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7 Jan. 1994
Paging Doctor God
Jill's determination to uphold her Hippocratic oath collides with the religious beliefs of Christian Science couple who try to resist her assistance in a childbirth that has drastic results. Meanwhile, Zach announces to his parents that he wants to becomes Jewish.
14 Jan. 1994
Guns 'R' Us
Matthew's attempt to get revenge for a humiliation by some high-school bullies lands one of them in the hospital, which causes the teen's younger brother to seek his own revenge. Meanwhile, Mayor Harris' decision to roll back deputy salaries inspires a round of "blue flu" with Kenny and Maxine.
21 Jan. 1994
Remote Control
Littleton and Wambaugh go head to head again in the courtroom as Wambaugh argues that his latest client, Timmy Hendricks, was predisposed to violence because of his exposure to television and movies. Meanwhile, Sheriff Brock reacts with anger against Mayor Harris' attempts to impose a strong police presence in Rome, including fingerprinting all the citizens and random searches of vehicles for weapons.
28 Jan. 1994
Abominable Snowman
Depressed over a recent incident with a cannon, Howard decides to end his own life by donating his healthy heart to his ailing son. Meanwhile, the transient known as Frank the Potato Man is discovered to be living in a cave near Rome and Mayor Harris becomes determined to go to court to force him to leave the area.
4 Feb. 1994
Supreme Courting
On Valentine's Day, the long day brings love and controversy to all age groups in Rome when Carter enlists Maxine's help to impress Stacey Halford, the Mourning Widow, so he can romance her. Meanwhile, Kimberly finds herself labeled as promiscuous when she expressed disdain for the new politically-correct sexual content rules, and Zach accepts a dare from his friends to kiss his chosen valentine.
11 Feb. 1994
Divine Recall
Mayor Harris reads Father Barrett and Sheriff Brock the new riot act over a pre-game prayer session at the public high school, and in turn, Barrett and Reverend Novotny bring up her appearance in an old pornographic videotape before the town council.
4 Mar. 1994
Terms of Estrangement
Kimberly is kidnapped and held captive by unstable Rick Jennings, a man from sheriff Brock's past who wants revenge for what Jimmy did to him. A psychological game between the two begins.
11 Mar. 1994
Squatter's Rights
Maxine questions the motives of a 500-pound obese woman who confesses to killing her allegedly abusive husband by sitting on him. Meanwhile, Wambaugh demands a Beth Din when Rabbi Levin finally has enough of the senile lawyer's tasteless remarks and jokes during a funeral service for the obese woman's husband and rescinds his temple membership.
1 Apr. 1994
System Down
The trial against an African-American drug dealer is set in Rome because the town has Littleton as their district attorney. Sheriff Brock is chosen to serve on the jury.
8 Apr. 1994
Buried Alive
Jill Brock's father comes on an unexpected visit and stirs up the whole family.
29 Apr. 1994
My Left Shoe
A fire in the rectory reveals Father Barrett's extensive collection of women's shoes, prompting questions about his fitness to serve and a blistering condemnation by acting Mayor Buss on public access TV. Meanwhile, Kenny and Rachel Harris reevaluate their relationship.
6 May 1994
Frosted Flakes
A boy is dying from leukemia. The matter for Judge Bone is whether he will allow the request of the boy and his parents to cryogenically freeze him before the illness destroys his body in the hope that a cure can be found and he can be revived. At the school the children are questioning the adults about what happens after death.
13 May 1994
Howard's End
A violent, humiliating incident with Howard leads to his son, Kevin, to shoot him, as Wambaugh claims, in self-defense. Meanwhile, Jill makes a decision in the operating room to operate on a reluctant Christian Science man, which returns to haunt her.
23 Sep. 1994
Survival of the Fittest
Sheriff Brock and the rest of the town fears the worst when a local teenaged girl disappears and they arrest her boyfriend, Brian Latham, as a murder suspect. Meanwhile, Jill and members of the community become alarmed when it appears that a teacher is advocating creationism in Matthew and Zach's school.
30 Sep. 1994
Systematic Abuse
Brian Latham is put on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. Littleton and Douglas clash in court. Jimmy's men try to intimidate Latham but he still claims he's innocent.
7 Oct. 1994
The Bus Stops Here
A Wisconson Federal judge orders that 400 black students from the Green Bay ghetto be bused to Rome's schools, prompting panic among Sheriff Brock and the parents, knowing that a good number of them are lowlifes and drug dealers that come from that neighborhood. Meanwhile, Wambaugh gets a surprising response to his appeal of the Brian Latham murder conviction to go the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington DC. Also, Maxine makes a mess of her relationship with Littleton.
14 Oct. 1994
Enemy Lines
Judge Nance puts Jill in jail to make a point. Littleton asks Maxine out on a date which causes her to reexamine her views on interracial dating. Kimberly's attempt at starting an interracial friendship with Aisha turns into a fight.
28 Oct. 1994
Cold Spell
Judge Bone has a troubling case when a social worker takes a young girl from her mother, who practices witchcraft. Meanwhile, Maxine and Kenny seek out Ginny for advice on the occult and learn that she has met an unusual fate. The arrival of Ginny's grieving brother Benjamin makes the town face the fact that none of them ever took the time to get to know Ginny. Also, Jill gets some new opposition in her race for mayor who happens to be Carter, and Ed Lawson.
4 Nov. 1994
Elective Conduct
After the innocent Zach gives a school history report which is filled with racist comments, it hurts Jill's mayoral campaign just before a crucial debate and the election. It turns out that Zach got his information from the 1911 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Both Carter and Lawson take advantage of that to play on Rome and Green Bay's racial tensions. Meanwhile, Kimberly finds herself shunned when she sticks up for Aisha when she's mocked by jealous white students for getting good grades.
11 Nov. 1994
Rebels with Causes
An ailing Wambaugh travels with Jill to Chicago for some specialized medical treatment for his liver, where she becomes angered by Dr. Jeffrey Geiger's arrogant attitude. Back in Rome, Sheriff Brock gets upset at an announcement from Kenny and Kimberly that they want to date.
18 Nov. 1994
May It Please the Court
Carter has submitted a blood test and is thrilled when the result reveals pregnancy. Wambaugh finally gets his life's greatest moment at the Supreme Court in Washington.
2 Dec. 1994
For Whom the Wind Blows
Brian Latham continues to plead his innocence, and everybody starts to doubt his guilt. The real murderer has confessed to Father Barrett, and Judge Bone tricks him into admitting that Brian is not the killer. The really guilty party is revealed.
16 Dec. 1994
Away in the Manger
In this cross-over from an episode on 'The X-Files', the week before Christmas has Sheriff Brock, Kenny, Maxine and other deputies searching a farm when Carter suspects that strange genetic experiments involving cows may be taking place there. When one of the cows gives birth to a human baby, a bizarre complicated court case about alternative surrogate motherhood begins.

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