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A classier action thriller.
Motoko20 November 1998
How did "Speed" ever get better reviews than this? Whilst De Bont's runaway bus is certainly good, "Blown Away" is by far the better bomb movie as it relies on suspense driven thrills rather than big budget stunts to deliver the kicks. Admittedly the film starts slowly but the pace steadily keeps increasing until the final half-hour where things (literally) explode in one of the best fight scenes ever put on celluloid. Stephen Hopkins plays every scene for as much tension as he can (I defy you to watch the kitchen scene without cringing at every slomo) and displays a De Palma like understanding of virtuoso camerawork. Jones menaces away as his usual psychotic prankster (think Two-Face with an Irish accent) and J Bridges is good but never truly called on to do anything special. Amis, Whitaker and the rest of the support are perhaps a little under-used but the film is never about them. This is about Jones and Bridges in a deadly, vengeful face-off and the final showdown is everything you could ever want from an action thriller. Watch it and enjoy.
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Solid All Around Movie
teaparty_4814 December 2002
From reading the other comments on this site, I was surprised at all the negativity surrounding this film. Sure, the accents are probably bad, but everyone knows that Hollywood can't do accents and aging.

This is not a movie to be picked apart, but one to be enjoyed. Sure, the characters aren't completely fleshed out, but there is enough depth for you to feel for them. The action is good, and despite many contrary opinions, I think the pacing is good too.

One of the high points of this film was the sequence where the wife and daughter are in the house and the audience is left suspecting there may be a bomb plant. The camera shots that frame the stove turning on, the light bulb, the phone jack, etc. were done very well, and suspensefully, though I suspect this well done sequence is what is making many people call this film "slow."

Finally, the use of "The Joshua Tree" by U2 was a really nice touch.

Overall, this film is not outstanding, but if you want a movie that is relatively light, but has some comedy, drama, suspense and action all mixed in, then check it out.
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Blown Up, But No Overly So
ccthemovieman-128 April 2006
This movie was made during the period (early '90s) in which Hollywood was absolutely in love with blowing things up. The more explosions, the better, seemed to be the prevailing attitude.

At least they weren't overdone in this film, as they were in so many others. However, the accents might have been overdone as none of the stars - Jeff Bridges,Tommy Lee Jones, Forest Whitaker, Suzy Amis and Lloyd Bridges - sounded like a true Bostonian.

It's especially odd to hear Jones attempt his Irish-Boston accent, although he's more adept at it than the younger Bridges. Jones plays an Irish terrorist in this revenge movie, wreaking his havoc in Boston. The film's best asset is the suspense it builds for the two hours and the fact it keeps you interested the entire way, right from the opening scene.

The negatives are too much profanity and a contrived story in spots, particularly at the end when the fight between Bridges and Jones goes on forever as does the scene with Jones trying to save his wife. It's just too much. A lot of modern-day action films just don't know when to quit, and this is a prime example. Yet, it's definitely worth at least one look.
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Extremely Entertaining Pyrotechnics Showcase.
dvc515912 October 2007
Mad bomber formerly associated the IRA escapes from prison and appears in Boston to exact revenge to the man who put him there in the first place - bomb expert Jimmy Dove, a loving family man, with a dark past...

If this plot seems easy to predict, it is. but it is defended by the superb action sequences filmed, the excellent explosions and also by the great acting by Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones. The standout goes to Jones, who gives an on-his-own performance as a deranged bomber at war with Jimmy Dove. And although the storyline has a few plot holes, it still manages to carry on as if nothing happened. Director Hopkins, who helmed the gory 1990 sequel to the 1987 action hit Predator, shows his potential for making action sequences as realistic as possible. One example is the abandoned ship explosion. That has what I think the biggest live action film explosion ever! On the MGM DVD the picture is a clear anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen with super good Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, thus packing a punch for you home theater system.

Overall, solid entertainment, you're not looking for anything like To Kill A Mockingbird, now are you? A treat for action fans and a must have for home theater enthusiasts.

7.65/10 for entertainment, 6.7/10 overall.

