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4 Jan. 1995
The Great Mushroom
Maggie visits Joel up river for his birthday & fears for his life; too many people show up for the Capra's party & a stranded couple spend the night; Ed overcomes his fear of his computer.
11 Jan. 1995
Mi Casa, Su Casa
House-sitting for Maurice, Ed assumes his personality & throws lavish parties; Holling throws Maggie non-stop curves to buying Barbara's house and Joel feels the need to defend his lifestyle to a placid Marilyn.
18 Jan. 1995
Dr. Capra fights Maurice over an additive in his Cicely water which is making women lustful & aggressive and causing men to act like women. Joel, officially freed from his AK contract fights Shelly for his tapes that she has usurped.
1 Feb. 1995
The Mommy's Curse
Maggie is afraid to tell her mother her wedding to Joel is off; her mother's boyfriend dies at the Brick; Ruth-Anne hires Walt and Holling ditches a miffed Maurice to build Dr. Capra's boat so Maurice invites Ed to a sauna.
8 Feb. 1995
The Quest
Dr Fleischman enlists Maggie to accompany him in a quest for the Lost Jewelled City where they will encounter classic fairy tale myths; Chris sues Dr Capra for malpractice and Michelle has to review The Brick for a restaurant guide.
15 Feb. 1995
Lucky People
Dr Capra buys land then gets agoraphobia & tries to get his money back from Maurice; Michelle resents an anonymous gift of clothes; Maurice thinks the Vincoeurs' daughter is his uncle reincarnated & the town celebrates Founders' Day.
8 Mar. 1995
The Graduate
Chris attempts to get his Master's degree in Comparative Literature in spite of two quarreling professors. Maggie buys the town theater and goes into business. Holling has a surprise show up in town and reveals an even bigger secret.
15 Mar. 1995
Little Italy
Dr Capra befriends an Italian restaurateur feuding with his neighbor, one of his patients who extends the vendetta onto him. Ruth-Anne becomes a popular radio storyteller & the Vincoeurs enlist mayor Maggie to settle a domestic dispute.
4 Jun. 1995
Cicely is in a mixed-doubles bowling tournament and Michelle is their star bowler. Chris finally realizes he's romantically interested in Maggie and she seems to reciprocate the feeling. Michelle leaves Phil and moves into the Brick.
24 Apr. 1995
Buss Stop
Michelle decides to put on the play, Bus Stop, but is running into problems: Ron bribes her to cast Erick in a role; Holling gets drunk during rehearsals; Chris cannot kiss Maggie and Shelly is jealous of not getting the lead female role.
12 Jul. 1995
Ursa Minor
Ed adopts an orphan bear then can't get rid of him; Chris cheats on Maggie inside his lucid dreams; Michelle takes up waitressing at The Brick and Maurice seeks to increase Cicely's population.
19 Jul. 1995
Let's Dance
Cal turns himself in, serenades Maurice & Barbara who falls for him; Dr Capra has offended Marilyn's mother; Hayden tells him his apology made things worse & Holling suggests he takes Cotillion; Marilyn teaches Chris how to waltz.
26 Jul. 1995
Tranquility Base
Maurice is planning on asking Barbara to marry him but reconsiders when she punches him. Holling is acting like a caribou in rut; Michelle gets lost in the woods and meets Rabbi Schulman; Chris acknowledges his love for Maggie.

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