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Season 7

16 Mar. 2001
Family Values
An overworked man acquires a robot to take care of his household and family in his absence. He realizes too late that the machine may be doing its job just a little bit too perfectly.
23 Mar. 2001
Patient Zero
Colonel Beckett goes back in time to poison a physician who unintentionally spread a global pandemic. When the traveler returns to the future, nothing has changed. Though haunted by the plague death of his own family, the Colonel is ordered to an earlier time, to assassinate a young woman carrier, plus the physician.
30 Mar. 2001
A New Life
A couple flee a present-day religious community they've joined but find it's entirely surrounded by an invisible wall. They're the parents of the totally isolated cult's first child, who has a mysterious scar from a ceremony by the cult leader, who they caught sneaking off into the forest and teleporting into thin air. They're spotted by another malcontent, who's been searching for a way out for months. With nowhere to go and everyone else entranced by the idyllic new life, what can they do?
6 Apr. 2001
The Surrogate
Claire Linkwood takes part in a surrogate mother program, unaware that it is a plot to invade and take over Earth.
13 Apr. 2001
The Vessel
After a US Space Shuttle crash, one of the crew, a writer, miraculously survives. He now appears to be indestructible and has gifted insight.
20 Apr. 2001
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa is a robotic assassin that develops a sense of humanity after the creators disengage her fail safe devices. She proceeds to find out more about earth and its inhabitants.
27 Apr. 2001
After his wife enters a seemingly irreversible coma, a scientist uses his own discovery to clone her illegally. Complications arise when his wife awakens.
15 Jun. 2001
Think Like a Dinosaur
During testing of a molecular transporter device, a duplicate of a woman is created, causing ethical problems as to whether to have this new life terminated.
22 Jun. 2001
Alien Shop
An alien shape-shifter owns a unique curio shop whose merchandise possess strange powers; when a petty crook accepts a peculiar wallet he learns the hard way that money not earned comes at a price.
29 Jun. 2001
Worlds Within
A scientist tries to save a mutant child who is connected to another reality from manipulation by the government.
6 Jul. 2001
In the Blood
Explorers, including an astrophysicist member of the Navajo tribe and her medical doctor husband, are sent through a hole which scientists have torn in the universe to study the effects of trans-space on humans.
21 Jul. 2001
Flower Child
After an alien seed takes root in an old woman's garden, it sucks the life from her and becomes a beautiful woman who continues to look for more victims.
28 Jul. 2001
Free Spirit
The schizophrenic inhabitants of a mental institution find themselves being possessed by a mysterious entity.
4 Aug. 2001
A doctor puts her sanity on the line when testing a psychological tool allowing her to enter her patients' minds.
11 Aug. 2001
Time to Time
A 60s radical's daughter ventures back in time to undo the bombing which killed him. But the time travel institute who recruited her as a trainee races to stop her before she irreparably damages the future. The institute plucked Lorelle out of a fatal car wreck, so she can't return to 1989, but her mother is devastated by her husband's death, so Lorelle hopes to affect the past to improve her mother's life.
18 Aug. 2001
An alien abducts five typical teenagers and decrees that one of them must die.
25 Aug. 2001
Rule of Law
A circuit court judge goes to a frontier planet that has never known the law or had a judicial system. His first trial is of an alien accused of attacking and killing several humans.
8 Sep. 2001
Lion's Den
A losing high school wrestling coach get access to a performance enhancing drug that allows his team to win with some dreaded side-effects.
15 Sep. 2001
The Tipping Point
A computer hacker fights the development of a universal computer language when the computers seem to becoming sentient and a threat to humanity.
4 Jan. 2002
Dark Child
A single mother's memories of being abducted by aliens resurface when her story appears in a newspaper article. Her moody teenage daughter has an English teacher that is helping her, but also seems familiar to her mother.
11 Jan. 2002
The Human Factor
In the year 2084, humans fight an android whose artificial intelligence has determined humans must no longer be allowed to spread colonies throughout space.
18 Jan. 2002
Human Trials
Military personnel are tested to find the best candidate for a very special mission. Each test may eliminate one of the four candidates. But what is the ultimate mission?

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