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3 Jan. 1994
Baby Blues
Shelley faces the reality she'll soon be a mother. Ed has a Hollywood agent scout him. Maggie throws Shelley a baby shower.
10 Jan. 1994
Mr. Sandman
The citizens of Cicely start having strange dreams. They soon realize they're sharing each others dreams. Holling has a revulsion to food.
17 Jan. 1994
Mite Makes Right
Maurice purchases a rare violin, then has problems with the person he hires to authenticate it. Maggie becomes obsessed over dust mites. Maggie and Joel start dating.
24 Jan. 1994
A Bolt from the Blue
Joel has to talk a park ranger out of a fire tower. Maurice plans a fireworks show, but has objections from Adam. Ed gets struck by lightning.
31 Jan. 1994
Hello, I Love You
Ruth Anne and Walt get stranded on a trip. Every time Shelley goes to the Laundromat she sees her daughter at a different age.
28 Feb. 1994
Northern Hospitality
Joel throws a dinner party for his friends. A guy commits suicide and blames Chris for a song he heard. Shelley takes off for Canada.
7 Mar. 1994
Una Volta in L'Inverno
Ruth Anne tries to learn Italian. Walt abuses a prescription. Joel gets snowed in on his way to a conference. A herd of Caribou block the streets.
14 Mar. 1994
Fish Story
Joel hooks a legendary fish. Ruth Anne runs off on Chris's motorcycle and runs with a motorcycle gang. Holling has an artistic crisis.
28 Mar. 1994
The Gift of the Maggie
Maurice's heater blows up and his house catches on fire. Chris has an encounter with a cunning deer. Maggie tries to help Joel.
11 Apr. 1994
A Wing and a Prayer
Maggie tries to build a plane with Maurice. Ed witnesses a private moment between Walt and Ruth Anne. Ruth Anne confides in Ed and Ed tells everyone.
2 May 1994
I Feel the Earth Move
Ron and Eric plan their wedding, Holling is hired to cater, Maggie begins to experience earthquakes and Joel peeks inside Marilyn's diary.
9 May 1994
Grand Prix
Maurice sponsors a wheel chair race. Ed takes on a case as a shaman. Marilyn's boyfriend Ted takes a job and becomes obsessed with money and success, which causes a rift.
16 May 1994
Blood Ties
Cicely has a blood drive which Maurice turns into a competition and a running bet. Maggie's old beau Jed comes for a visit. Ed hires a P.I. to help find out if a woman in town is his birth mother.
23 May 1994
Lovers and Madmen
Maurice bribes a doctor to get a violinist released as he prepares a big birthday for Barbara.
19 Sep. 1994
Dinner at Seven Thirty
In an alternate reality, Fleishman is married to Shelly, Maggie is his nanny, Ruth Ann is a prominent physician whom he seeks partnership with, Chris tries to jump off a building and Maurice walks into their dinner party gun in hand.
26 Sep. 1994
Eye of the Beholder
Maggie regrets her auction donation and attempts to buy the item back from Chris, Shelly wakes up in Miranda's doll house to find Ruth Ann portraying the original owner, and Ed, turned P.I., films Hayden committing insurance fraud.
3 Oct. 1994
Shofar, So Good
Marilyn walks out on her job; Maurice tries to impress an aristocratic English dame but Ruth Ann rescues the fox he intends to hunt; Holling's daughter has stood him up and Dr. Fleishman meets the ghosts of Yom Kippur past, present and future.
10 Oct. 1994
The Letter
Maggie's 15 year old self haunts her; Shelly regrets throwing away a chain letter; cantankerous new barber Angelo is at odds with Chris; Joel finds out his head bump is malignant so he borrows Chris' bike & goes for a reckless joy ride.
17 Oct. 1994
The Robe
Ed mixes Dr Fleischman's trial prescriptions with placebos; Maurice bullies him to find out what's in the pills; Chris becomes jealous of his ventriloquist dummy & Shelly sees her casino dreams come true when the Devil comes into town.
31 Oct. 1994
Through the magic of Ed's film reels, thanks to Marilyn's storytelling, the main characters go back in time to star as Cicely's residents back when Anastasia Romanov, Duchess of Russia, came to town, in the early 1900s.
7 Nov. 1994
Full Upright Position
Maurice mentors his young visiting cousin also named Maurice; Dr Fleischman & Maggie get stuck on a grounded, smoking plane to Russia and Chris becomes absorbed in electricity science projects.
14 Nov. 1994
Up River
Ed tracks Dr. Fleischman up river living a primitive life after Maggie asked him to move out; Chris' inept contractor botches up his trailer renovations & love-struck Ruth-Anne pines over Walt who is out checking traps.
28 Nov. 1994
Sons of the Tundra
A new doctor moves into town with his wife; Holling yearns to join Maurice's exclusive stag club "Sons of the Tundra", and Ed eats a spirit trout that gives him the power to live future events before they happen.
15 Dec. 1994
Marilyn invests $5000 in a husky which she brings to work; Chris develops a crush on new Cicely mayor, Maggie and the new doctor goes up river to meet Joel for golf.

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