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26 Jul. 2016
Episode #15.1
Nicole Sullivan and Will Sasso welcome the new cast members, who say a demonic prayer to help them get through the first episode; CNN presents a political version of The Newlywed Game featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton vs. Donald and Melania Trump; Dora the Explorer goes to Los Angeles; Elizabeth Warren upstages Hillary Clinton during a campaign speech; a couple can't keep up with a Game of Thrones recap; Kenny Rogers appears on The Bachelorette's landmark 56th season; HBO First Look goes behind the scenes of an animated reboot of Cinderella featuring the vocal "...
2 Aug. 2016
Episode #15.2
Ike Barinholtz meets Amir K and Piotr Michael and shows them secret compartments hiding booze, pills, and a feral Bobby Lee; Bobby Lee shows Ike Barinholtz their new child; a fairy princess works the parking lot of a Disneyland-esque theme park; James Bond gets rescued by The Blind Kung-Fu Master; a look at the Rio 2016 Olympics; Ike and Bobby go on Shark Tank; Lyric Lewis invites Kristen Chenoweth and Indina Menzel onstage to sing the national anthem; Melissa McCarthy (Chelsea Davison) calls out overly-PC millennials hosting a college talk show called Safe Space; a ...
9 Aug. 2016
Episode #15.3
State Farm Insurance commercial parody; Debra Wilson-Skelton and Aries Spears return; suicide hotline callers keep getting plagued with calls from people who want to know about the movie Suicide Squad; an updated version of The Cosby Show centers on Bill Cosby's allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting women; a ghetto court stenographer complicates a slip and fall case; Belma Buttons and Tovah McQueen return for another installment of Reality Check where they call out Megyn Kelly; Octavia Spencer (Lyric Lewis) appears on an Iranian talk show; Jeff Goldblum ...
23 Aug. 2016
Episode #15.4
Match Game gets a political, modern-day update; Mo Collins' Lorraine returns to annoy a gym trainer; new album recorded by a diabetic R&B singer; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sing a duet; an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon includes Ariana Grande and Pitbull playing knife games with Fallon for charity; Donald Trump spouts off on Confessions of a Terrifically Huge Mind; Talking Dead gets recursive with nested spin-offs; Darlene McBride (Nicole Sullivan) returns with her FOX News Car Karaoke special; Arnold Schwarzenegger does a PSA against steroids.
30 Aug. 2016
Episode #15.5
Dora the Explorer returns and goes to Vegas; Kim Jong-Un joins the #RichKidsOfBeverlyHills on E!'s latest reality show; MTV's Flow welcomes a rapper whose lyrics aren't hardcore; Donald Trump creates Trump Elementary; Jamiele Hall gets hit on by Tank; an Amish woman becomes a bachelor party stripper; a man from India struggles with baseball announcer banter; Bernie Sanders tests out his SmartPhone.
6 Sep. 2016
Episode #15.6
Anjelah Johnson gets too into her role as Bon Qui Qui; Sunbrella gets into crime scene investigation; a Walking Dead cliffhanger stretches out the suspense to ridiculous levels; Bon Qui Qui returns to King Burger; Empire parody featuring Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande, and Adele trying to sign with Empire Records; Amir K rents out Adam Ray's dressing room; a half-fish sister is introduced on Keeping Up with the Kardashians; a cooking show for stoners; parody of $100,000 Pyramid; Bon Qui Qui plugs Homegirl Security.
20 Sep. 2016
Episode #15.7
"Hermanos Bros. Law"; Carlie Craig gains telekinetic powers from watching Stranger Things; a "good cop/bad cop" scenario where the "bad cop" is a douchebag; 5 Things You Didn't Know About Britney Spears; Miss Swan becomes a cartoon character; advertisers try to make guns more appealing; the female cast members play Fuck, Marry, Kill and Chelsea Davison reveals that she'd do all three to Piotr Michael; Alex Borstein and Will Sasso talk about their time on MADtv; Piotr's Morgan Freeman narrator voice annoys a hungover Adam Ray; HBO First Look at celebrity auditions for ...
27 Sep. 2016
Episode #15.8
A crisis group centered on people who were injured while being saved by The Flash; Will Sasso and Bobby Lee play crazy ex-boyfriends; The Bachelor in Paradise; Adam Ray needs a translator for the female cast members shortened slang; a wine steward harasses a couple; Jeremy D. Howard reads his Yelp reviews; another installment of Iran's Hollywood Minute; Bernie Sanders becomes KFC's new Colonel Sanders.

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