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I liked this show!
elizabethbennett24 November 2002
This was one show that I never missed. I enjoyed watching life unfold for the four sisters in Illinois. All were so different in temperament, yet they managed to always be there for one another regardless. It was also neat to see them as children and adults which added more understanding to the characters. The mom had a saying and it was something like people will come and go as will friends but you will always have your sisters (or something to that effect). As an only child, I really longed to have a sister but it was fun to watch the Reed girls every week. A great show!
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Thinking-person's soap opera
stills-619 June 2004
The first three+ seasons were superb for this thinking-person's soap opera. There were little touches and broad character strokes that really saved the rest of the show from turning into so much superficial pap. John's singing career was hysterical. The whole Teddy/Simon/Falconer love triangle was pretty good too, better than most that I've seen. Plus, the duo of Ashley Judd and Heather McAdam as daughters was just devastating.

Sadly, this show fell victim to poor dialogue that became as overwritten as many commercials, and to ridiculous plotlines that had less and less to do with the characters and more to do with what the writers thought would make good soapbox topics. Overall, it has a mixed legacy, but it didn't leave a good impression when it left. And that's a shame, because for a while it was one of the best dramas on TV. It was clearly the torchbearer for "thirtysomething" until "Once and Again" came along, but it was soapier and more fun. Unfortunately, it just didn't go anywhere interesting.
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Who we Are and How we Got there?
HRoss00724 August 2006
A brilliant series about four very different sisters and their relationships - often shadowed by the "Child Within" flashbacks of their childhood relationships. The Cast Summary should have started out with the LEADING ROLES: Sela Ward as 'Teddy'; Swoosie Kurtz as 'Alex'; Patricia Kalember as 'Georgie'; and Julianne Phillips as 'Frankie'. Their mother, daughters, husbands and lovers added to a brilliant cast of regulars and cameos. The intricate writing of difficult situations and the childhood reflections, make this more than entertainment, but a sensitive way of understanding and loving every one of these characters. Even the philandering father, who wanted a Son so bad he named all of his daughters with male nicknames - tho deceased in the timeframe of the series - carries an important and forgivable role.
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A very well done television series, but full of excesses!
macpherr6 October 1999
The series was about the lives and the friendship among four sisters. Patricia Kalember (thirtysomething) "Georgie" was the backbone of the family and a home maker. Swoosie Kurtz, (Liar Liar ) "Alex", was a typical stereotype of a doctor's wife. Sela Ward (Runaway Bride) "Teddy" had more problems than the other sisters. Everything happened to her. Julianne Phillips (Allie & Me) "Frankie" was a business person climbing the career ladder. The series was interesting because when they recollected the past, there were scenes made with kids that played them as children. That going back to the past and back to the present gave a lot of physiological impact to the characters. That was a nice touch! I started watching the series because I have three sisters. I could identify with the characters. Then the show turned into a typical American soup-opera where everything happened to one character. They get married, divorced, blinded and cured, crippled, raped etc., and we decided that we did not like the series any more and stopped watching it. Some now famous actors played in the series such as: George Clooney (ER) "Detective James Falconer"; Ashley Judd ( Ruby in Paradise) "Reed Halsey Philby" was the rich kid who was sent to boarding school in Europe. But overall it was a very well done television series.
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Amongst my top 10
White Dolphin15 October 2000
When I first saw the preview for this show called Sisters I thought it was a new show. It started airing in the new prime time season (where I live) and so I assumed that it would be prime time. But it was shown just before prime time. Later I learned that it was actually reruns of an old (well, not that old) show. I would always watch the end of the Sisters episodes, being right before prime time. And I liked it so I started watching the episodes from the beginning and made it part of my television schedule. Sisters is a wonderful drama about... well, sisters. Four of them, with boys names: Teddy, Alex, Georgie and Frankie. I missed a lot of episodes (including the pilot) but I still got the hang of it and I love it! One thing that is great about Sisters is that the four sisters always remember themselves as teenagers or young children. It is kind of hard to explain what the younger versions are for, but in a nutshell they remind these siblings of the past, of what's important and can give them a whole new perspective on things. At few times it tends to get a bit too mushy but it is still very enjoyable. The acting is superb. Some of the best acting I've seen in a drama series. Sela Ward (who can now be seen in a show which still hasn't aired where I live, Once and Again) is great as Teddy and probably the character with the most life. Swoosie Kurtz, (Alex), Julianne Phillips (Frankie) and Patricia Kalember (Georgie) are also all wonderful, most the supporting cast is great, which includes the then not so famous Ashley Judd. I'd highly recommend that if you see Sisters in your TV guide that you watch one episode, worst thing that can happen you turn the TV off, though I'm pretty you sure you won't.
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A show that can be related to
finessechic200114 January 2003
Sisters is a wonderful show that has a lot of character. I remember watching the show when it was first aired, but didn't remember most of the things about the show until I watched it again on Soapnet. Patricia Kalember (Georgie) was wonderful and really played the part well, even when in the last season she was pregnant. They hid the pregnancy well, but if you are a critic like I am, you could tell that she was with child. Sela Ward (Teddy)was also wonderful and comical, especially when she shot up her sister's wedding. Swoozie Kurtz (Alex) is really comical, yet sophisticated in this series. Julianne Phillips (Frankie) is good, but not as heartfelt as the others. Sheila Kelley (Charlie #2) is very warm and compassionate for her character, and really makes the profession of a doctor stand out. I will always like this series because of the bond between sisters, and for it's warmth on television.
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Hope "Sisters" Will Be Released On DVD!
AerLingus10 August 2006
I miss "Sisters," a weekly drama on NBC. There are less and less evening dramas on nowadays. I loved all of the cast, the concept, and the writing. In addition, I particularly admired Sela Ward's acting as well actors Swoosie Kurtz and Patricia Kalembar. Other series I can compare this to are Picket Fences and Providence.

The first time I saw George Clooney was on Sisters, as he played Det. Falconer, Teddy's love (I never recognized him on "The Facts of Life"). Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy) played Reed Halsey in the first season or two, Eric Close (Without A Trace) played Officer Billy Griffin, Paul Rudd (Object Of My Affection) played Kirby Philby, and Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) played Dr. Sorenson. So, it has been nice that Sisters was graced with the talent of so many talented actors.

Hopefully, "Sisters" will be released on DVD. If it does, I'll be one of the first to purchase this heartfelt series.
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A great television series indeed.
mjc_2274 February 2001
This series is indeed great, so great in fact that it was nominated for many emmys ( mostly for sela wards preformance) and Sela also was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for this show. i do not know if it ever was nominated for a golden globe.. but it could have been..
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