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Season 2

25 Sep. 1992
Hello and Goodbye
Forrest's affair with Christina is causing friction and he realizes he may have to end it just as he is preparing to take the job of U.S. Attorney. Cool Papa returns one last time for Lily but ends up going to New York without her.
2 Oct. 1992
Ruler of My Heart
Forrest tells Christina that Gwen is coming home from hospital. Francie asks Forrest if she can throw a party and invite boys from her class. Next day at school Donnie Shackleford tells her that he didn't go to her party because he didn't want to be matched up with her friend Miranda and that he likes her instead. Meanwhile, the FBI question Lily about Forrest as he prepares to become US Attorney and a black army officer, Colonel Landers, is shot dead whilst traveling in his car by three trouble-making white men.
9 Oct. 1992
All in the Life
Parkie tells Slocum she might be pregnant. The main suspects in the murder of black army officer, Colonel Landers, are released - to no-one's surprise. Lily doesn't take it well when Gwen returns home. Later, Gwen is knocked down by a speeding car leaving her family grieving.
16 Oct. 1992
Until Tomorrow
Parker tells Slocum's parents that she's pregnant and Slocum's not pleased. His girlfriend Cookie tells him to deal with it and stop embarrassing her. Lewis takes Adlaine to a Shriners meeting without Lily's consent. Meanwhile, after Gwen's funeral Forrest allows Lake Stevens to console the children and the love affair between Forrest and Christina looks like being renewed.
30 Oct. 1992
Desperate Measures
Slocum and Parkie make some decisions about their unborn child and under pressure from civil rights leaders Forrest takes Colonel Landers two killers to civil court.
6 Nov. 1992
Freedom Bus
Nathan takes his driver's license exam. Lily questions the motives of Mimi, a civil rights protester, touring the area in a "Freedom Bus". Meanwhile, Forrest visits Washington, D.C., where he meets up with Christina.
13 Nov. 1992
Forrest hires young white convict Francis to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. Slocum decides to marry Parkie but not before he and Nathan make a visit to a whorehouse. Whilst there Nathan meets a different kind of girl. Later Slocum is arrested for rape. Meanwhile, Lilly asks Forrest for a raise and is upset by his response.
20 Nov. 1992
Fragile Truths
The police interrogate Paul Slocum about Parkie's alleged rape. He turns to Forrest for legal advice. Lilly throws a birthday party for Lewis that turns into a political debate when his nephew Oscar clashes with her and Christina is pressured by her mother Beth to date other men.
27 Nov. 1992
Since Walter
Lily's ex husband Walter Harper comes back to town with his fiancée Rose in tow. Francis' undercover mission into the Ku Klux clan yields information on the 3 murderers of Colonel Landers but puts Francis in extreme danger. Meanwhile, Christina struggles to defend Paul against his rape charge.
11 Dec. 1992
The Third Man
Jere Blount confesses to the murder of Colonel Landers which enables Forrest to release Francis from jail. Elsewhere, Lily falls for a train porter named Joe Clay.
18 Dec. 1992
Comfort and Joy
Christina invites Forrest and his children to her Christmas party. Lilly finds the holidays difficult to bear after she is brutally beaten by a freedom-bus protester and Paul Slocum finds Christmas cheer in an unlikely place - Coach Zollicofer Weed's circle of friends.
8 Jan. 1993
Forrest finally gets his grand jury indictment against the murders of Colonel Landers with the testimony of shopkeeper Curtis Barnett. Meanwhile, Forrest and Christina go away for the weekend but it doesn't work out too well and Lily protests outside a racist shopkeepers store.
15 Jan. 1993
Small Wishes
John Morgan shows his jealous side to Lily's lover Joe Clay. Nathan is arrested on a wrongful drug charge and Forrest wins his murder case of Colonel Landers wrongful death by two Ku Klux clansmen.
22 Jan. 1993
What's in a Name?
Since his successful prosecution of the two Ku Klux clansmen for the murder of Colonel Landers Forrest suspects that he himself is being investigated by the F.B.I.
29 Jan. 1993
Christina loses a very important client due to the FBI's investigation into Forrest. Lilly graduates with her high school diploma.

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