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Season 4

13 Sep. 1997
Meets Molly Cule
When Wanda's favorite singer, Molly Cule comes to town and she chooses Ms. Frizzle's class to wash her famous car, the kids discover how to clean the car down to the very last bit.
20 Sep. 1997
Cracks a Yolk
The principal, Mr. Ruhle, has to go away for a few days and leaves his beloved chicken, Giblets, in Dorothy Ann's care. The Friz takes the class on a field trip to see how eggs are made - from the inside out.
27 Sep. 1997
Goes to Mussel Beach
Ms. Frizzle's "Uncle Shelby," wants the class to look after his beachfront property. The kids soon discover that this "luxurious" accommodation is only a tiny spot on the shoreline.
4 Oct. 1997
Goes on Air
The only contribution the kids in Ms. Frizzle's class have made to the Walkerville Space Capsule is an empty jar. "It's not empty," argues Keesha. "It's filled with air!" Ralphie thinks that air doesn't do anything, but when the bus shrinks and gets stuck inside the jar - the class finds that their only hope for escape is... air!
11 Oct. 1997
Gets Swamped
Should Walkerville get rid of the swamp and replace it with a great new shopping mall or build the mall somewhere else? The class learns that the swamp is an important habitat and natural water filter, but the town council's not convinced until...FLOOD!!
18 Oct. 1997
Goes Cellular
Arnold is about to have the honor of being the first kid to receive one of the Rocky Awards at the annual Granite Awards. However, he has an embarrassing predicament.
25 Oct. 1997
Sees Stars
When the kids see Horace Scope on the Star Shopping Network, they decide to buy Dorothy Ann a real twinkling star for her birthday.
1 Nov. 1997
Gains Weight
Phoebe is chosen to give a slam-dunk exhibition during the big basketball game. When she finds she can't jump high enough because gravity is "pulling on" her, Ms. Frizzle takes the class into space and turns the Bus into a planet - with adjustable gravity!
8 Nov. 1997
Makes a Stink
Flora Whiff, the famous expert on smell - whose "nose knows" - comes to school to judge the First Annual Smell Search. Ms. Frizzle's class creates a unique smell that is bound to take first prize.
15 Nov. 1997
Gets Charged
It's Valentine's Day and the class is selling lightbulbs. When they stop at Ms. Frizzle's house to sell her one, they find that her battery-operated doorbell doesn't work.
22 Nov. 1997
Gets Programmed
Ms. Frizzle's class opens the school for Mr. Ruhle (Paul Winfield). But there's so much to do! "There must be a way to do these chores without actually doing them," says Carlos. Enter Mr. Ruhle's new computer and Mikey, Carlos' whiz kid brother!
29 Nov. 1997
In the City
Ms. Frizzle's class is visiting the zoo, which is, according to Tim, the only place in the city where wild animals can survive. To test this idea, Ms. Frizzle turns the class into possums, foxes, and falcons.
6 Dec. 1997
Takes a Dive
When Wanda discovers that one of Ms. Frizzle's ancestors was Redbeard the Pirate, she naturally wants to follow the treasure map he left. The map leads the class to a coral reef, where they learn firsthand that life there is risky.

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