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Season 2

12 Sep. 1992
Queasy Rider
Max attempts to fit in better with friends with his father's old motorcycle, which he has been forbidden to touch. Unfortunately, however, he runs into a gang of mean bikers.
19 Sep. 1992
Maximum Insecurity
Max and P.J. foil a robbery on Leech's part, only to risk being on the lam themselves.
26 Sep. 1992
Puppy Love
Pete, Peg and Max encourage P.J. to ask out a girl to the Spring Fling.
3 Oct. 1992
Great Egg-Spectations
Max finds an egg. When the egg, hatches a baby dinosaur come out.
10 Oct. 1992
Three Ring Bind
Pistol wants to keep for pets some circus animals.
17 Oct. 1992
The boys try to save Pistol from a haunted book.
24 Oct. 1992
Bringin' on the Rain
Pete is desperate to get water for his garden when Spoonerville experience a drought. So Pete snatches water from Goofy. Unaware of this, Goofy gets in trouble and finds himself in jail. But soon Goofy is out and Pete takes his place as the right guilty party.
31 Oct. 1992
Talent to the Max
P.J. can't bring himself to tell Max that his magic act is not real.
7 Nov. 1992
Tee for Two
Pete plans to tear down the local miniature golf course to replace with his emporium. Will he succeed? Not if his wife Peg can help it.
14 Nov. 1992
Goofin' Up the Social Ladder
Peg tries to alter her family's (and the Goofs', too) atrocious living habits into a high-class life when she becomes fast friends with a high-class socialite.
21 Nov. 1992
Sherlock Goof
Another one of Goofy's ancestors, a detective named Sherlock Goof appears.
28 Nov. 1992
From Air to Eternity
P.J. is afraid of heights. But he's even more scared of sharing this with his dad.
5 Dec. 1992
Clan of the Cave Goof
Goofy is telling Max about his cavemen ancestor, Caveman Goof. The moral is how important regular dental checkups are.

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