
Feasibility Study
Joshua Hayward is a single parent who has his hands full with his daughter Sarah who wants to elope with her motorcycle driving boyfriend. They wake up one morning to find that there is no electricity, water or telephone service. When Joshua tries to leave their suburban neighborhood, he finds their way is blocked by an electrical field of some kind. Sarah has plans to run off but she meets an alien creature who is dying and she too is infected. Joshua eventually learns the truth: their entire neighborhood has been carried off to a distant planet to see if humans ...
25 Jul. 1997
A Special Edition
TV journalist Donald Rivers goes on the air with solid proof that the government and private defense contractors have been engaging in secret genetic cloning. However, someone will do anything to stop him.

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