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8 Jan. 1993
Frog Man
The Frogman strikes again with a fake bomb, and apparently shoots at Kenny in a jewelery store.
15 Jan. 1993
Bad Moons Rising
Sheriff Brock and the rest of the town is in a uproar after a middle-aged woman kills her husband by running over him with a steam roller, and Wambaugh attempts to build a temporary-insanity plea around the premise that she was going through menopause.
22 Jan. 1993
Nuclear Meltdowns
Kimberly tells her parents that she believes that her girlfriend, Jody, has been made pregnant by her father. Meanwhile, Maxine pursues a killer of ducks at a pond. Elsewhere, Kenny becomes involved with a most unusual young woman, named Elaine, when he stops her for a traffic offense, and who happens to be the other half of a set of twins.
5 Feb. 1993
The Body Politic
Jill and Sheriff Brock find themselves on opposite sides when it's revealed that a local dentist is HIV-positive. Meanwhile, Maxine investigates neighbors reports that a new man in town is actually hiding the comatose body of his wife, so he can keep her alive until their child is born. Also, Kenny is officially and unofficially chastised for dating the twins, Elaine and Elena, concurrently.
12 Feb. 1993
Be My Valentine
Sheriff Brock is shot with an arrow in his buttock. Maxine suspects the serial killer called Cupid and places a personal ad to meet him.
1 Apr. 1993
Fetal Attraction
A citizen gets worse from Parkinson's decease, and the whole town gets engaged in discussions about transplants from aborted fetus organs.
8 Apr. 1993
The local doctor/corner, Carter Pike, finds himself the center of controversy when he makes an official note that a dead vagrant may have been exposed to radiation from a UFO and refuses to let the body he buried immediately in accordance with his Orthodox Jewish tradition.
15 Apr. 1993
Rights of Passage
Sheriff Brock and Mayor Pugen find themselves facing a group of angry Native Americans barricaded in the courthouse as a protest against the municipal golf course planned on an ancient tribal burial ground. Meanwhile, Jill is confronted by an angry Ginny leading another protest of other dwarf people offended by her use of hormones to stimulate the growth of an undersized little boy.
29 Apr. 1993
Sugar and Spice
Kimberly develops serious questions about her sexuality after she and another girlfriend of hers, Julie, have shared a romantic kiss, and Matthew reveals the news to his parents which sends them in a panic. Brock's first wife, Lydia, arrives back in town to teach Kimberly about where she really stands on her sexuality. Meanwhile, Maxine and Kenny compete with each other for the post of under-sheriff. When Kenny is chosen to be the one, she responds by filing a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the whole station.
6 May 1993
The Lullaby League
Jill finds herself in conflict with an aging blues singer with liver cirrhosis who collapses during a concert in Rome, and is deeply offended when she orders a pig's liver transplanted into her as a stopgap measure to save the singer's life. Meanwhile, Maxine undergoes a profound change when she helps deliver a baby girl and is later asked to care for the newborn by the fugitive mother.
22 Oct. 1993
Sheriff Brock is forced to arrest Mayor Pugen after he shoots and kills a carjacker that tries to steal his car, and the town's new District Attorney, John Littleton, a former lawyer from Detroit, faces an up hill battle as he prosecutes the case.
28 Oct. 1993
Duty Free Rome
Douglas Wambaugh finds a loophole that might grant Mayor Pugan a new trial after he is convicted of the shooting of the carjacker. Meanwhile, a very religious Catholic couple, who share a birth-defect causing gene, look to Father Gary Barrett of the local Catholic church for help and guidance about the absolute necessity for birth control. Also, Maxine begins seeing Dr. Sherve, a therapist about her sexual problems about not being able to find a man to love.
29 Oct. 1993
Unlawful Entries
Kenny and Maxine arrest a young high school math teacher who reluctantly admits that he was raped by a female colleague of his. Meanwhile, Sheriff Brock finds it difficult to get along with the new mayor, Rachel Harris, who is also an old friend Jill's. Also, Dr. Sherve tries to re-assert his control over Maxine after she refuses to see him again.
5 Nov. 1993
Under the Influence
Littleton explodes in court over Wambaugh's questionable defense of a woman accused of driving under the influence. Meanwhile, the crafty Dr. Sherve uses Maxine's confusion over allowing the drunken driver to continue on the road to further separate Maxine from her friends and co-workers.
12 Nov. 1993
The Dancing Bandit
A deaf-mute, quixotic bank robber, named Laurie Bey, and her tough, equally quixotic boyfriend, Cole, arrive in Rome and hold a group of people, including Sheriff Brock, Jill, their children, and other people hostage in the bank during a holdup. Afterward, Bey pays a visit to Zack in his classroom to ask for a way to help her get out of town.
26 Nov. 1993
Dairy Queen
A sexy young centerfold model becomes the controversial symbol for a dairy campaign. She turns out to have an abusive husband. Kimberly wants a breast implant.
3 Dec. 1993
Cross Examination
At Christmas time, a comatose young woman is found pregnant although she is a virgin. Zach is told that Santa Claus is not real.
10 Dec. 1993
Jill becomes a central witness when a man suffering from a rare visual disorder is arrested and tried for the alleged accidental shooting of his own brother after mistaking him for a late night prowler. Meanwhile, Maxine learns about Kenny dating Mayor Harris, and Ginny acquires a charming suitor.
17 Dec. 1993
Blue Christmas
A locker search for drugs at the local high school leads to the arrest of Kimberly's best friend, Lisa Fenn. Meanwhile, a protected Federal witness turns up in Rome which leaves Sheriff Brock and his force concerned. Also, Carter has a melancholy reunion with his brother when he arrives in Rome for the funeral of their mother.

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