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Deserved better than it got.
Brian-23711 September 1998
"Blown Away" obviously suffered in comparison to "Speed" since both films were released the same year during the same summer. I never really considered this a pure action film more than a suspense thriller. Things aren't blowing up every 10 minutes and the characters are more deep and interesting here than in a lot of your mindless action romps. I found Jeff Bridges desire to resume a normal life in Boston after his questionable "IRA-like" activities back home in Ireland appealing and his lovely fiancee played by Suzy Amis very likeable. Tommy Lee Jones has a great Irish accent and the lunatic he plays is great fun to watch. Lloyd Bridges as Jeff's uncle and Boston cop Forest Whittaker are equally appealing. My home-town newspaper, "The Dayton Daily News" gave the film 3 stars. I'd say that's about right.

No sequels please!
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Catch you at a bad time?
nickelreviews17 June 2013
I may never hear the end it from people on why I love this movie so much, but it is one of my favorite Hero/Villain movies ever! It was received very poorly both critically and commercially, but I love it! It goes from Ireland to Boston. There's Guinness drinking, explosions, and at least two songs from U2's Joshua Tree Album, used in parts of the film that fit perfectly. You also have father/son Jeff Bridges/Lloyd Bridges starring together as former IRA members. I don't know what draws me so close to this film. Perhaps my fascination with Ireland, curiosity over the years of conflict there, having done my internship there or what? Maybe that I've just always liked Tommy lee Jones and Jeff Bridges. The pair worked well together in Blown Away. I don't care what the critics said, or how well it did at the box office. Reviewed by AN/NR 11-14-11
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Unbelievably dumb and clichéd
trprt7717 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
We were perusing the On Demand list, and saw this title, with Jeff & Lloyd Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, and Forest Whitaker, and thought it sounded like a great movie. I should have been forewarned when I didn't recall ever having heard of it before. The opening segment in the prison, where the inmates speak Gaelic ( I believe) and is subtitled, allowed for a bit of confusion when Jones dispatches his cell mate, and says something over his body. Even with repeated viewings, none of us could make out what exactly he says, or even if it's in English. Was the murder done for a reason besides needing a bomb bunker, or was there a back story? Then to watch him assemble his bomb, using all kinds of devices including machine-threaded pipes, explosives, and other unusual items hat would seem to be a bit difficult to accrue in a max security prison, he blows a hole in the wall, and apparently makes his way from that desolate area without any problems, although they don't bother to show how. He next appears in Boston, living in a decrepit, rusty old boat on an abandoned pier, which miraculously not only has electricity, but also has cable TV ( as the orchestra promo mentions that it's on A&E, not an over the air channel). He also has unlimited funds to obtain everything he needs, from explosives, to electronics, to transportation to get around the Boston area. Bridges character, as we soon find out, is also a fugitive IRA guy, wanted by Interpol, yet he apparently had no problem getting past the Boston PD's background check to get hired under his phony identity. He also exhibits almost every Hollywood cliché about the maverick cop, riding a m/c to a bomb scene while smoking a butt and wearing a Hawaiian shirt to let us know how cool he is. He also ignores basic safety procedures while disarming bombs, even though he is supposedly the one who instructs everyone on EOD protocol. Jones also exhibits the troubling Hollywood syndrome of being able to single handedly surveill multiple people and locate their homes, even their vacation homes, and also gain employment with Boston PD as a janitor ( once again, bypassing the pesky background checks a large agency like BPD conducts even for civilians) with not a care in the world. They also never bothered to explain how Jones was able to get Lloyd Bridges from the bar bathroom out the door, and to the school yard , where he was able to secure him with an unbelievably complex device, without a single person noticing. Then of course there is the TV screen continuously showing Bridges wife in closeup even though she is just one person in the Boston Pops. The story just kept getting more and more ludicrous, and of course there had to be the obligatory Hollywood fight where the bad guy is almost indestructible, no matter what he is hit with. If you come across this, keep on going, it was 2 hours that I'll never get back. I can only imagine that the Dude and the rest were in a slump and needed a quick payday, without regards to the script. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was for the Boston scenery.
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Boom, boom, boom
blanche-214 May 2009
Tommy Lee Jones wants Jeff Bridges and anybody he knows "Blown Away" in this 1994 film, also starring Suzy Amis, Forest Whitaker and Lloyd Bridges. Bridges, caught up in the Irish trying to get the English out of Ireland, worked with Jones in Ireland, but when one of the bombings goes bad, he splits, and Jones gets arrested. Jones escapes from an Irish prison and traces Bridges to Boston, where he plans on getting revenge on Bridges, his family, and the entire Boston Police Bomb Squad.

