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Season 6

30 Sep. 1995
Out of the Woods
After getting shot Teddy is in a coma. Georgie decides to ask a brilliant doctor if he can help her. Initially he's not interested. But he later shows up and decides to try a risky procedure.
21 Oct. 1995
One Fine Day
Teddy still has no memory of her past wanders off so Georgie and Alex try to find her. While looking for her they run into a woman they knew when they were younger and Alex is nervous around her. Later she reveals that she wronged the woman. Bea and Georgie try to get her to come clean. Teddy wanders around and bits of her memory come back.
28 Oct. 1995
When Teddy goes to Sorensen to thank him for saving her life, he is so engrossed with getting a grant that he ignores her. Later he asks her out and she accepts but it seems he has ulterior motives for asking her out. In the meantime Georgie who's place is being fumigated is looking for a place to stay and she prefers not to stay with Alex or Teddy but has no other alternative. Until Brian offers to let her stay with him. And she keeps it a secret. Norma, Alex's producer gives birth and her parents try to take the baby away from her.
3 Feb. 1996
The Best Man
With Teddy and Sorenson's wedding getting near, the girls try to figure out where this thing of their weddings being shrouded by disaster started. And their mother thinks she knows where it happened and tries to rectify it. And Alex is so desperate for Big Al to get his heart transplant that she's willing to do whatever she has to.
10 Feb. 1996
A Little Snag
When Big Al is called to the hospital for his heart transplant, things don't go as planned. Georgie runs into Brian and when she learns he's there to meet a (female) friend, she gets envious. She goes as far as to pretend to be a dying woman's niece to meet her. The son of a friend of Bea's who's also a patient of Charley's is brought in when he has a heart attack while playing basketball. And Sorenson runs into an ex whom he hasn't seen in nine months who's about to give birth, which makes Teddy nervous.
16 Mar. 1996
Leap Before You Look
Trevor is reported missing while in Korea. He eventually returns but another soldier, his friend is killed. The Army says that his friend's death was because of an error he made. But Trevor later tells Georgie, he didn't make a mistake they were on a secret mission, which has to remain a secret so that's why the Army says he was at fault. Bea and Billy's father considers going into business together but Billy is incredulous of his father.

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