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Season 1

28 Jan. 1992
Max Goes to Washington
After Max the mouse's family is murdered by pest control workers, he goes to White House to live with his cousin Berkley.
31 Jan. 1992
Of Thee I Sting
Max gets trapped in the briefcase of a charismatic - but crooked - politician.
1 Feb. 1992
The Rat to Bear Arms
Jammet finds a gun and plans to obliterate the presidential cats.
8 Feb. 1992
Hat and Mouse
Moze shows up to return Max's hat, but Max's fellow rodents don't take kindly to a cockroach in their midst.
15 Feb. 1992
A Little Romance
When a stowaway family of Japanese mice arrive at the White House, Max rescues their daughter from the presidential cat and falls in love with her.
29 Feb. 1992
Opie's Choice
Jammet begins supplying Opie the squirrel with caffeine pills.
14 Mar. 1992
An Embarassment of Roaches
Max encourages his friends to let an elderly cockroach couple move in next door, but soon the rodents are up to their ears in baby roaches.
Into the Woods
Jammet tries to help an owl, who's in danger of losing his home when a crew shows up to tear down the forest and erect a shopping mall.
Gimme Shelter
Max discovers a rat and a cockroach who've been living in a fallout shelter for 30 years.
The KiloWatts Riots
When the power goes out below the White House, Jammet begins doling out extension cords in return for favors. Meanwhile, Muggle tries to devise an alternative power source.
The Bug House
Jammet's attempt at cheating during a baseball game lands him, Max and Moze in roach prison.
The Lady Doth Protest to Munch
When an important bill is vetoed, Berkley protests by going on a hunger strike, but temptation lies around every corner.
If Lovin' You Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Rat
When the President's grandchildren visit the White House, Jammet falls in love with their pet hamster.

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