This movie really needed to be seen on the big screen because of all of the special effects - huge, frequent explosions.

The accents are all over the place, but the performances are good, with Lloyd Bridges on hand as a bearded character actor. It was a little too stereotypical for this viewer.

The script is by the numbers and derivative, but the actors and the tension engendered from defusing bombs attached to people helps hold interest.

Okay, but see it on a large flat-screen TV.
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There's hardly room for one more mad bomber movie.
chrisbrown645317 May 2002
Blown Away takes the time to flesh out its characters , but fails miserably. Jimmy Dove (Jeff Bridges) is a member of the Boston PD bomb squad with a new wife, Kate (Suzy Amis). His fellow bomb-defusers start dying one by one, and it's soon apparent that there's a lunatic bomber loose in Boston. Tommy Lee Jones plays Ryan Gaerity, a nut job with a short fuse, who hails from Ireland. For reasons awkwardly explained in the tortured exposition, Ryan seems to have it in for Jimmy and is gleefully planting bombs in hopes one of them will blow Jimmy from Cambridge to Roxbury. Too bad Blown Away fritters away the talents of its actors with far-fetched attempts at suspense and stilted dialogue. The big finale is a blast, but by the time it arrives, you may be in a mood to launch a few aerial mines of your own in the direction of the screen. Jeff Bridges has a perpetual furrow in his brow, as if trying to figure out what he is doing here, while Oscar-winning Jones is stuck with an Irish accent that could best be described as horrible. Jeff's father, Lloyd Bridges, plays a crusty oldster whom you'll recognize as a walking bomb target from the moment he comes on screen. Same goes for the lovable family pet. Forrest Whitaker acts up a storm, to little avail, while poor Ms. Amis, cursed with one of those thankless dutiful-wife parts, looks to be in need of a good meal.
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A better 'bomb' movie than Speed.
CuriosityKilledShawn22 July 2000
Most IRA movies made in Hollywood are always criticised for the actors not sounding like real Irishmen. I have never once found this to be true and certainly not for Blown Away. Tommy Lee Jones is quite convincing as a deranged bomber who goes after Jeff Bridges in revenge for betraying him 25 years earlier.

Stephen Hopkins uses his fave cinematographer and composer Peter Levy and Alan Silvestri to bring some visual style and a powerful musical score to accompany the action and explosion scenes. The final encounter between Jones and Bridges is WAY cool. Trust me. It's one of the best showdowns in history.

A cool use of widescreen photography captures a pleasant and eye-pleasing view of Boston. I only ever saw this city in Cheers previously and now it makes wanna visit. This film was overlooked in the summer of 1994 because the audience was too busy with the other BOMB movie Speed. By that I mean movies with bombs. Not movies that are bombs. Speed was about a bomber wanting money. But Blown Away is a more personal, character-driven film and definitely the superior of the two.
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A sputtering thriller.
Li-123 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
2 out of 10

Blown Away is a surprisingly awful action film; it never works as a thriller or a character drama, and it's insertion of both elements don't gel together well at all. Jeff Bridges stars as a cop whose family and friends are threatened by a mad bomber played by Tommy Lee Jones. It appears this bomber was actually Bridges' mentor and is intent on revenge.

