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Frank McRae: Dekker




  • Dekker : And you promised me you wouldn't tell!

    Jack Slater : I didn't.

    Dekker : Well, then how did he know?

    Danny Madigan : "Jack Slater I".

    Dekker : What's winning got to do with this?

    Danny Madigan : No. The very first "Jack Slater".

    Dekker : [to Jack]  You told your dad?

    Jack Slater : I didn't tell anybody! I don't even know this kid!

    Dekker : Well, he sure seems to know a lot about us.

  • [repeated line] 

    Dekker : Slater!

  • Dekker : You suck the blood outta cottonpickin' toes I can take from you! I got the California Raisins cast is doing an all-male version of The Diary of Anne Frank doing the all-male version in my frizza sibba! Tiny Tim has stepped onto a totem, so what? You ball peen jackameenis, I'll slap the mouth-outtall the cocksuckin' tales I can take from you! Fridda feen? You know, you take the mayor in the library bush; you're never gonna azizza bazizzes down at the beach; go down to the beaches, y'know? You take the chicken out the bag and stick it UP!

  • [first lines] 

    Dekker : This is one hell of a way to spend Christmas.

  • Danny Madigan : Wait! I can prove this is a movie!

    Dekker : Who the hell are you, kid?

    Danny Madigan : Look out there, there's a cartoon cat.

    Jack Slater : He's supposed to be back on duty. He was only suspended for a month. Now shut up.

    Danny Madigan : Listen to what I'm saying. An animated cat just walked into the squad room. Hello.

    Jack Slater : He'll do it again tomorrow. So what's your point?

    Dekker : That cat is one the best men I got.

    Jack Slater : Yeah.

    Dekker : Now who is this twerp? And why is that smile on his face?

    Danny Madigan : I just love the way you two fight knowing how you really feel about each other.

    Dekker : Pray tell, just tell me how I feel about this weird-looking sack of puppy poo.

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