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6 Jan. 1995
Freezer Burn
Again, a person is found dead in the home freezer, this time a male masseur, and people fear that a serial killing is in progress. As it turns out, the victim was giving more than just massages to many of the housewives, so the number of suspects increases.
13 Jan. 1995
Frogman Returns
The Frogman's 13 year old son demands emancipation from his eccentric father. Matthew tries to move the car and runs over Zach who is hospitalized.
20 Jan. 1995
Mr. Seed Goes to Town
Sheriff Brock's former wife Lydia has kept his sperm and wants to have a new child.
3 Feb. 1995
Close Encounters
An African-American woman chokes on the microphone and is pronounced dead. She unexpectedly wakes up in Carter's morgue and recognizes him as her soulmate. Kenny and Maxine continue to test out their relationship.
24 Feb. 1995
When in Rome
A convicted child molester with a surprising ancestry moves into Rome and has to tell all the neighbors about his past. Everyone openly despises him and shuns him and the whole town even makes a pact to force him to leave town. The sheriff won't help him, so he turns for help to Wambaugh, who refuses to take on a client for the first time in his life and even later sings Barbra Streisand's "He touched me" with choir and church organ to humiliate him further. Finally, the man turns to his disgusted father for help. Tragedy ensues but most people don't see it that way.
3 Mar. 1995
Heroes and Villains
The hearing impaired Dancing Bandit is arrested when she visits Zach on his birthday. Federal authorities want her trial to be set in Rome, where the jury reaches a surprising verdict.
10 Mar. 1995
Changing of the Guard
Sheriff Brock asks Laurie Bey to help him, Maxine, and Kenny look for Mayor Ed Lawson who's missing and wanted in connection to a murder, while Jill and the rest of the town begin the process of finding a new mayor. After Laurie Bey helps with the police to arrest Lawson, she's surprisingly is chosen to be the new acting mayor of Rome.
31 Mar. 1995
Without Mercy
Jill Brock performs a doctor-assisted suicide with morphine on a dying patient, and the authorities want to force the people of Rome to respect the law.
7 Apr. 1995
Final Judgement
In the aftermath of Jill's criminal trial verdict, Judge Bone is asked to run on the validity of a law prohibiting physician-assisted suicide. Meanwhile, Kenny and Carter investigate the killing of some swans at a local pond, and discover their chief suspect is Zack.
28 Apr. 1995
Saint Zach
Zach is tormented by guilt over the swan episode. He prays in a church, and blood starts to pour from the palms of his hands. His schoolmates want to make him a saint, and the Catholic Church starts to investigate if he really is a stigmatic. After Jesus comes to him in a dream disguised as the late Potato Man, he heals a boy who has leukemia.
5 May 1995
Sheriff Brock's attorney father arrives for an unexpected visit and creates tension the Brock household when he makes a seemingly generous offer that angers Jimmy. Meanwhile, Kenny and Maxine try to deal with a rebellious teenager and his loud motorcycle.
12 May 1995
The Song of Rome
After a lowlife teen shoots Father Barrett during an attempted robbery at the church, Mayor Laurie Bey's decision to continue with a planned spring pageant draws fire from Sheriff Brock and the somber townspeople. But a twist comes when Mayor Bey later reveals some surprising news that she happens to be pregnant, and refuses to tell who the father is.
22 Sep. 1995
A Change of Season
Kimberly throws Sheriff Brock and Jill for a loop with her college plans of leaving Wisconsin for law school. Meanwhile, Brock frets over Mayor Laurie Bey's new police uniform regulations. Maxine turns up sporting a new feminine look. Elsewhere, Carter's house burns down, leaving questions about attempted suicide.
29 Sep. 1995
Reap the Whirlwind
As a tornado threat hangs over Rome, Wambaugh and his wife quarrel over his remarks at their 50th anniversary party. Meanwhile, the Brocks worry over Kimberly who's away at college. Kenny risks his life and career over a woman. Also, Carter considers quilting as a new hobby for himself to ease his depression.
6 Oct. 1995
Pal Joey
A uptight doctor from Milwaukee, named Dr. Joanna "Joey" Diamond, who's also a TV personality, joins Jill in her practice. Meanwhile, Kenny looks into a video-dating service. An Asian immigrant is arrested while trying to marry a woman according to his ancient culture's customs.
13 Oct. 1995
Littleton faces a troubled figure from his past when two escaped prisoners make their way into Rome, one of them is his brother seeking revenge against him for sending him to prison nearly five years ago. Meanwhile, Matthew pleads with Zack not to tell their father about a potentially dangerous accident after Matthew accidentally started a fire while smoking a cigarette.
20 Oct. 1995
Dog Eat Dog
Max gets into serious trouble when she shoots a man dressed in a bratwurst costume. Jill thinks Kimberly is pregnant because she goes to Dr. Joey and tries to cover it up.
27 Oct. 1995
Heart of Saturday Night
Saturday night in Rome. Matthew goes cruising with his pals. Jill and Jimmy's attempt at romance leaves him in an extremely painful position. Meanwhile, Judge Bone and Wambaugh's poker gang loses a player when one of them drops dead at the table.
3 Nov. 1995
Down the Tubes
Cryptic dreams after his brother's death lead Littleton to make some drastic changes, including leaving Rome. To satisfy a charity request, Sheriff Brock prepares to do polka with the very pregnant Mayor Laurie Bey. Meanwhile, Jill faces a day of personal and professional turmoil as she contemplates her scheduled tubal ligation.
8 Dec. 1995
Witness for the Prosecution
The pope comes to Rome, Wisconsin and witnesses a murder. The court case that follows tests Judge Bone and Douglas Wambaugh's friendship.
15 Dec. 1995
This Little Piggy
Kimberly is arrested for freeing the pigs set for pig-wrestling at the town fair. Meanwhile an elderly man's medical treatment is inhibited by his daughter's religious beliefs.

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