The story itself has promise, but director Stephen Hopkins' inept direction fails to translate any tension to the screen. Almost every scene is put together at a somnambulant pace and poorly realized (i.e. constant flashbacks from out of nowhere, the jarringly awful phone conversation between Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones, and the abrupt, cheesy ending). Slow motion is overused during the explosions (what, you didn't think Bridges would disarm every bomb, did you?) and all the action scenes are too short to even begin delivering anything resembling thrills. At least Hopkins would go on to direct the TV series 24, arguably the most thrilling ride on-screen in years, so all is forgiven.
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Familiar but enjoyable.
gridoon6 April 2001
Nothing more than a formula action picture, a studio product, but well-done and fairly enjoyable. Stephen Hopkins proves (again, after "Predator 2") to be adept at filming frenetic action scenes and he shows confidence in the way he uses the camera, especially in the "long shots". Tommy Lee Jones is kind of one-note as the villain, and not very satisfying, but Jeff Bridges gives depth and credibility to his role, and the supporting cast is above-average. Oh, and there ARE some spectacular explosions. (**1/2)
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Blown away is what should happen to the guy that wrote this bunk
helpless_dancer6 April 1999
This is one of the most dull action films yet. The IRA is at it again with their bombs. Hasn't this horse been beaten long enough? Jimmy Cagney was doing this act back during the depression. Enough, already. And what was with all these brogues? Tommy Lee is a great actor, but that irish lilt of his went over like a led balloon. What a stupid movie. Oh well, top 'o the mornin' to ya'!
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'Bombniscient' - omniscient about bombs and where to find them.
TxMike27 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
A minor movie with two seasoned actors, Jeff Bridges as an expert in the Boston Bomb Squad, and Tommy Lee Jones as the Irish bomb expert out for revenge. There is nothing groundbreaking here, it uses the familiar trick of a bomb expert who can look at a few arcane clues at a scene and quickly figure out who is about to be bombed. I call it 'bombniscient.' However, it is fun in places to see Bridges and Jones in action.

SPOILERS follow -- I hope no one reads any further. If you do, please don't send me a 'PM' complaining how I gave away too much of the story! Turns out the two main bombsters were friends in Ireland growing up, both wanted to 'keep the English out of Ireland', but Jones went too far and ended up with a life sentence in prison for killing a bunch of people. The movie starts with his escape by blowing out a hole in the prison wall (believable? not very...) then he ends up in Boston, finds his old friend/nemesis as a hero with a changed name. Revenge motivates Jones to kill by bombing everyone close to his old friend, plus Bridges himself. He does kill several police, plus the dad (played by real dad, Lloyd Bridges), but Bridges manages to deactivate a few of them. The strangest, his partner had earphones on, with a small bomb, tied to another in a speaker, and if you cut one wire they would both go off, so they cut them AT THE VERY SAME INSTANT, which is highly unlikely, given the speed of an electrical signal. The big showdown came in the abandoned ship the bad guy had holed up in, an explosion gets him, as the two good guys run on the dock, and I wondered why they didn't dive into the water. Just as I though that, they dived into the water. A movie that contains most of the cliches' in movies of this genre. A DVD borrowed from my local library, fine surround sound track, OK picture.
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Very Entertaining
p_aybarra1 October 2000
I thought Tommy Lee Jones was better here than in the Fugitive. His character in this movie was one of the more original villains in an action movie. An Irish bomb expert/terrorists who comes to Boston and wreaks havoc with the police. Good movie. Enough action, but not too much.
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This thriller is well directed and it's worth a look to this flawed but interesting film.
hu67516 October 2005
Boston's bomb squad expert Jimmy Dove (Jeff Bridges) is now at his most troubling work in his career. Jimmy is a skilled at his work and he always dis-harm every bomb until now. A Terrorist (Oscar-Winner:Tommy Lee Jones) escaped from his prison cell in Ireland and this terrorist turns out to be a former mentor of Jimmy. This Terrorist decides to stalk the family and friends of Jimmy. Jimmy is forced to drawn into the action, not only that he has to face his former mentor/enemy but his troubled past.

Directed by Stephen Hopkins (A Nightmare on Elm Street 5:The Dream Child, Predator 2, The Ghost and the Darkness) made an fine if slow-moving action thriller. Jones gives an terrific performance as the villain. The film also stars the late Lloyd Bridges, Froest Whitaker and Suzy Amis. This film was a box office disappointment in the summer of 1994. Hopkins' visual style keeps the film going and ends up with some memorable moments.

DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) transfer (Also in Pan & Scan) with an strong-Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD only features are the original theatrical trailer and a collector's booklet. The film plays better on video that it did in theaters but it is a must-see in Widescreen for the well-staged action sequences. Good music score by Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future Trilogy, Cat's Eye, Forrest Gump). Oscar-Winner:Cuba Gooding, Jr. appears unbilled. Super 35. (*** ½/*****).
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One of the worst Hollywood action thrillers out there.
poolandrews6 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Blown Away starts at Castle Gleigh Prison in Nothern Ireland as convicted terrorist bomber Ryan Gaerity (Tommy Lee Jones) escapes using his explosive know how. Jumpt to Boston in the US where bomb squad member Jimmy Dove (Jeff Bridges) has decided to retire & new recruit Anthony Franklin (Forest Whitaker) is set to take his place alongside Jimmy's old partner Blanket (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), on their first job Blanket is killed by a booby trapped explosive which forces Jimmy out of retirement. Soon it gets personal for Jimmy as he discovers that his old terrorist mate from Ireland Ryan is behind a series of bombings & he is out for revenge against Jimmy, his family & friends as it was Jimmy who put Ryan behind bars in Ireland all those years ago...

