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Season 8

14 Sep. 2002
Episode #8.1
Reality Show Cameras "Anna Nicole Smith" and "The Osbornes" scuffle and "Jay Leno" gets arrested. Stuart: Meet The Parents Stuart's mother prepares him for a dreaded visit with his father. Oprah: Jackass "Oprah Winfrey" falls victim to the actual cast of Jackass. George W. Bush: Fitness "Dubya" and "Barbara Bush" do some nasty fitness stunts. Lords of the Bling 2 "Lil Kim", "Sisqo", "Bill Cosby", and "Shaquille O'Neal" star in BET's sexy low budget rip-off of "Lord of the Rings". Madvertising: Hey Joe Joe overdoses on erectile dysfunction medicine and inadvertently ...
21 Sep. 2002
Episode #8.2
Honeymooners "Ralph" and "Alice Kramden" and "Ed Norton" confront a mistaken Arab terrorist. Mofaz: Marital Breakdown Mofaz unintentionally helps newlyweds feel better about their marital problems by describing the hilarious miseries of his marriage. CSI The CSI team screws up a surefire crime scene. Dr. Kylie: Butt Seriously Super perky Dr. Kylie jokes her way through an unforgettable colonoscopy. Oprah: Fat Camera "Oprah" goes ballistic when her "Slimming Camera" reveals just how huge she really is.
21 Dec. 2002
Episode #8.10
Epstein Bros Xmas Tree Patch Commercial Interview: Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown How Winona Stole Christmas Elf Seeing Santa Holiday Shopping Bible Dude: Greed During Christmas Politically Correct Office Holidays Bon Jovi Forgetting Santa.

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