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5 Jan. 1996
Dem Bones
When the bones of a Nazi sympathizer killed in 1943 are found, suspicion falls on Jacob Levine, the son of a Jewish butcher persecuted by the dead man and his friends. Wambaugh springs to Levine's defense and find himself facing his long-estranged son, David, as the opposing counsel.
12 Jan. 1996
Sheriff Brock tries to help Matthew deal with the suicide of one of his school friends by taking him on a hunting trip for an elusive bear roaming the countryside. Meanwhile, Wambaugh tries to persuade Judge Bone to comfort the dead boy's mother by pretending to be someone who has also lost a son to suicide.
19 Jan. 1996
Snow Exit
A huge blizzard strikes Rome, and strands Jill and Kimberly at the high school with others during Lydia's singing debut. Meanwhile, Sheriff Brock and Skeeter are snowed in at the police station with Mayor Bey who goes into labor. Kenny is stranded in his patrol car after it breaks down, Maxine is stranded at her place with the Bratwurst guy and Dr. Joey. Elsewhere, Wambaugh and Judge Bone are stranded at in the hospital ER and are forced by the staff to help them out with the patients.
26 Jan. 1996
My Romance
Carter has a near death experience and sees his late grandfather, which shakes his skepticism. Zach falls for a slightly older cellist who likes Matthew. Judge Bone meets an old flame and they spend a day together reminiscing.
9 Feb. 1996
The Z Files
When Zack's friend sends him a picture of his attractive teacher over the Internet, Zack creates a computerized pornographic picture of her and shares it with him but he puts it up on the Internet. She sues the school over this and Zack gets into trouble. Even Edward, the top computer technician in town, can't help him. Meanwhile, Maxine finally meets the person she has been chatting with over the Internet and he's surprisingly dreamy. However, when he turns up for their date in a dress, she realizes that the chat service they met through was meant for male and female...
16 Feb. 1996
Zack is allowed to invite 4 people to his birthday party. He invites Judge Bone, Henry Wambaugh, Maxine Stewart and Kenny Lacos. Jill's bottled up feelings come out at Zack's birthday party, which finds Jill going through a mid-life crisis, Matthew and Zack with green and red hair, Wambaugh up in arms over Judge Bone's lack of respect and Kenny trying to psycho-analyze his break-up with Max.
22 Apr. 1996
Dante's Inferno
Maxine becomes the acting mayor. When she supports a business decision half of the town opposes, she becomes the target of local sexist shock jock Chuck Dante, who constantly humiliates her and even calls for her death. She's soon shot.
24 Apr. 1996
Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey
At the christening of Mayor Laurie Bey's baby, Michael, the Rome residents are flabbergasted when Laurie announces that she had the baby for her brother Jerry and his gay lover Gordy, who plan to raise the baby in the town. The Beys' estranged mother, Christine, who turned her back on her children because she was deaf and he was gay, turns up and announces she is taking them all to court to get custody of her grandson. Tension brews in Rome as the people, from Sheriff Brock to Jill, take sides on the issue and a campaign begins to have Laurie removed as mayor, ...
24 Apr. 1996
Three Weddings and a Meltdown
In the series final, Carter inadvertently proposes to Sue after she gets her wires crossed. Nevertheless, he's a man of his word and they announce their engagement to the people of Rome. Their sudden decision to wed prompts Kenny and Maxine to do the same, although they later begin to experience cold feet. Digging in her friend Selma's backyard, Myriam Wambaugh discovers human remains and Selma goes on trial for murder. Persuaded to defend her by his ex-wife, Wambaugh manages to get her off and passion erupts again for him and Myriam, who decide to get re-married in a...
5 Jun. 1996
Winner Takes All
The coach of the kids' basketball team collapses at a game and the parents group appoints Jill as interim coach. At first she is determined to play fair and give all the boys a chance, but under pressure from more gung-ho adults, she becomes as obsessed as the rest of them. Fed up with all this, Zack and the other boys on the team take out a court injunction against them. Meanwhile, Matthew becomes hooked on gambling and gets himself into serious trouble.
12 Jun. 1996
Forget Selma
Wambaugh hopes to win Miriam over again but her new charming boyfriend Hal stands in his way. Wambaugh gets suspicious of him when Hal suggests Miriam to let him invest her, Selma's and their friends' money.
19 Jun. 1996
To Forgive Is Divine
A young Amish girl, Hannah Beiler, is attacked in the streets of Rome and raped, but the Amish community decide not to press charges against the rapist because of their religious beliefs of tolerance and being forbidden to swear oaths. An attempt is made to force Hannah to testify against her rapist but she refuses, on the grounds of her religious convictions. With no other options or evidence, Sheriff Brock has to let the rapist go free. Shortly after this, a second girl, Peggy Patterson, is also raped by the same man. This time, the guy is put behind bars but ...
26 Jun. 1996
Liver Let Die
Sheriff Brock is called out when a homeless man is found murdered behind Reverend Novotny's church but is suddenly stricken with terrible pains at the scene. Dr Joey discovers he has a potentially cancerous growth on his liver and she takes samples from it, telling him they'll know for sure by the end of the day. He pushes on with the murder investigation to take his mind off it. The victim is identified as a former army veteran and a boy named Jack Klausner, known to Kenny through the basketball team, comes forward as a witness and describes the two men he says were ...

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