Directed by Stephen Hopkins this is actually the second Hopkins directed film I have seen in the past twenty four hours after also seeing The Reaping (2007) yesterday, it wasn't planned & it was a co-incidence & pretty lousy luck as The Reaping was average & this was plain crap. At two hours long Blown Away is very slow going & apart from the last fifteen or so minutes is really dull, lifeless, bland & dare I say it even boring. The melodramatics between Jimmy & his family are unintentionally funny (the scene when his wife jumps in the jacuzzi to shout at Jimmy is pure comedy) while the hero with a dark past role just doesn't suit Bridges, his confrontations with Tommy Lee Jones are awful as it seems to be a contest between the both of them to discover who can do the worst Irish accent. The plot is extremely predictable, routine & by the numbers as the clichéd tough guy hero with a dark past has to save the day on his own playing by his own rules, any number of better action films use this scenario & add that to a script that offers no surprises (good guy wins in the end, bad guy is stopped) & feels like little or no effort has gone into it.

For a big budget action thriller Blown Away is really short on action or thrills, there's a decent explosion at the end, a truck is blown up & there's a speeding jeep & that's it. For a two hour film not enough happens. Footage from Blown Away was edited into two low budget action films called Stealth Fighter (1999) & Agent Red (2000). The Boston locations don't add anything to the film at all to be honest. Apparently the shockwave from the ship explosion at the end shattered 8000 windows in East Boston. If you really want to see an exciting action thriller about bombs then watch Speed (1994) again instead & see how a proper action film should be done.

This has decent production values & is well made for what it is but it's still a rubbish film. The acting is poor from a good cast, father & son Jeff & Lloyd Bridges appear here together.

Blown Away is a poor action thriller with virtually no action & some poor performances from a decent cast, this is just bad all round really & far too predictable.
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pure crap
pmc_lfc4 June 2005
If i had the option to give this 0/10, i would have.

I found it completely stereotypical and insulting to the Irish race in relation to most of Tommy Lee Jones pathetic acting in the "movie". However in support to him the script didn't give him much inspiration to act in his usual convincing manner. One example which which clarifies this is midway through the film as he sings along to a U2 song while gleefully manufacturing home explosives. Is this supposed to give the scene a realistic edge or force the majority of viewers to fire a basket of eggs at their television screens. I think the latter! Don't bother wasting two hours by viewing this crap
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Feel like being manipulated ? This ones for you- waste of time
tfmiltz7 December 2014
SPOILERS AHEAD- but you don't WANT to watch this anyway.

Let's see - Jeff Bridges realizes there is a bomb in the truck, hmm....

There are only 75 police officers and 20 firemen around, instead of telling the person next to him - he keeps it ALL to himself, and makes a mad dash run to the truck.

He does stop on the way though to way at some helicopters to 'get out of the way' - I'm sure at a distance of 1500 yards they can hear him fine.

So, he runs right into the exploding truck.

Now, he gets a phone call from Tommy Lee Jones, calling from his daughters bedroom.

Now Bridges - again, surrounded by at LEAST 75 policemen - and 2 helicopters mind you - INSTEAD of saying "hey - some nutcase is in my family home in my daughters bedroom, get a car over there ASAP" - oh no.

Jeff decides to hop on his motorcycle and TELL NO ONE - once again... Almost hitting a semi truck on his mad dash to his family home, possibly causing fatal accidents ALL ALONG THE WAY - but oh no - Jeff and his MOTOR CYCLE - hmm - probably a leather jacket in there somewhere- will SAVE THE DAY.

Meanwhile the director decides to manipulate you with a camera shot from a phone receptacle - which IS unique - and you won't find THAT in another movie - but nope- no bomb in the phone jack.

Before Jeff made it home ? I stopped watching.

I saw this movie a long time ago ? But it seems as Homer Simpson said about Baseball when he stopped drinking "I never realized how boring this game really is".

This movie is a STRANGE bundle of emotional manipulation.

I don't support censorship but THIS movie should be BANNED from every retina - I'd go SO FAR as to say- let's adopt an inferior linear temporal model and pretend you CAN go back in time, BEFORE this movie was ever made - and celebrate what life was like.
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Stuff and nonsense
Cardassian6 January 2001
I was really surprised to read a few other comments on this film praising Tommy Lee Jones' Irish accent - you have got to be kidding !! The whole film stinks and is as bad if not worse than Patriot Games. What is this obsession with deranged IRA killers?? It may come as a shock to some people but all IRA killers are deranged. As are the Boston Police department for allowing one to work for them without checking - maybe they have a few mass murderers in their ranks too. The Bridges family are useless in this film, I think Lloyd was asleep in his scenes, and Jeff has simply made another bad filming decision !! Jones is ok (apart from the accent) and Forrest Whitaker loses his way.

Stuff and nonsense.
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Horrible movie
darvish5530 September 2005
Anyone actually from Boston will not reduce themselves to 2 hours of this mind numbing "entertainment". With an all-star cast (Forrest Wittacker, Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones) you would expect at least a decent Boston accent to be thrown around here and there. Not only do they murder the accent, they murder the acting. Aside from the bad acting, the special effects ranged from mediocre to unnecessary. Although these effects seemed excessive, they were really the only thing that got me through the movie. For something that is two hours long, if it's as bad as this movie was, you want to see something blow up as bad as the movie did. Good luck trying to sit through this one.
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The title is about a half step aove "Bomb goes boom!"
benniegrezlik13 September 2018
There is no subtlety in this movie. Everything is blunt and obvious. Everything from the mad bomber (Tommy Lee Jones) whistling "Pop goes the weasel", to the iron rule that bombers must follow a wiring color code so that bomb disposers can cut the correct wire, to the bomber setting up a Rube-Goldberg self-destruct of his good ship Lollipop in the denouement. Every bomb is super-duper complex. Tommy Lee Jones is so smart that he can break out of an Irish prison with cleaning products from his cell, blood from his murdered cellmate, and a condom full of urine. Yeah. Don't try this at home. Pyrotechnics are great, but the plot gets Blown Away.
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Won't blow tou away.But it still passes the time.
robert-30030 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
* Terrible * * Below Par * * * Not Bad * * * * Good * * * * * Brilliant


James Dove(Jeff Bridges) works on one of Bostons finest Bomb squads. Always having to defuse the most difficult of devices his team comes across. The dedicated officer however plans to put all that behind him. Dove wishes to retire to become a teacher to young bomb disposal rookies. This is down in part to the fact that he is engaged to the lovely Kate(Suzy Amis) and doesn't wish to make his future wife a widow in the near future. Not only that but she has a young daughter who looks upon Jimmy as a father.

Things take a turn for the worse however when an unwelcome face from Jimmy's past arrives in Boston. None other than former IRA terrorist Ryan Gaerity(Tommy Lee Jones). Having just escaped from an Irish prison cell and hungry for Jimmy's blood he sets out on a campaign of terror. Not only on the brave bomb disposal expert. But his impending family and fellow members of the Boston bomb squad. Jimmy now finds that only he can stop his former acquaintance. But what exactly links the two of them together and how many more people will die before Jimmy can stop him?

Being one of at least two or maybe even three movies of a similar theme in the same year. 'Blown away' was going to have to be seriously good to fend off the competition. With Australian director Stephen Hopkins onboard at the movies helm who had previously directed the dire fifth 'Nightmare on Elm street' flick and with Tommy Lee Jones as an Irish terrorist. Hopes were not exactly good. The end result, although not all together great.In the end makes for passable enough viewing.

Bridges as the heroic Jimmy Dove steps effortlessly in to his charismatic lead roll. That said it doesn't exactly challenge him as an actor like it should. To be quite frank this is the sort of roll he can do in his sleep. A million miles from his more difficult stab at portraying an extra terrestrial in the 1984 sci-fi/romance vehicle 'Starman'. As for Jones his personal performance as former IRA man Ryan Gaerity can be described as mediocre at best. He does show enthusiasm in his roll. But the result is a fair bit of mugging as he rant and raves at Bridges through out the movies running time of just under two hours. The less said about his woeful attempt at an oirish accent the better. Needless to say it rates as one of the worst ever. Only beaten by Robert Duvall's embarrassingly bad scottish accent in 'A Shot at Glory'. Thank god for Forest Whitaker as one of Jimmy Doves pupils. It's almost always good to see Whitaker in a film and his effortless cynism and charisma certainly livens up the enterprise.

As for the film it self. It's a sadly predictable affair. With a script although not entirely bad is hardly inspiring. There's also the usual plot holes to be found in this kind of popcorn fodder. While the inclusion of Jeff Bridges old man Lloyd in a small supporting roll seems gratuitous and not necessarily needed. That said director Hopkins makes the best of the material he has been given. His direction is slick enough and manages to keep the pace going. Where he shines most of all as a director is not in the amazing explosive sequences where the bombs finally detonate. But in the way he makes his camera go to the places we don't normally see. In this case the inner workings of the deadly bombs which is of course a master stroke of ingenuity. I can assume that this owes much and was inspired by the ground breaking work of the Cohen brothers. It was they after all who invented and used such imagery in many of their earlier work.

All in all 'Blown Away' is not the best in a series of 'mad bomber' movies. That award probably goes to Jan De Bonts 'Speed' that was released the same year. Never the less it's still a passable enough way to pass the time. Even with it's faults. Just sit back and try and not to engage your brain and you might just enjoy it. But someone really should have shot Tommy Lee Jones for that laughable accent. I suppose the best I can say for it was that I got a good laugh.
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Millberry6 July 2007
I wont delve into a complete movie commentary, only due to the few words needed to critique this movie.

The only positive was the presence of Tommy Lee Jones (TLJ), ever the great villain in any film, i'm sure he'll be kicking himself for agreeing to take this role. If you choose to watch this movie, in order to see an individual performance of TLJ, then go for it. However, the performances by the 2 x Bridges, Whittaker & Amis were terrible.

A movie with little or no thought put into its plot, The typical American stereotype of the bomb squad expert, complete with his harley and hawaiian shirt just insult the viewer. I nearly turned the movie off, when it took only 20 minutes for the cliché line to come out...... yeah, you know what it is..... "Which wire do i cut? the blue one? or the red one?"

I wont summarise, because an obituary would be more pleasant to read.

So all in all, never watch this movie, because you will have wasted 2 hours of your life that could've been spent watching paint dry, or grass grow instead.
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Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…..oh, hang on – you mean this wasn't a joke?
bob the moo19 July 2002
Jimmy Dove is a Boston bomb disposal expert who quits to train rookies instead. However a series of bombs that seem familiar to him bring back old memories. He suspects that ex-IRA bomber Ryan Gaerity is behind it as part of a revenge attack and must stop him before he can kill again.

How many `bomber out for revenge' movies do we need. The reason Hollywood loves them is because we get an easy excuse for big explosions. However Blown Away fails on so many levels. First it tries to flesh out the characters but this doesn't work and only serves to slow things down. Secondly the action is silly and has no real suspense – it's entertaining enough if you just want to see things blow up but if you want thrills or tension as well then you're in the wrong place. It's not all bad – but the whole film just feels like it's half-baked, liked someone was stuck with a bad idea but did the best they could with it.

A personal bugbear of mine is this whole Hollywood obsession with the IRA – why do characters always have to be `too crazy for the IRA' or have gone good form the IRA etc. How on earth ex-IRA member Dove gets into the Boston police force is the first joke but also the fact that Gaerity is `too crazy etc' is daft. Do the IRA put people out for bombing innocent people – I think not…..hence the word `terrorist'.

Jeff Bridges is OK but really just runs round with a furrowed brow all the time. Jones is OTT, it's like he realises that this is crap and wants people to see his tongue is in his cheek. His Oirish accent is terrible and just made me laugh. The worse is Lloyd Bridges – is he awake for most of this? The two funniest bits with him in it is where he is attached to some absurd bomb thing but, even funnier, is him in an Irish pub drinking some black watery liquid that's supposed to be Guinness! If I made the drink I would have sued! Quality people like Amis and Whitaker are just plain wasted.

OK – some of the action is good and it's not all terrible but it's not very good. Whether it be the bad performances, bad plotting or just sheer silliness of the whole thing it lacks tension and it's too lame to get involved in.
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